Sonic Drive-In

3115 Waterlevel Hwy, Cleveland
(423) 476-5007

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They didn't have "real cream". My husband and i would get Fanta orange with extra extra real cream at every other location in different states. They had no idea what I was talking about. Kinda bummed us out because this is the closest location to us since we moved back.


Would not sale ice. Like just a cup of ice or bag

Amy Moses

Good place to go for slushies. Food could use improvement. Love the ice

Zombie T.

What can I say? It's a sonic. I'll have to say it was better than some. Everything was good and served promptly by a smiling carhop. IDK how she managed that as busy as she was, I felt bad for her. Otherwise I'll tell you the same thing I'd tell any Sonic... Stop screwing your employees. People are being encouraged not to carry cash but you won't let us put tips on our cards. You get your money, they don't. Not fair at all. Pass that up the ladder.

David Maynard

Reasonable food and prices served with a smile in less than 15 minutes during the lunch rush. That's good.

Wendie M

Food was fresh and hot. No toy for the kids meal. I asked for a coupon for a free ice cream later. They told me come back next week with receipt for toy. My 6 yr old wasn't too happy. A child's disappointment got them only 3 stars today.

Steven Bell

Food was delicious but somehow the list my order behind a bunch of people who only ordered 1 thing, you think their system would be set to prioritize by length of wait but guess not since I was waiting for well over 30 min

Steve Bryant

Place is very busy for hours. People seem over worked but they are hustling getting orders to multiple lanes.I had a complicated order, the food was well prepped and punctual. My order was not 100% correct, but many other places do the same. I would return again. I hope they get a few more people hired, they could easily use the help, they have the business for it.

Tirannie Swafford

The Carhop was very nice! She seemed to be the only one taking orders this morning by herself. She was excellent.

Tonya Errington

It was almost 10 minutes after I pushed the red button before anyone took our order. Then the cheese sticks I ordered were over cooked, tasted awful and they were not the same cheese sticks they usually carry. And they tasted like they were cooked with something cinnamon.

Edward Martin

idk wat was going on there today but we never did get any service after pushing the little ted button.we left and went to gas station ! ANSWER THE PHONE ,PEOPLE !!

Sharon Morrow

Their sweet tea is awesome and Happy Hour is definitely the time to go. And their cheese sticks & marinade is just mouth watering.

Midge Phibbs

This Sonic is conveniently located for those coming from the Oocee River heading west to I-75. The building is lit well at night and is very clean. Getting our order correct over the intercom system was difficult. It was evident when both Blast flavor and sizes were delivered incorrect. What saved the day was the waitress, Samantha. ( I give her 5 stars!). She saw the problem quickly and immediately she made sure our orders were corrected. She said "We aim to please" with the biggest smile. The hangup was the inside staff but the service staff was great.

Ashley Rene

Horrible attitudes. Do not go during happy hour, sat there a hour because they lost our order. Read the receipt wrong and got snapped at by employee, then our fries are cold. I’ve always went there since I was a kid, moved away a year ago, come back and it’s completely changed. I hate making bad reviews but I’ve had enough of that place. AND TO TOP ALL THAT OUR WHOLE ORDER IS WRONG, COLD AND MISS STUFF

Brenda Cross Wilson

I love the app and online ordering. There is frequent deals and discounts to take advantage of. They are always friendly and willing to work to solve any problems with order.

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