Rafael's Italian Restaurant

2324 Treasury Dr SE, Cleveland
(423) 472-6630

Recent Reviews

Scratch C.

Constantly in the health department's inspection notices with low scores at all locations. Last time I was there it was dirty, tables sticky, employees appeared unkempt and lackadaisical about hygiene.We left before ordering and won't return.

Carlene Michaels

Will not be back to this please. My order was 40 bucks and when we got home all the burgers was burnt and dryed out very hard to chew barely any dressing on them very disgusting throw most it in the trash


Generous amounts of food for great price. Wide variety available on the menu - pizza is the best in Cleveland!

T.Michelle Holcomb

Best pizza in town by far, great customer service and great quality ingredients

Christena Best

Love this place!! Best pizza i have ever had.

Kevin F.

The prices are absolutely amazing at this place. The pizza is starting to become our favorite pizza to eat.

Karen Malone

Well it was ok but what I order was to hard and burn I took it back up there and told them they cook me another one it was better but I been there and been better food

Laura McKenzie

Good pizza! I have had better but this pizza was about an 7 out of 10 with being phenomenal. Staff was very friendly and pizzas were very generous sizes. Good value for your money.

Karen Waweru

The food is pretty good for the most part and the portion size is very nice. The only complaint we have is that their marinara sauce is bland and watery. Prices are reasonable. Overall it is a decent place to dine.

Alex Coppaken

Not at all what you would expect in Cleveland TN. Big City diner style menu/quick service and exceptional product. A true Hidden Gem. No frills, just great food, at incredible prices, ready before you expect it.

Lacey Belt

Good Food Alot of food and Cheap

lead 4s

first time eating there, my sister had recommended because her family loves it so much, i was not disappointed. i got 2 of the chefs special pizzas and they were delicious! about the best pizza ive had in cleveland, one of the few places that still have anchovies. ill be back

Deborah Spruill

Very small in a strip mall by a walmart. Once there we decided to go somewhere else since it smelled like soap. Giving 5 stars bc we did not eat there and it wouldn't be fair to rate without tasting the food. Might get food to go in the future. Rating anyway because I want to remind myself to not go here when I want to go to a sit down restaurant.

tina obrien

The food is always so good. My favorite are their chicken wings, they are cooked just right. The House calzone also, they do not skimp on any of the ingredients.

Kat Bates

I enjoyed everything. There is soo much to choose from on the menu and still even more that they offer that's not on the menu...

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