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Courtney Dixon

Very displeased with my experience and if I could give no stars I absolutely would!!! Idk what is going on with IHOP lately but I would think the international house of pancakes would be able to make some pancakes. Use to be one of my favorite places to go but it'll definitely be awhile before I come back.

jimmy strickland

Typical chain restaurant, not bad, just not anything special. Short on staff. Server was trying but feel she was new and training someone newer the food was typical as well.

Ruben Paz Paz

It was terrible. This IHOP WAS slow and the waitress jumped on us in the parking lot..there was 10 us and she said her tip wasn't big enough ..embarrassing in front of my friends..then I told the manager and she refused to say anything to her..said she didn't have time to come outside and because she done it in their parking lot she couldn't do anything about it and refused to give me the number to call to complain about the way we were treated..it's the IHOP on paul stuff hwy in Cleveland Tennessee..I was so embarrassed...ruined my day...


Great servers, was on her game, more than enough food to fill the tummy. Will go back many more times!

Donna Cordell

Was glad to see 55+ menu. I ate pancakes. They were very good. Service was excellent!

Jennifer Anderson

The service was good, our waitress, Keri was great. But it is always freezing cold in the dining room. I can't even eat because I'm shivering. Sad because I love IHOP.

Bobby Curtis

The service is awful. The we're good in the glasses they brought us to drink. We asked for unsweet tea and they brought sweet tea out. When we got our food I ordered my omelette without green pepper and it was covered with green peppers and the rest of the food was cold. I don't recommend this ihop

Rodger Kaufman

Had lunch, observed many employees including the cook with no mask. Was fine with the no mask but when a waitress lifted her mask, touched her face, then served to plates to customers! The lobby smells dirty, one would think with what is transpiring they could clean the place?

Tom Lyons

The shorthanded staff tried hard, but the poor management was impossible to overcome. Food was average. Customer sevice was terrible. Numerous customers loudly complaining about various simple things heard during our visit. Long wait to be seated, although plenty of tables available. Nobody paying attention. Would not go there again.

Joseph Huuuh

Me and my other half go every weekend great service great food every time, make sure you ask for Keri she is great ☺️

Southern Helle

IHOP NEEDS TO PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES EXTRA FOR WORKING HOLIDAYS!I wish I could give this place NEGATIVE stars.My meal was incorrect, as was another person in our party. My food arrived cold, and the fruit was rotten.When we asked to speak to the manager (Nicki), she was indifferent and unapologetic.Our server, Jordyn was amazing, and took great care of us. She works hard and deserves major kudos.

Holly Carter

Over 2 hours to get our food and they got my order wrong so many times I just didn't eat. Granted the waitress has only worked for 3 days but you'd think that she'd still have a helper helping her out.

Derek Campbell

Waitress was amazing! They should add hashbrowns with all meals and not charge extra:)

John I.

We arrived at 9:45 and were seated right away. Our food arrived at 11:10!! Never again. Customers were leaving, the waitresses were trying, how long can it take to cook pancakes.

Christopher Mason

My wife and I with our son went to this Ihop for her birthday pancakes. Our server Jordyn C was sweet and attentive. She gave great service. When we showed the free pancake page in our app for my wife's birthday "for some reason we did not get an email this year although we did from every year back to 2014 saved" she said she would have to get the manager for approval which we expected. The manager came to the table and asked to see the code. I told her that there wasn't one and showed her the app and where it showed my wife's birthday and the "free" stack... she said, and I quote, "I guess they didn't give you any free pancakes this year:, and then just walked off. We have been patrons of Ihop for years and have enjoyed the chain from Tennessee to Los Angeles. We will probably not be back again. Thanks for the delicious pancakes. Oh yeah... didn't happen.

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