Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

GOLDEN CORRAL, 1380 Interstate Dr, Cookeville
(931) 526-2352

Recent Reviews

Patricia Barton

Great place to eat! I feel that if you can't find something there to eat you're to finiky a eater! Plus we can eat there for the same price or cheaper than sonic or McDonald's and get alot more selection. Love all the food selection they have best place to eat ever!

Jessy Blackmon

Most amazing Golden corral I have ever been to! Everything was delicious! Price was amazing also!!

Amanda Crawford

I come to Golden Corral at least once a week, and although tonight the food was a little colder than normal probably due to it not being as busy as our normal trips here our server terra and the cashiers were still outstanding. Smiling faces all around. I love coming here with my kids and I love that I always get an amazing experience. The cashiers held conversation with me and my kids so well and terra was so polite and accommodating to my children even tho they?re a little messy! Thank you guys so much for all your hard work and everything you do for your customers, we will be returning per usual!!

pyro james

Got there before the rush. Great food with a large selection. Friendly service.

Crystal Baldwin

My family and I had a great time. Went on Thanksgiving and there was lines outside. The employees were very friendly despite the how busy the place was. The food was really great and fresh, even my picky eaters were satisfied!

Randall Sharpe

this place is always clean, great food and great service. and always gives us veterans a free meal on veterans day. thank you Golden Corral

Vacant Hero

Good food with an all you can eat buffet. Mostly Everything was good. The Steak I got was a bit overcooked and dry, but it was still pretty tasty.

Dan N

Was traveling thought the area with family that loves Golden Corral. Personally I have never really liked Golden Corral very much. I can say this one surprised me. The cost seemed to be a bit lower than others I had ate at before, and the food was much better. While all of this chain serves pretty much the same things, the quality of the food at this one was much better than the others. The staff could have been a bit more attentive but overall they were okay. . I can say normally I will drive right by a Golden Corral to find something better but If I'm ever in Cookeville again I'll stop in at this one.

Natasha Fatkin

We stopped about an hour before closing, hoping the food would not be old from having sat there. Pleased beyond expectations with the service and food. We did not feel rushed or like we were a bother. On the contrary, they were pleasant and eager to cater to us. Both my son and husband were impressed with the steak - tender, juicy, and cooked to perfection. My son said it was better than some of the expensive steak houses we have been to.

julie newhart

If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. The staff are really friendly, and the vibe itself is welcoming and fun. The waitress was always there to take our plates on time, but never rushed. The food was excellent, and the desert bar was very extensive. Loved it, and I would highly recommend going to this Golden Corral.

prowand gaming

This is one of the best Golden Corral's I have ever ate at. We are on vacation, and stopped here to eat and we're very pleased with the food, and the service. Our waiter was very friendly, and had us laughing the whole time we were there, which was great because that is rare these days.. I believe his name was Andrew. We will definitely be back if we are ever in the area again

Danny Way

Went here w/ my hubby and my daughter and her 2 little boys. The food was terrific. They offer something everyone likes and the dessert bar is amazing. Would recommend to any family whose hungry

scorcher 33

On point! Magnificent steak and shrimp

Krystal Cleer

The golden corral in cookeville is good, i would give 5 stars but the water is so nasty, i am not sure why, husband got a ice water, my son had gotten a soda and i got a unsweet tea, it makes all the drinks we had taste like dirt. I stopped coming for a couple months thinking it will be better, we went back and it was the same. There is a few restaurants in town that are the same. . We definitely enjoy golden corral just wished the water was fixed and tasted better


We love to go to the Golden Corral. The food is always good and the people are always friendly. We always eat too much.

Amanda Sims

Awesome buffet ans good service waitresses are on top of it

Cynthia Sexton

Fresh, hot ,delicious food! Salad bar is my favorite salad bar in Cookeville or around! Friendly waitresses and staff and the cashiers are so friendly as well. Love this place!

