2325 McGrady Dr SE, Cleveland
(423) 479-7051

Recent Reviews

Tracy Ross

Great service great old recipe....

Ginger Westerfield

this is not ok. there was a bug in my sweet tea. my chicken sandwich was smashed and more mayo than the sandwich. whoever is in control of preparing food really needs to be retrained. I will not be back. I will call corporate.

Ursula Langford

The service is slow and they are always out of something. The last several times I’ve been there I’ve had to wait an additional 20 minutes for extra crispy after waiting 20 minutes to get to the window to pay.

Maria Brewer

I love the chicken the bone in chicken its so good also the mash potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and biscuit are very good. Today i had tenders ...i don't like them as much too much fillers for my taste. Still a great place to eat good food!

Michael Caruthers

KFC has good chicken if you eat it only once in awhile. The reason is they have so much MSG in their breading. I usually get the grilled chicken when I do stop by but it's not very often.

Allison Gerhold

Service was fast and Great! Everyone was nice and respectful...

NoRollRace takeittothestrip

Great service super friendly staff and management

Daniel Baker

Went through the drive thru.... ordered a 4 piece tenders and a 3 piece extra crispy. Received my order, drove home only to find both boxes were tenders? I was the only car at the drive thru at the time I was there....just ridiculous they couldn't get the order correct?

Rita Wilcox

Waited 30 minutes after paying in drive thru window and when getting home the chicken breading was under cooked and chicken had a strange smell to it. This is the 2nd attempt to go to this location and was worst than the first.

Chris Kirschmann

They dont get your order right even after asking twice. U get like half order not very good and didnt even put a fork in my bag sp i could eat my food


Not bad for a KFC

Mike Walker

It's good you just have to check your order to make sure you have gotten what you ordered

Meagan Thomas

Always Fresh and nice folks.Finger Licken Good.Peace and Stay safe......

sammy durham

Food was hot and fresh but had to wait in the car for it for at least 15 minutes. Will return.

Kathy Thomas

KFC has always had good chicken my favorite is the Grilled Chicken. Never was fond of the Biscuits yes they ok just kind of dry to me Bojangles biscuits are the best nothing personal but they are better to me

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