2661 APD 40, Cleveland
(423) 559-2274

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David B.

I wouldn't even eat this if it was free, so nasty greasy please don't come here save your time!

Brenda Childers

If I could give more stars..I could... It was so very clean and food looked awesome. I got a cold cut trio.. My husband said it was the best sandwich from subway he has ever eaten.. Thank you girls at Subway on APD 40... You girls rock..

Heather Filyaw

Don't be rude to your customers and you won't get poor ratings. To the woman that worked this morning you evidently don't need to work in customer service if you can't deal with customers this early.

Timothy Corn

The worse service I have ever had. Thought it was maybe a one time thing so gave it another try and it only got worse.

Heather L.

Went to this Subway yesterday since it was convenient for me (I normally go to the one on 25th Street). First off, they were out of meatballs. While ordering my family's sanwiches the lady working there started taking the order for the man behind me and I wasn't even done ordering sandwiches. The young kid working had his hair flopping everywhere. Didn't even go get another thing of tuna so gave me a 6inch worth of tuna on a footlong. They were out of olives, but had the olive container sitting in the bain full of juice (since when do the olives not get drained or a drain tray put in the container), I asked for bell peppers, she grabs some and water as well because they didn't have a drain tray in the bottom of the pan. The lady put pickles on my son's sandwich when he asked for Mayo only. The lady was also coughing everywhere, not covering her mouth. I should have taken the extra time to go to the one on 25th street but I figured since the same owner owned them both that I would have had a better experience. But, from now on I will just be going to the one on 25th street only.

Ryan Davis

This place has gone down tremendously just in a short period of time. All the food was disgusting looking, cheese was brown and looked like it had been left out for days, nothing was restocked or fresh in the trays, everything was cross contaminated where they had just dropped toppings all over the place mixing it with other food. Overall it was just nasty and not clean. The employee was even very dirty looking. This place use to be a great subway to go to and get good fresh food, now it’s more like a slop traugh. I will not be using this subway again and will be sure to tell all my coworkers who also used this location a lot

Eagle Academy of Central TN

They were very considerate to all of of the customers

Sumaaa Summaa

Remade sand which twice, and was not kind about it at all. No sweet tea made and made it seem like it was a inconvenience to get me any. Bread cut too thin. Burned my sandwich. After the second time. Just mad all over

Outersight Mikee

I love that garlic toast bread

NoRollRace take it to the strip

Fresh food fast staff

Bob Kirkpatrick

Saw a promo on tv. Called to preorder told cant at this time. Get there told that this sore doesnt honor the promo. The sub bread is smaller. In general bad experiences

Mark M.

I just had to cancel my online order because they called to tell me they didn't have any all. How do you not have bread? You're a friggin' sandwich shop. Smfh

wendy dale

Were well staffed and all worked good together everyone wss enjoying there customers and the customers were enjoying the conversation with each other. Would recommend and will return. Thank you everyone for being just plain friendly!!!

Sandra Kilgore

Best subway ive ever been too great staff and amazing food?.

Sharon Janowiecki

VERY busy. Staff very nice.

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