Sonic Drive-In

1340 25th St NW, Cleveland
(423) 559-5999

Recent Reviews

Angie Henderson

Just got 2 drinks the only one in line took at least 12-15 to get them

Cailean Ricketts

The toasted smores shake was delicious!


First time I went I ordered a HAMBURGER. Was very specific about no cheese. Guess what? Had cheese.Second time I went, I was just ordering a meat patty/bread/mayo because my husband had been sick and wanted something plain. I had to explain THREE TIMES what I needed. It was ridiculous.

exploration adventures

They did have fresh food!

Amanda Blakely

I don't know the standards to how to prepare a Sonic blast, this way may the way they are taught to serve them. Personally, I was quite disappointed on how under blended my oreo blast was. When eating it, the texture was vanilla ice cream with some chunks of oreo mixed in. I'd like mine MIXED and blended up. The pic shows more crused oreo on the top as that was part of the crumbled topping on the whipped cream.

Heather Tonelli

Great service! Quick to bring food out, and the staff were very nice.

Robin Stamper

Benton Sonic always has fresh, hot & delicious food and drinks every time we go!

Courtney G

I love the food and everything about this place BUT it would be great if yall could get the order right or at least answer the phone! I just got home and realized my order was wrong and sonic will not answer the phone

Coleshia Johnson

I Had Fast Service When Ordered Ahead On The Sonic App

Maria Verdon

We pulled into a booth mashed the call button(twice) that wasn't answered.Employee in the parking lot walked by giving us dirty looks and mumbling as she walked by. So we moved to the drive thru and only ordered drinks and one pretzel.a young lady came to the car three times for 2 different orders and we still ended up at the window before we got the pretzel. Didn't seem to be a manager on site, only unorganized team on duty. Appeared to be a very stressful work environment for the one young lady who served us. But pretzel was great.

m sneed42

Usually great food. Today the burger was top notch, but the tots seemed undercooked. It would be a great place to eat if it was a little more moderately priced.

Erika Hall

They can NEVER get my hamburger order right.. I always say no cheese and get home and it has cheese so aggravated

Debbie Austin

The BLT toaster sandwich is awesome. Never disappoints!

Kim Queen

Good food. Especially when Burger King across the street said they didn't have any more food!

Fabian Martinez

It feels like there's only one person working at this place, I placed an order in the drive thru and had to wait a while so instead I drove off and made one at the house instead lmao

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