Central Park - Cleveland, TN

395 Inman St W, Cleveland
(423) 479-1668

Recent Reviews

Jake Metzger

Had a middle age women who seemed to be irritated or on drugs yelled and cursed when asked about a small fry being left out. Usually food and service is great

Christine Bearden (Kwie)

This place sucked. Their hot dogs are sour and cold. Their staff is rude. And they made me sick with my order because it was nasty. I called the health dept because I was diagnosed with food poison and it should be out of business. So sorry that the manager and teller is always having a bad day maybe they should be in a different job. I hope they don't do this to another customer

moma thompson

I drove up to the window and place my order then the guy jumped the money out of my hand then slammed the window back open and yelled I said $.81 so I gave him the money they then fixed my order which was correct my fries were hot and good but my cheeseburger was cold and cheese was not melted at all. Up until the very last but I took my cheese was still cold. Poor service wear whatever they want even if it’s dirty very very unprofessional to depart has lost its standards I’m very disappointed.

Faith Wallace

Great food, great service. Definitely plan on going back real soon

Rocky Morales

Cheap and great. Great portion sizes and just over all a great burger

Mark Osment

Great cook to order food. takes as long as it takes to cook meal you just ordered sot back relax

Jason Mabry

Halloween is right around the corner. Find yourself some cool knick-knacks and a great meal ??

Teresa Locke

The meat was ritten when we said something the workers were extremely rude and told us not to come back. Not that I would ever attempt to eat there again

bobby Jenkins

Good food, fast service, and good prices.

Mike H

My first visit.I'll say this much, I've waited LONGER at McD's with less people in line!! Quick service for "order at window".. I expected a much longer wait.The 1/4 lb burger was good, but a questionable 1/4 pound, however for the price, it was more than fair.While I'm not a huge fan of "seasoned" fries, they were still pretty good.I upgraded to the large and was told they didn't have the large fry cups. They didn't throw any extra in the bag or add a small bag to make up the difference, but like I said before it was still PLENTY for the price.Only 4 stars for not making up for not getting the large fries, but otherwise a 5 star experience. Tasty and quick!


Wish I could give 5 stars, hands down one of the best fast food burgers I’ve had, by far. Unfortunately the fries were soggy and terrible, but the burger definitely made up for it. And really cool people that work here.

Eugene Roos.

This place is really good if you like a good burger and fries. Was quite pleased with the service and the food quality. Will definitely visit again.

martha craigmiles

I love going here!! To get my. eyelashes did! GREAT GREAT JOB!! YOU COME OUT LOOKING LIKE A TOP MODEL!!!!10!!?

Kerri Kales

Great, fast service! Best grilled chicken I've ever had!

Carl Tomczyk

Great place for burgers! Pretty much best fries in town. They are closed on sunday. I always get their 3 burger 3 fry deal

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