Gondola Pizza & Steak House

36 Woodmere Mall, Crossville
(931) 484-7647

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D Go

Apparently we're getting charged $3 per refill now. Would have been nice to know before the server threw the refills in without telling us. Our food was amazing and the atmosphere is still so good. We were very upset about the extra charges though. Our server forgot about us several times, and the cashier threw our receipt away after we paid so we couldn't even discuss the matter. $102 for 3 adult meals, 1 kids meal, drinks and 4 desserts. Could have went to Forte's and had a 5-star meal and better service for that price! Again, had we known!


Ive always heard such amazing things about Gondolas and knew it was the first place I would have to eat when visiting Tennessee! I was absolutely blown away by the service and the food! By far the best pepperoni pizza in the South! Would definitely recommend to anyone traveling through or that hasn’t gotten the chance yet! Go for it cause you’ll absolutely enjoy ever last bite!

Nesa Giles

This was the second time we ate there. The food was good. Seems they might have been short handed. I saw only one waiter that seemed to be in a good mood. And smiling. Our waitress was ok but not friendly and acted a bit out of it at times. We saw her clear half a table. Someone else cleaned her tables. She wasn't that busy for someone else to do her job but that was my observation. When she went to wipe down the table, it was with her hand and not a sanitized cloth. I also didn't appreciate seeing the ticket on my plate with food on it.

Carol J

This restaurant is great, we first called to check about reservations, to which the hostess encouraged us to come in. Upon arrival was very busy, but seated within a few minutes. The pizza was some of the best I’ve ever had, salad bar was fantastic. The waiter was very attentive, friendly, and professional.

Amanda Brown

This is a place we have eaten at a lot. The food is good. The owners are always nice. Their have been a couple waitresses that could have been more friendly. The only complaint I have about this place is it it's so crowded and I don't like that the salad bar is right next to the booths. It's hard to get up and get your food. I just wish the building was bigger.

bonnie Saddlemire

Lasagna was out of this world and was highly recommend by our server Jeff, who was top notch, my daughter had a pizza which she said. Was excellent..we both ha the salad bar which was amazing and had so many choices and kept fresh and refilled and clean. Oh did I mention soup was on the salad bar and I tried the broccoli cheddar and it was outstanding....can't wait to go back.


We visited the day before Xmas Eve in 0° weather obviously because we've lost our minds. Yet the service was great, the staff was friendly/funny, the atmosphere was nice, and most importantly the food was great! The prices are pretty unbeatable in this economy for a sit down place and such well-presented food. My meatball sandwich plate was only $6 and some change. The rest of my group had a fish and chips, a fish sandwich, and the soup/salad bar. All were very impressed with the place and want to go back soon! I haven't had a meatball sandwich in too long, it was exactly how I like them. Definitely recommend this place. Crossville has several really good eateries going for it, I don't live here but I visit often and it's becoming hard to choose where to eat when I'm in town!

Victoria H

Amazing salad bar! Terrific staff. Lasagna was good, steak so so. Very cold inside today though, which took away from enjoying the food. Definitely will go back.


Was looking forward to this restaurant. Was very displeased by the smell while sitting at the table. The restaurant had a mildew, wet sponge like smell. Then my Alfredo was very salty and the chicken tasty freezer burned along with my boyfriend veal. Was very disappointed and not sure if we’ll be back.

Leslie Rhoades

Come on people...the shrimp and fish and chips tasted and looked like they came right out of the freezer bag. Not fresh..yuck. personally, I don't care the pizza here either. In all fairness to them I have high standards...higher than most. I have live all over our country and over a decade in Europe. Most Americans don't know what good food should taste like.

Todd Lyndaker

Been in many times, always great food, service and prices! This visit was my first taste of their pizza, wont be my last. Pizza was outstanding, at a VERY reasonable price.Food: 5/5

Leigh S.

We order from here atleast once a week. $50 each time. I called in the order like I always do. Some dit wit answered the phone. I repeated myself 4x. She had to go ask someone how much their medium pizza was and she couldn't tell me what was in a calzone. I repeated the order again at the end of the call. (Even though that should of been her job) When my husband got there to pick it up, they said I ordered a salad bar. I have never ordered a salad bar to go. He said are you sure and they said yes! When he got home he asked and I said no I didn't order no salad bar. So I called to tell them. The girl said well someone ordered it and I said well I'm 100% sure it wasn't me! She put me on a VERY long hold and come back and said there's nothing she could do about it. I said, will we order from there once a week and are a loyal customer and we did not order this. She was very snotty! I'm nothing I can do about it she said! I said that's too bad because we are loyal customers and I can promise you we will never be back. She said oh that's great. I'm so glad you told me! Their mistake and we paid for it. That is not a good way to do business!!! We will never be back !!!!!!!!!

Daniel Webber

The staff of Gondola are very attentive and friendly. We did not have to wait to get our server's attention and he stopped by very frequently.Our pizzas were fresh with just the right amount of baking, nothing was overcooked. Ingredients tasted of good quality. We got the Hawaiian special and a beef+sausage pizza and neither disappointed.My one observation is that the top portion of the soup+salad bar seems a bit low. As a taller than average person I had to stoop a bit to serve myself and see what I was getting from it.Overall a really enjoyable experience with some excellent food and ambiance.

Russell Anderson

My wife and I had dinner. She had spaghetti, I had fried chicken and we both had soup and salad. The service was top notch and the served food was plentiful. The only draw back was the food flavor. For an Italian restaurant they seemed afraid of spice. The use of which would have greatly improved the food flavor.Food: 3/5

Irishman's Food Adventures East Tennessee

Cold beer and get the " no crust" pizza. Salad bar was crowded and they should provide disposable gloves for the patrons touching everything. Still a repeat visit will be necessary. Join my Facebook group, Irishman's Food & Adventures East TennesseeKid-friendliness: Plenty of kidsParking: Plenty of parking

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