Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

275 Paul Huff Parkway, Cleveland
(423) 479-9899

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Brian Miller

Terrible drive-thru experience.... you can count on about 5 - 10 minutes per car in front of you. Could have been worth the wait if the treats actually tasted good. Forget the hot brownie a la mode.... had about 2 or 3 bites and was repulsed as it was totally bland. Brownie Blizzard was a little better but not much. Trust me folks, in the time it takes at the DQ drive-thru, you're better off going to grocery store, buying quality ingredients, and making your own treats. They'll taste WAY better, and you won't be left bitterly disappointed. P.S. ... if you think lids would be in order for your melting to-go ice cream treats, nope... this DQ doesn't bother with lids. So be careful and don't spill on your nice leather interior!

Roy Thompson

Long line and a little slow. DQ Reuben.

kim angebrandt

My sister and I got the same thing... The $6 chicken strip meal deal. She got almost double the size of my fries... Was disappoined in that plus mine where a little too fried... For the amount I got felt like a kids meal... Which actually I think they get more tbh other than the sunday that you get.

Bryanna Prince

Waited thirty minutes. Only ordered a blizzard bc kitchen is closed at 8:30 (which I was there by but didn’t get to the speaker by bc the line). Got wrong blizzard. But the manager was kind and helpful.

Hannah Spresser

While ordering the girl taking the order kept constantly talking over me, the wait was over 15 mins for 3 vehicles (the dining room is still closed mind you), the order was wrong which they fixed thankfully, on top of all of this ALL our food was incredibly overcooked, I wouldn't even eat my chicken sandwich bc it looked and felt like rubber. I dunno what's happened at this place because it used to be good, but dang, I'm never ever going back again.

Ryell Richter

honestly i prefer this place over Sonic. Their ice cream and different food items are always so good. We were there this past Friday and the women working in the afternoon were so nice and professional. I had forgotten they are required to flip the blizzard over in front of you to show its stability and she did so through the drive thru. I was equally startled and amused. This was a great treat for my brother who doesn't care about his lactose intolerance. DQ makes it worth it.

Mike Fuller

In line at drive thru 45 min trapped with no way to escape. messed you order and the food was terrible I'll never go back!

kassie hope

In the drive through did not receive correct items and got attitude from the purple haired girl in the window.

Travis Johnston

Just had a bad experiance tried to talk to a manager to make it right. Was met with attitude and overall rudeness. Won't be returning.

Candis Ellis

Wait in line for over 30 min. Got there 20 min before closing time. Only to have the people tell us we closed already. Although no one said a word just let us and every car in front of us and behind us wait for nothing. Worst customer service ever as well. Literally had the boy tell us we turn off our headsets at 9 because we’re not waiting on anyone else. Asked for a manager who then says they didn’t hear the beep. Won’t be back to this DQ ever

India C.

If I could give y'all 0 stars, I would. Absolutely the worst fast food restaurant ever. I got a bacon cheeseburger and it was all burnt . Bacon was black, literally crumbled to the touch. THE MEAT WAS EVEN BURNT. Y'all worse than McDonalds and that place is bad bad. If y'alls lobby was open, I would have been coming in so y'all could cook your food correctly. But since the COVID-19 has y'all lobby shut down and your drive thru is slow as hell, that was not an option. Lost my business forever.


$6.00 1/3 lb. burger meal. Food was made fresh to order, didn't mind the little extra wait time. Burger & onion rings were REALLY GOOD !!! and who doesn't like to finish it off with an Incredible Blizzard !!

Prep 2 Survive

Good blizzard, fast service. Cashier was really sweet and attentive. Only complaint.. it could of been a tad cleaner.

Frankie Dunbar

The ice cream is really good. The workers are always friendly. Unfortunately, the service has always been rather ?

Rob Tillman

Service was decent, employee smiled and carried a conversation. Tenders were over sauced for my liking but flavor was good. Buttered bread wasn't very good and fries weren't bad.

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