Salsarita's Fresh Mexican Grill

694 Paul Huff Parkway, Cleveland
(423) 464-5540

Recent Reviews

ljessica barber

The staff is always polite and friendly! The manger here does a great job which is why I believe this location runs so well! Food is always fresh and of course taste great! Always a good experience when I come here! Keep up the good work it most definitely is appreciated!

Lindsey Hughes

This is such a great restaurant! One of my favorites! The managers are always hands on and helpful. Food is fresh and yummy! Love everything on the menu.

Howie Hill

Came to eat lunch and they were playing "What Is Love" by Haddaway...

Paul Hall

The staff is Young and most all of them were super polite, and smiling, very nice staff, being younger, there was a staff member whom needs to learn the difference between talking to the a paying public, and not his friends. I only mention this as I spent over 30 years in food service, and management. The food was better than expected and the restaurant was very clean. If you enjoy fast Mexican food and want it fresh I would highly recommend it

Mark Pintar

Fantastic job by the Salsarita’s team today, 19Mar2020. They’re open for take out only but their attitudes and customer service remains sky high. The shrimp tacos were phenomenal as was the pork bowl. Now, more than ever, we need to support our wonderful local businesses. Congratulations Salsarita’s on continuing to serve our community. It’s truly appreciated.

Homer Aguilar

This place is nice and clean, the staff is friendly, the food could be fresher.

Robert Boggess

Food is really good and plenty of great choices. Staff is good, service good. Only reason I don't go often is I feel it is WAY OVER PRICED. They seem to charge extra for every little thing. Wife and I can't eat there for less than$20.


Great service, if you haven't tried it you should. It's new and very clean. Everything is made fresh, even the nacho chips. Their grilled steak, freshly chopped veggies, homemade salsa is Sooo good!

Chad S.

There's not many meals I could eat everyday but the steak tacos here are definitely one of them. For $20 me and my wife get more than enough good food to satisfy our appetites. The service is friendly and the restaurant always appears to be clean. Give it a try!

Natalie N.

I described this place to mg sister as Chipotle's ugly little cousin. The food was hot and seemed fresh, but it was completely and totally lacking in any flavor or seasoning. I had a bowl wIth chicken and the "hot" sauce. I snagged my kid's queso to try to add some flavor and still ended up salting my entire dish. It was worse than unremarkable, it was lackluster. I will actively not return.

Michelle Hofmann

The store was clean and the service was good. The food was tasteless. So 2 stars for service and cleanliness and freshness of food. But zero on taste. I literary tasted nothing. No spices at all.

Zachary S.

This was my first time ordering at a salsarita and it was a great experience. Ordering is similar to dos bros or chipotle. The cashier was friendly and the people preparing the food walk you through your options. A chicken burrito with mexican rice, black beans, salsa, shredded cheese and sour cream was 6.99. That is reasonable for a burrito of it's size and you get a burrito free for your birthday.

Scott A.

We've been to this location several times since it opened. Honestly, nothing bad to say. The staff is always friendly, the food is consistently good, and the restaurant always seems to be clean and well taken care of.


I went here and I was absolutely blown away. We were tended to by the most amazing waiter I’ve ever had, Parker Holmes. He made sure to keep us company as we enjoyed our meal, and was a constant source of entertainment. He was so nice, he even got us all drinks. He is the nicest man I’ve ever met and I sincerely hope to have him again.Jesus also was here

Kyle Cooper

Great fresh food, and fast service. Very clean and everyone was nice and helpful. Prices are reasonable. Parking can be the only issue, but that is due to the poor layout of the entire complex. Will go back again.

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