Jimmy John's

125 Keith St NW, Cleveland
(423) 790-7542

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Tonya Murray

This location is not like the other locations i have visited. No different then subway except costed more. Will not waste my time or money at this location again. The workers where not friendly and only wanted to make sandwiches according to the menu board as far as toppings. Pre-packaged meat and only one type of cheese.

Kristi Perry

The Turkey Tom Unwich is fantastic

Izze S.

The girl who just took my order needs to learn to not talk over people while they're ordering. Learn social cues or get out of the food industry.

Jeremiah P.

The food quality is the same as all Jimmy Johns as of course it is a chain restaurant. So don't expect anything different about the food quality. But customer service can vary depending on location. So my review is only on customer service.

stephanie bettis

We went to the cleveland location yesterday's to dine in since the website said dine in was available. After ordering our food we were told that we couldn't eat inside so I went outside & sat at one of the 2 tables & my husband waited on our sandwiches. When he got our food he was told that we couldn't eat outside either. We were the only customers there so I don't see what the problem was. Our sandwiches was very good & the young man that worked there was very polite.

nat bacon

Excellent service. Delivery was fast. Sandwich was delicious.

T LaLa

Terrible, slow and rude service. Waited 30 minutes for my sandwich. I watched several people come and go who had come in after I placed my order. When I finally went up to inquire I was given some nonsensical excuse. The sandwich was messy and mediocre at best. Step it up Cleveland Jimmy John’s

Mercy Zimmermann

Sandwiches were good, don't like that they can't deliver to my office

Barbara Parton

The food is good ? and service is fast.. But no warm sandwich..


Food is good IF they actually get your order correct. The staff has weird attitudes and needs to watch what they say. Not a pleasant experience I will be going to a different location from now on.

Tammy Ward

Love me some Jimmy John's. I always have the UnWich...(low carb). It is fabulous... Never have I been disappointed


We order a lot with our company for lunch. Every time we call to place an order we let them know that it is going to be a big order and every time they are not very friendly or act like they care to take the order. You would think someone would be happy about a big order and the money that it brings in. When we came in to pick up the order the lady up front was very rude and just seemed upset about having to make our order. We knew since we had called at the last minute that we would have to wait and that was no issue for us and we told them that. We forgot that we needed a side of something and told them when we got here that we were here to pick up the big to go order that was just placed and that we needed that side and she said I told you that it would be 30-40 minutes and I told her I understood that and we had no problem waiting. The whole time we are here waiting she is aggressively picking up the phone and not being friendly to her co workers. I work with people everyday and I just don’t think this is great customer service to have. This experience isn’t going to stop us from coming here cause the food is great but the customer service is not that great.


Slow and unfriendly... I had to wait and nobody seemed happy. It also seemed pricey. $10.83 for an Italian club with a drink and chips...

Josh Eaton

Food quality is good, however Don't think you can customize or get extra of anything on your sub. I've paid for Xtra meat twice now and didn't get it, we keep asking them to cut my wife's sub into 4th and they won't do it. Idk if they are not looking at add-ons and notes on the orders or can't see them. We aren't going back, I Don't like asking for no mayo just to find out they put it on there and tried to scrap it off.

Sam Douglas

Sandwich was okay , but the attitude of the two employees there were disgusting. They could really be taught a thing or two on customer service.

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