Catch Bar & Grill

233 Inman St E, Cleveland
(423) 790-1235

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Papyrus Gaster

Food was medicore and over priced. They brought us part of what we ordered. We got sausage and the first time it was raw in the middle with blood, the second time was burnt. We waited an hour for the food. None of it was cooked properly. The place was dirty,the floors sticky and the cloth napkins smelled like grease. The waiters seem to be the only competent people in that establishment. All in all a horrible experience. Do not reccomend.


Well, we went. The place looks as nice as the pictures online. But...the floors were sticky, the napkins were greasy, and the food...let me tell you about the food. I started with a Bloody Mary which wasn't bad but could have used more booze. I ordered the Banana Nut Bread French Toast with Brown Sugar Sauce and a side of Bacon. I got 4 slices of some very tasty bread. It was 1/16th of an inch thick. You could almost see through it. The "Sauce" was brown sugar and water that didn't get hot enough to melt the sugar. So I had soggy bread with crunchy brown sugar on top. oh, and they tossed 3 thin slices of banana on top. The menu had 2 pieces of sausage or 3 slices of bacon for $4. I got 2 slices of bacon. Total bill for my soggy bread and bloody mary...$25. My mom ordered from the side menu. Biscuit and gravy with a side of sausage. As with most places, there was more biscuit than gravy. You couldn't cut the biscuit with a fork. It required a steak knife to get through the bottom layer. Remember the Side dish, 2 sausage/3 bacon. She got one piece of sausage. So, she asked for her second piece. It was bleeding. So, she sent it back. They brought back an overcooked, too hard to cut piece of sausage. She also had sweet tea that wasn't sweet and was mostly water. Jordan got the Eggs Benedict with sausage, bacon, and pork belly. His was ok. Total for their food was $24. Not as bad as mine. Oh, forgot to mention, the white linen table cloth that looked so nice in the pictures, plastic with a topping of butcher paper. I will say, our waiter, in jacket and bow tie, was excellent and did everything possible to accommodate us. The cook, however, should be fired.

Robin Dixon

Visiting family in the area. They wanted to treat us for a nice dinner. They had not been here yet. I will be up front and say the four of us are foodies and have over 30 years experience in every aspect of the restaurant business. Maybe “good food” is different in this area. Our meal was awful. We tried a lot of different things as we always do and it was so bad. Four of us $300. We don’t complain because we are there for the genuine experience that the restaurant is offering. Service was bad… poor person had no training and seemed completely lost. Our fish on the plate was good… small for the price but tasty. The sides were so awful. Old scoop of mashed potatoes that were room temperature and creamed spinach that wasn’t edible. I’m sad for this restaurant.

Chris W

Me and my girlfriend went for our anniversary and we had an amazing experience. First our server Chris was a very kind, funny, and attentive gentleman. Second the food was superb for a appetizer we got the ahi tuna which was absolutely exquisite along with a few oysters which tasted very good. Her filet mignon was very tender and juicy and delicious, I dare say perfect. She enjoyed her sangria very much as well which Chris recommended. My mahi-mahi was very well prepared. Tasted very good with the mango tai sauce and vegetables were great and well seasoned. And lastly, our dessert key lime pie was absolutely delicious taste like it was made in house with fresh limes. It was a wonderful experience and I'm definitely going again and bringing friends and family

Rob Danielson

Visited The Catch Bar and Grill for the first time with another couple using reservations. Greeted, seated, and waited on in timely fashion. Waiter was superbly attentive and initial orders taken. Bar ordered drinks were taken then informed they were out of items for one of the drink specials….mint. Changed order, and drinks arrived in a slow fashion. Ordered dinner, not to impressive as the fish and chips ordered by the ladies were a bit soggy and my pasta with tuna was extremely over cooked to the point of being mushy. Based on the entree prices, expected a little better preparation. Overall an average meal with exceptional service by the waiter. Thank you.

Scott Steventon

Very cool places. The hostess was a bit abrupt but our waiter was fantastic. I had grouper and I would have enjoyed a little larger portion for 40.00. About the size of a Chicken Wing.It was delicious but serving was very small and that's the reason for the 4 starsOther than that it's a gem in Downtown Cleveland Ten.

April Vatilla

This place has amazing food, amazing drinks, the wait staff even tho under staffed atm, was great amd effect. Our waiter gave us great recommendations! The Pork chop is superb, best I have had yet. Prices are on the higher side, but well worth it, and they do have half price specials and of course happy hour. Our server today was Chris and he was so polite and attentive, thank you Chris for a wonderful experience.

jenny clark

Great food and service ? We did it all! Started with a small plate ordered entress, had drinks from the bar and then ended with as sweet treat! Definitely will go back. Great seafood place for sure.

Theresa Winders

Went this Friday 11/19/21 understood there was only 1 waiter, we were seated within 15 minutes but we sat at our table 45 minutes with only water as the waiter kept walking passed us with his head down, did not acknowledge us, at all! He was clearing tables and giving checks to the few tables around us, mind you there were only 7 tables with customers. We were giving him the benefit of the doubt, but he started cleaning tables and still had not even say one word to us, once i seen him clearing the tables these other folks were already done eating and visiting, already paid their bills, i decided to leave since i hadn't even got a hello, I'll be right with you, nothing! Very horrible service and it wasn't even busy! Get a new waiter! I've loved this place since moving to the area and tonight that guy really put a bad taste in my mouth.

Grace Palmer

Cure Little Spir Downtown ClevelandLobster Bisque was excellent and the oysters were fresh. Cool Vibe ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Danielle Watson

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! My wife and I went here for our anniversary expecting it to be a really nice night out as we do not eat out often, we were extremely disappointed. I ordered the grouper and it was bland, the mashed potatoes tasted like they were a week old and their cheese grits were horrible and had no flavor at all. Not even the slightest hint of salt. My wife had the Mahi Mahi and her fish just tasted like pepper and the rice was also bland. She did say her veggies were good but that was about it. When we told the waiter how horrible the food was all we were offered was a dessert. The manager didn't even come by the table and we were literally the only table there (guess that should have been our first clue). We will not be going back and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT!

Susan Scarlett

A wonderful quiet dining experience! Misnamed as a bar & grill. They do have a small elegant bar but nothing rowdy. This place knows how to cook shrimp to perfection. Fried green tomatoes also delicious. Oysters Rockefeller were good, but the oysters were a bit overpowered by the bacon. The Alfredo sauce was a bit weak and bland for my taste, but everything else was delicious. Service was friendly, professional, and timely. A great evening with my date! We will be back!

Gabriele Werk Haddock

Great food, great atmosphere, and great service.

Lincoln Wilson

We were very pleased with the atmosphere and service. The food was good, Great drinks. A bit pricey. We do plan to visit again.

Damion Kelley

Awesome food and great service.

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