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CN Vellasco

This was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had from ihop! The night manager (Chris) was beyond rude & put zero effort into making Our food! Every single item we ordered Was wrong and all we received when asked to fix was a “My bad.” This is absolutely unacceptable. He needs to learn customer service skills and the menu!!! They also were out of items needed for the sandwich! We told him we would never return, and he responded “that’s fine!” UPDATE:I called the next morning and spoke with the GM, Nikki, and explained what had occurred. She apologized and took measures to ensure that we were happy. She was kind, courteous and went above and beyond to make it better. Because of her we will go back, just not at night when Chris (The night manager) is working.

John Nolan

The dining room was clean and the food was good. It was not the restaurant's fault but the bottles of pancake syrup were not on the table but the servings of syrup were good for the 3 pancakes that came with my Colorado omelette.

Amy Smith

Deborah, our server, was great today!!!! She receives 5 stars. She was friendly and ensured our food arrived in a timely manner. Our wait to be seated was not too long considering the need for social distancing between the tables. The food was good and what one would expect from IHOP!

Destiny Harris

i don’t know how to add pictures here or i would but we made a mobile order, i got there and they didn’t have the funny face in the bag so i wait twenty minutes and he brings me out a dry chocolate pancake no topping with eggs, doesn’t make sense. my omelette was supposed to have avocado, you pay extra for it, didn’t get it. i also didn’t get my side of hash browns, i didn’t get any syrup, any marinara for the appetizer sampler. i’m polite and just tell him and he tells me i would have to wait forty minutes. i know it was busy but i feel like could’ve been nicer and replaced it, i had already been sitting thirty minutes after it was originally supposed to be ready. food and help was terrible.

Robin Ulm

Great service and the Cook was the best and even waited the tables!If she worked for me I would give her a raise and promote her. Had a great attitude! Very friendly and kind!

Bobbie Haines

I am not sure why people have forgotten how to do there jobs but dang. Server was great. Wish i could say the same for cook. Ordered over medium eggs got over hard. Had to wait for toast which comes out unbuttered and after breakfast was gone. Husband ordered and his eggs and sausage came out first then after about 10 minutes out comes the pancakes. I normally am and easy going customer but this was very unprofessional and not one manager come over to say anything about why it was takening so long for pancakes to come out.

Carmen Gwin

We really enjoyed our breakfast from IHOP while staying @ the Fairfield Inn&Suites by Marriott. The food was correct, tasted great, and arrived a few moments early. Thank you Danielle from GrubHub!! Took a ⭐️ off, though, because I personally called the restaurant several minutes before my order was picked up and specifically requested extra butter , pancake ? syrup; and because we are in a hotel, extra napkins and utensils. I was assured that those items would be included with no problem... There was a satisfactory amount of syrup, but there was only a small portion of butter for two orders of ? pancakes and there was no “extra” napkins or plastic utensils.


Have to wear a mask to go into the dining room to eat? Should just do take out or shut the doors

kim angebrandt

Place was empty when we showed up... I guess because everyone likes the breakfast time better. I ordered chicken and it was not fully cooked. I didn't make a big deal out of it because I was pretty much full anyways. But the waiter was very good and I liked the service. Everything was okay for me... They did use glass for the drinks instead of to-go cups. They had disposable menus also and kept to the 6ft rule for other customers that came in to sit farther away. My sidters eggs was a little too runny... But like I said everything else was fine.

Jennifer Fox

My French Toast was eggy in the middle and there was a bread tie in my husband's Philly Cheese Sandwich!! They took the sandwich off our bill and our waitress was super nice but the manager didn't even come over to apologize. Not going there again!

Marti Steigenga Fish

Not great. They were out of both tilapia and turkey. The waiter did a poor job of keeping up with our water. He made a not so subtle dig at my daughter when she requested lots of cream and sugar. He also forgot my husband's salsa until he was almost finished. My food didn't come to me until my family was almost done with theirs. The food quality was good, though.

Tiffany Pecor

I put in a phone order this morning and got there about 10 minutes late to get it. After picking it up and driving home I looked over and didn't see the steak and eggs in the bag. Worried they had forgot it, I went back. The waitress did tell me they were out of the specialty pancakes but the steak and eggs are in the bag. (I was a little upset the website didn't flag the order or let us know that when we ordered). I showed them the bag and the manager or lead cook, somebody took it all out and showed me how it was packaged and that they were there. She was very kind even though I was a bit snippy with her. Once I got breakfast home, the steak was cooked perfectly! It was so tender and so good!! I was impressed. I am sure it has been harder for everyone in restaurants and customer facing employees right now and I am so thankful for the kindness they showed me.

Chrissy Regester

Went in for breakfast today Father's Day! Was seated but never got any service! Nothing totally ignored! Sat there for 20 mins! Finally got up and left!

Curt Beaty

Absolutely terrible, never made it past the hostess stand, the person who was going to seat us was so rude we left. We had 6 people and she acted like we had 20 told us to come back in 15 or 20 minutes. The place was not busy at all...

Connie Pulliam

They are out of almost everything.. even though we were the only ones in there it just wants a good wanted feeling.. you would think they would want to make you happier when two are slower but nope

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