Waffle House

113 James Asbury Dr NW, Cleveland
(423) 339-8234

Recent Reviews

Shana Mathis

I love this place it's a favorite among keep and my kids!! Excellent servers

sandy teffeteller

This place is pitiful. First I was parked outside the waffle house calling them to call in a order I couldn't get anyone to answer for 45 mins literally . Then when one lady worker did answer I could see her through the windows ,she didnt realize I was outside and she was making face suggestions like she had a problem taking my order over the phone. Then my food was horrid. I have to say first time I've had any waffle house food that was bad. But the eggs still had slimy whites because of being under cooked and the bacon literally was raw. Looked like it had just came out of the package and on the plate. So to all who reads this waffle house is always been awesome to me but not this one. It is awful!

Mimi Artates

The Waffle House in Cleveland, TN was great. The food was good as well as the price. Friendly and welcoming staff is always a plus. They were open when other restaurants were closing.

Sarah Michelle

Food was delicious! Joe is a fantastic cook! Would give 10 stars!

Charlie Morris

Waffle House is always consistent with it's performance. I have never in my entire life been anything less that satisfied with a waffle house. However, this waffle house in particular had such friendly and upbeat staff at 12am that I felt inclined to post this review. 5 star food, 6 star service and staff.

Gary Brown

the cook done a good job, service was some what bad. the yolk in the egg has blood in it

Sarah Oliver

Waffle House is charging a 10% fee on to-go orders while there's restaurants offering 20% OFF of to-go orders at this current time (during COVID). I love Waffle House but this seems like a get-rich-quick scheme? I do not know of ANY other restaurants that charge extra for to-go orders.

Mark Duranty

Great food. GREAT Service!

Linda Casper

Good food and open for sit down. Self distancing is obvious here.

Matt P.

I stopped by this Waffle House near Exit 27 on I-75. Inside it was the typical Waffle House experience and on a Friday night around dinner time it was a bit busy. Our waitress, Flossy, was clearly stressed dealing with so many tables but still remained very friendly. I ordered the hashbrowns covered with sausage gravy. It was a giant plate and when Flossy handed it to me, she said something that stood out: "Make sure to eat it fast, Honey, because if it sits for awhile it gets nasty." Never have I heard someone who works for a restaurant describe their food that way, but Waffle House has always been different. Overall, it's Waffle House: don't expect fine dining or any extravagant menu items. I enjoyed the experience and would come back again, whether it's for breakfast, lunch or a late night snack. Just make sure to eat quick, you don't want it to get nasty.

Dave Coley

Great service, hard to beat that bacon egg and cheese hashbrown bowl in the morning.

Jasmine Nord

Even at 11pm almost midnight on a Saturday, the waitress were so nice and the food was delicious.

Margie Gibson

The waitress was very friendly but the food was awful. I had a patty melt and when I picked it up grease ran down my fingers. We were hungry so we eat what we could but we will never go back

Subhash D

Convenient location, off the freeway I-75. Good food. Some crowd but should find place dine alone quickly. Friendly staff!

matthew hayes

Love myself some waffle house, my son does too! get yourself some comfort food and enjoy an all American meal!

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