8F Ice Cream

5546 TN-153 Suite 106, Hixson
(423) 475-7988

Recent Reviews

Richard&Tosha Mintz

Fantastic ice cream shop! Super nice people with more options than State Farm

John Cross

I flippin love this place and never skip it if i pass by.. I STOP FOR BOBA TEA AND ICE CREAM NO QUESTIONS. NO EXCUSES

Summey G

My Family and I go here at least once a month, It's our favorite Ice Cream place!!! We used to go to the one in East Brainerd but have made the switch to Hixson and for good reason! The reviews for East Brainerd will reveal enough to know why if interested.

Anna Dabney

Ice cream was super good! I was served by Michaela. She was super sweet and helpful! Definitely my favorite employee!! Highly recommend.

Jonathan Cross

Absolutely love this place! Very good, fun, artistic! Great place to bring your family or a date. They even played along with a little surprise for my 5yo nephew.

Carrie Pugh

Very good place to go . The rolled ice cream is great

Tears. Wishes

Delicious!!!☺️ Pina colada, lychee pearls, and gummy bears?

xachh white

Great place for ice cream, milkshakes, and Boba. Love this place. And the staff is super nice and remember customers returning even if the returning customers are wearing their mask, they still remember. A hit with the kids too.

Scott Hartmann

Very welcoming atmosphere and the employees were helpful in making sure we understood the menu. We were going to take it to go since we live very close, but it was such a nice setup that we stayed and ate our desserts.

Alexandria Herrick

I absolutely love this place they make really good Rolled up ice cream. Very friendly very clean very professional. My to go place when I crave some homemade rolled icecream.

Marilyn Jamie Wilford

fresh, so much to choose from, great experience

Debi Xway

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Lisa McCluskey

They produce the smoothest Boba tea of anyone in the region. They make the tapioca fresh each day and there is a selection of traditional and filled. For a lighter-calorie drink, choose the coconut milk option. The Thai tea option has the health benefits of green tea while enjoying the silky smoothness of the milk base. This visit, I had the Chi tea which had subtle hints of the spice in traditional Chi without being too strong. They also make hand-rolled ice cream that is custom made when you order. It has an unexpected rich creaminess with a very light texture.The only negative to this establishment is that they are not exactly friendly or welcoming to customers. There is a bit of a wait, but it is well worth your time.

Brennon “EvenStevenBrennon” Jones

Real cool place and they had these cool roll up ice creams that I've never scene before. The process of watching the girl do her magic was pretty cool.

Aziel Brito

The ice cream was delicious! The service was all last great. I definitely recommend this place!

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