Burger King

1445 25th St NW, Cleveland
(423) 478-3508

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Nathan Pruitt

Food wasn’t cooked. Wrote them on line over a week ago. No response. If you eat there just be careful

Nichole Jackson Jones

This Burger King GM cussed out my 17 year old daughter in front of customer and employee.. she’s not from Tennessee she from Georgia and this is her first time away from home and her family she has a full scholarship to play basketball at Cleveland State and this was her first job.. I’m her in Georgia to hear your daughter calling you crying about a GM cussing her out and calling her names.. I will not put up with it.. I’m looking for a call back I will continue!!!

Phill W.

Update...went in today and everything was perfect...food hot & fresh made, drink was not watery, got in and out fast & the customer service was excellent. There is a lady on drive through, I have to get her name next time, but when she is there everything is spot on. Reddish colored hair & glasses...if she is not a manager she should be! great job burger king!!

Harshad Patil

I don't expect great hospitality, however rolling eyes while taking order is not a pleasing experience for customer.

Ansil Gregory

Ask them for the receipt They tell me it and my sauce is in the bag. It wasn't. I do have to say mad respect It's hard to give someone good or bad Review if you don't get the receipt and the reprint don't have the customer code.You gotta love Burger King learning to work the systemThat's why you are the king right? No whopper tonight.

Deanna Cornelius

The staff at the window and the lady who came and brought us our food were very polite and absolutely friendly. We did have to wait for our food a little bit longer but that was understandable due to the large amount of people there and the fact that I was They did mess up one of the burgers which was supposed to be a whopper and we were given a bacon king. The coke tasted like the syrup was almost out cause it tasted like carbonated water with just a hint of coke. The chicken fries were over cooked and sort of tough, and they tasted like they were cooked in the same grease as the spicy nuggets in. I did have an order of spicy nuggets which were cooked properly and tasted amazing. The Chicken sandwich was also super greasy that it soaked the bun.


I don't know why this place isn't a lot busier. Food is usually good and fresh. Staff is upbeat and friendly. But not too much traffic, so usually quick.

Michelle Hofmann

Thanks guys for hot food and good service at the end of the night.

Thomas Foote

Granted we did come through late but the fries were cold, the gentleman at the window had an attitude, we received no sauces for 24 nuggets. NONE of them were wearing masks.

gloria Rigsby

It was pretty good food.

Casey Watson

Best burger in town atm... best cheese and bacon

candace vandergriff

Went to drive thru and there was only one car at the 1st window. It took 10 minutes to have our order taken, also had to repeat it 2 times. Get to the 1st window and the woman makes us wait to take our money because they are having trouble getting orders out, which was one car other then us. Needless to say took way to long. And they messed my stuff up and had to go back and wait again!!!

Bob Russell

I ordered a Big King XL meal with mayo and mustard and no ketchup and an unsweet tea. I was told there was not a mustard option for the sandwich. I asked waht happened to having it your way. i was at least given mustard packets. The sandwich came with ketchup and i was going to eat it anyway till I took a sip of my drink, Coke. I told them about the mistake and i was polite. The gave me my unsweet, but the hamburger had so much mayo, that it was nasty. I told them about rhe 2nd hamburger and i knew why they did it, and that i didn't appreciate it.

James Mumma

Good food+well informed pesonel. Will stop again!

Tony Young

Get the 2 for 6.00 and your own drinks. A much better valve...

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