2410 Blue Springs Rd SE, Cleveland
(423) 472-6946

Recent Reviews

Janice buckner

Hardees has great breakfast

Chyanne Guffey

Ordered a chicken and waffle sandwich and ended up getting a bacon and eggs biscuit. Called up there just to inform them, so no one elses order gets messed up ( because I believe someone just ordered and then left.) Well, when I called up there. The employee that answered the phone and was very rude and rushing to get off the phone.


You can't beat their biscuits and gravy all of their breakfast is Great ??❤️ they should serve it full-time they will get my business for sure a lot of people work different shifts and sleep different hours so please consider This ‼️

Jan Goins

normally I would but 3 times in 2 wks I ordered chicken strips do my great grandbaby that was so overcooked I couldn't as a adult chew them. burned and tough isn't a good combo

Terry Coates

Food was good and fresh still taste good just like when I was kid only thing I wish is that they would come back to Cincinnati,OH

Karen Glover-Johnson

My staff would like to thank “Jasmine” at the Blue Springs, Cleveland TN location! Jasmine assures that our daily, “Loaded Burritos” are superb!

Susan Puac Bail

Was very good breakfast. The gravy just little.to thick. But i gove thumbs up to the workers. They are low on workers. Byt what they do have does a great job. Spring place rd. Cleveland tn.

Dennis key

Great breakfast, best burgers, and I like there fries

John Garrod

Didn't put the creamer I asked fr in the bag. A couple of my youngest daughter's hash rounds were still FROZEN.

Helena Engelauf

Online it says open till 11. They were closed at 830. It says 4 miles off the highway.... not a direct route. Simply unacceptable business practices.

Bradley Lathan

On your google page, you updated it saying you have dine in. That is a LIE!!! I don’t dine in my car like a l***** You will not have my business.

Glenda Cantrell

I ordered 2 hit ham an cheese an it was like they had just took the ham out of fridge. Don't like my food cold.

Phill W.

Was only 2 CARS in line. 30MINUTES later the guy in front of me STILL did not have his order. I drove off. All I hear is we have staffing issues. No excuse. OTHER Hardees have staffing issues BUT they still perform a lot better than this one!! CLOSE IT DOWN!! Worst Hardees in town!!

Stephanie Danielle Mcallister

learn how to cook your biscuits. why do I have to pay for food that I have to re cook when I get home. it's so frustrating. either the biscuits are doughy or the gravy have big chunks of sausage in it. if I wanted a sausage biscuit I would have ordered a sausage biscuit.

Tim Waldroup

Foods good.. service is always hit or miss..

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