Taco Bell

2675 APD 40, Cleveland
(423) 479-3634

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wendy dale

Person taking orders was friendly enough but was in a hurry to get us through the line. I have a big family to feed so my ordering takes some time a little patience goes a long way! Then we get to the window and we always check to be sure food is right it was missing 2 tacos and had 1extra hard shell. That they took back inside after it was inside my car and both my daughter and I touched the wrapping.

Clinton Nobles

This taco bell is one of the busiest I have ever seen. After 7pm at night their line is wrapped around the building for drive thru. I wish they would open the lobby for pick up order because it makes ordering via the app pointless. You still have to set through an incredibly long line.

Iesha Watkins

The line was almost all the way to the road. We sat and watched 3 workers just walk around doing nothing while all the cars were backed up in the drive thru. Drive thru worker had cars lined up at the speaker and wouldn’t take another order until the car was gone from the pickup window. I would recommend choosing a different Taco Bell because even with low staff they should still atleast know how to multitask.

jake Brock

If zero stars were possible ??‍♂️ This Taco Bell is close to my house and I’ve always went there usually busy but I don’t mind to wait I understand … but the last few times I’ve been there the lobby is closed again I get it nobody wants to work and for what ever reasons I’ll never understand good help is hard to find but i sit through line I order my food and I’m nice as I can be I get home and my order is wrong try to call to avoid going back and no answer ? all these fast food places grip about not making enough money but if u cannot read a screen and see what’s on the order or answer the phone when ur lobby is closed then Y in gods name do u think u deserve more money ?? Ur slow u can’t read my order is wrong and u can’t answer the phone I won’t be back I’ll drive an extra 10 or 15 min and go to another one or who knows may give up Taco Bell all together

Venita Karakaya

Busy busy! Only drive through open because of covid. But food amazing as always! Yummmm!

Jessica Roberts

Open your lobby, at the very least let delivery drivers bypass the drive thru line! The New breakfast items are decent. Good covfefe


if you look up taco bell at 2675 apd 4...0 it sates DINE IN DELIVERY AND DRIVE THRU So i asked on of the lady's that work there why dont you open the dining room for the delivery drivers cause we sit in line for about 25 minutes or better waiting for the order,,, pick up times and delivery times is where we make our payday...anyway it made the young girl cry so the manager said on my next trip there saying i was rude to the young lady for ASKING about opening the dining room since the web-site states that it is open LOOK FOR YOUR SELF on the taco bell website

Alisha Cook

There is good and bad in everything but Taco Bell definitely has great employees great pricing and great value.. Only reason they’re getting four stars is because they can hire some really rude cashiers and the managers don’t want to listen to the problem

mary white

The line was extremely long. The food was extremely wrong. I don't have an issue with waiting to get your correct order. I do have an issue with waiting 30 minutes in line then your order is not correct! You then have to wait another 30 minutes in the drive thru to tell them the order is not correct because the lobby is closed. I want be back to this location.

Kyle Barham

Best Taco Bell around in my opinion. The woman in the glasses that's always at the drive thru is amazing.

rita wilcox

Well if I could I would rate this a zero. Headed straight from work to this location at 2:00 a.m. just before reaching the location at 2:10 a.m. instead of 3:00 a.m. the lights get turned out and everybody pours out of the building and leaves. So if you're going to advertise that you're open until a certain time I suggest you tell your employees that they need to stay until that time period

nera martinez

the food is good, so are the drinks. the only thing i don't like is that they don't always give us our full order. everytime we go here something is always missing.

Elizabeth Hyatt

Service was good. Food was all right. I would not recommend this place.

Sherri b469

Ordered 4 Chalupa's, 2 chicken and 2 beef. They were so hard they were not edible. Person working did not give us a receipt or napkins. It was quick service but was like everything was pre-made and sitting for a while.

roger peterson

They can't hear what you say and get order wrong

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