Heidi Norrod

Service was decent. However, our server only refilled our drinks when we flagged them down. The food was good, albeit a bit overpriced. I will add that one of their claw arcade games is broken and will give you unlimited plays if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Kendall Jenkins

Friendly staff. Waitress was very good. Food was delicious.

Cynthia Mcroberts

Best waitress! Her name was Debbie! Great customer service!

Tim Padgett

Wide variety of food. Nothing tastes amazing, just ok. A little pricey, $35 for 2.

Kevin Drum

Mmmm. Steak. Their other offerings are good too. They have something for everyone. Good comfort food. Bring your appetite.


We went to Golden Corral for Mother's Day, and although I was not excited about it (I was expecting bland, greasy, mass-produced food) it was DELICIOUS. I hadn't been to a Golden Corral in probably 10 years or more, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious, there was a wide variety of dishes and plenty of healthy options as well.

Helen Snyder

I love all the food. Always keep the foods full. Clean and a very pleasant place to eat.


I've been there before and their food was satisfying and warm. But this time it's like their food was sitting there all day. It was really chewy and cold. I guess it all depends on the time of day you go.

Jason Loftin

The variety and quality of the food is a big draw for us. For 2 adults this Sunday evening the bill was just over $35 drinks included. You might find it a little pricey if your not that hungry or you have picky eaters that arent going to eat $17 worth of something. I myself can hurt a buffet. If you know the reference, I been their 3 hour they want me to go now, I no pay just go. Having said all that for me it's really the service I have found outstanding all the employees I have interacted with super attentive, super nice, just plain super.

Michael Wiskerchen

Plenty of options for even picky eaters. Good food. If you leave hungry, it's your turn fault. Just remember to leave room for dessert.


Golden Corral restaurants used to be one of our favorites but the service is less and the food is poorer. We wanted a salad at a reasonable price. There were limited salad ingredients and the dressings were watery. I also ate some of the vegetables such as green beans, lima beans & pinto beans which were pretty good. It will be a while before we go back to a GC but every now and then it does fill our dinner needs/wants

Shyanne Phipps

We went for a memorial service. 30 of us. Best waitress ever! But $20 a person for cold old tasting food at 5:30pm is and always will be crazy.

Rio Hyun

Terrible food, but the Steak and dessert they were very good. The corn bread tasted like wet dog hair and the Mellow Yellow did not taste good at all. Hope you can improve.

Katie Engel

Everything was excellent!!! Food tasted great, waiter was very attentive asking multiple times if we needed anything(I wish I could remember his name) and was very nice. The dessert was amazing- the chocolate fountain was awesome. The kids really loved it and there were so many options for my picky eater. Great experience. We will definitely be back!!! 2 thumbs up!!!

Jennifer B.

Best Golden Corral on the planet! Jason deserves not only 5 stars but 10 stars. Guest service is top knotch and food is always hot and fresh ! Staff is amazing !

Joe Blow

Way more than anyone could want at one time but it's always good. Best selection of good food anywhere. Love eating there and can't wait to go back.

Belinda Zervas

Wonderful food, my husband and I sneaked off. We loved it. Way better than the one in hermitage. TY

Daniel Spellings

My kids really enjoy the chocolate fountain and cotton candy. Its got something for everyone and usually taste pretty decent. It is pricey, however, for a buffet.

Shaun Smith

I wish I could name the people here that took pride in their work tonight. June 10th, evening shift. Grill was excellent, both cooks working it were on point. Front register was polite and helpful. If you're at one of the local hotels.. this is a great option to go!

Karen Kilgore

yes food is great and employees are very nice love coming there

Rhonda Meadows

The food was very good. There is a variety for all different tastes. You can get your plate and eat immediately since it is an all you can eat buffet so no wait time. Staff is nice.


My 5 kids and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!!! If one of my kids could make a White House he would make it at Golden Corral. lol. But most definitely a place to get anything you crave and at a decent price. And the food is GREAT ð?? too!!! We love this place. It'll ALWAYS be our FAMILY RESTAURANT!!!

Rachel Kress

they have really good food and really good service.