Panera Bread

375 Paul Huff Parkway, Cleveland
(423) 472-5444

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Webb “oqiw2”

Not too pricey if you pick the right menu options. Good healthy option if you’re looking for a quick lunch

Haley Wilsonchik

I got the green tea this morning and it tasted like chemicals and water... Not a great way to start my morning off. There's no need to drink cough syrup unless you have a cold so why am I having to drink cough syrup and water? You have let me down Panera I expected better from you.

Nathaniel StPierre

Poor service, when you pre order your food ahead of time. Order 2 bread bowls, one broccoli and cheddar the other baked potato. They get your order to the Togo station. You're checking ✔ order and there is no bread bowls.They don't tell you, call you and tell you that ? are out for the evening. You order ahead and looking forward to your supper. AND YES you seriously can't pick up the phone to inform you of the situation. Don't waste your time ordering ahead of time.

Cindy Frizzell

Got a strawberry poppyseed & chicken salad. Absolutely delicious! The people were so very nice. Will definitely be back!

Tracy Freake

I am very disappointed with our Panera. I’ve been coming here at least once a week for years. It was a treat for me. Now I avoid it when Dan isn’t working. Last week the shift manager was not at all helpful, the coffee was weak like dishwater (has been happening a lot over the last year), there were hardly any pastries, the place is dark and gloomy, my coffee cup was dirty, as was the entire place, and when I went outside I saw three workers standing by the back door talking, which leaves hardly anyone inside. If it weren’t for Dan (Jessica & Emily are also good), I’d never be back.

Kim German

Today I picked up 1/2 of the Turkey Avocado BLT and the avocado was way green and so hard it was inedible. Shocked that they were able to even slice it. Very disappointed and this is the 2nd time I got a bad sandwich. So last 2 times with 2 bad sandwiches, not sure I will bother coming back. Also the turkey was not a slice it was a small pile of chopped pieces that immediately fell out of the sandwich. The quality of food is going down down down.


I would like to informed you about the Panera Bread on Paul Huff highway in Cleveland Tennessee. It’s not the first time we go for breakfast or just a coffee and each time the shelves are empty. It’s very desapointed ! The last time was Saturday at 11:10 am and they refuse to surved breakfast so we would like a bagel and all they have it’s cheese bagel and one blueberry and a couple of I not sure but maybe plain. We asked if it’s possible to have some more varieties and the lady said no that’s all we have. Incredible it’s 11am!!!! And it’s not the first visit and it’s always like that at every hours of the days.

Betsy Sunder

Delicious and great staff. Shout out to Dan who was very helpful and polite. Also extremely caring of a fellow customer who had a medical need. Dan called 911 at her request and was very mindful of getting her the best care possible. Yay Dan!!

Heather Osborne

3 days ago says the drive thru is open til 9 but its closed @ 830. Sunday 3pm drive thru only patio open but too filthy to sit at.

Amanda M.

We eat at Panera ALOT- this one is our least favorite location. We rarely go and get an order that is correct. Something is either always left off or is incorrect- strawberry poppyseed chicken salad- no chicken? They also run out of stuff frequently- no regular cream cheese at 8:30 am? They seem to have a high turnover rate of people that work there but there is one consistent guy that is an asset to the company. Sadly I do not know his name- but he has been there for a very long time and he usually works the register.


Drive thru only location — ten car line in the drive thruPlacing a mobile Pick up order was “unavailable” , yet there were multiple people eating on the patio who did pick up a few mins before and many workers outside on a smoke break.No thanks! So many more nice and accommodating Panera’s.

Jeff Griffith

We usually have avoided this location because we've felt that it was a bit dirty the last few times we went in, BUT because we were looking for something a bit healthier, we decided to grab some lunch before we headed up to Gatlinburg for the weekend. I walked in to order 2 items and some soup. 30 minutes later, I finally got my food. It took FOREVER, and I kinda got sick on it.

Tim Forrest

Just a suggestion: power was your patio. I shouldn’t see ants crawling on my table dishes while trying to finish breakfast.Door loaded with finger prints. Patio has a slight hint of ‘eau de trash’ and your ceiling fans could use a dusting.

Anthony Gonzales

Every time I come here they are out of soufflés. It’s eight in the morning, maybe you should plan to make more soufflés.

angel cipriano

They were very friendly.. they messed up our order but fixed and was super apologetic about it.. the food was really yummy to

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