1651 25th St NW, Cleveland
(423) 472-0581

Recent Reviews

Billy Freeman

Good hot food friendly staff but 24 minutes in the drive thru line was a bit long.Thank for the good food

Frank Baxter

Much better than I remember it, really good food, large proportions.

curtis akers

The chicken tenders are very good. As good if not better than some sit down restaurants.

Anissa Jones

Love love love this location! Staff are always super friendly and biscuits are always hot and fresh regardless of what time of the morning that I order.

Christopher Mason

I love me some Hardee's... Man those burgers are great

Michael Andrews

Ran out of coffee. Not enough sugar given on request. They did the best they could with a busy mess at breakfast.

Penny Simmons

It was great I love having my breakfast there. Hardee's has a great breakfast .

Justin Armour

Very good people very sweet got all our orders correct and they forgot my small hash round and she got me a large and had it to me before I even realized I was missing them awesome customer service

Rachel Wofford

Took forever to get our food. They asked us to pull up because it will be a while. They forgot to give us straws and we asked for them. We had to get out and knock on the door because she never came back to give us straws and then they were rude about mustard packets and refused to give them to us.

Ashley Cochran

The biscuits were burnt an hard as a rock. I will never give them service. I love hardee's biscuits but not 25th st hardee's bc it's always hard or the meat is Raw

Karen Lynn

love running into family


It's the south theyre always kind and the foods great. Best fast food gravy around

Doris Dutton

We usually love coming here but today the place was filthy and the mens room was really bad and no bvb toilet paper

Ray's Boating and Adventure

Cashier failed to ask if I wanted a meal. Need help when taking order.

Randy Harris

Clean store and restrooms, the food was good, but the lady who took our order was not rude but negligent. We came up to the counter. She played with her headphones and said nothing. I thought she was listening. A simple, can I take your order would suffice. Then our food was ready on the counter. We sat waiting for them to call a number or something...anyway at the end of the day, I had a great meal.

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