Buddy's bar-b-q Hixson

568 Northgate Mall Dr, Hixson
(423) 206-4999

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gretchen C.

In town labor day weekend and happened to spot Buddy's leaving Northgate Mall. Service and food were great! Enjoyed chatting with Chip as well! Great home feeling, we will be back soon. If you're in the area, definitely stop by?

Cynthia Robertson

Very friendly staff. Barbecue was absolutely delicious. Will be going there from now on. Recommend Buddy's Barbecue to everyone. Would give them one hundred star's if I could.

Stacey Roseman

Endless ribs are so delicious and filling!!! I forgot how good Buddy's is, we will be back again for sure. The workers are super nice here and so helpful. If you don't get too stuffed, make sure to try an ice cream cone.

Brandon Mauracher

Ribs were pretty good, good flavor.They should take brisket off their menu. If you can't make a piece of brisket that falls apart and is moist then don't make it. This was the driest toughest slice of brisket I have had.

joe mears

The BBQ sauce was a flavor memory that came back to me. I lived in Athens, GA for a long time, and there was a BBQ place, I don’t know if there anymore (Jot em Down), but their sauce was addictive. Just like yours, it was sweet, good vinegar tangy, and serious black pepper flavor. Not pepper hot, but the flavor of pepper.Anyway, my wife brought me home a plate tonight and it gave me pause when I tried your sauce. I’ll be back for some more!

Juanita H.

It was just okay. I went through the drive through and the service was good and the order was correct but regarding the Barbecue and sides, they were nothing special.


Been here a few times. Got the loaded potato and the loaded fries. Great food, great price and nice workers.

Carl F.

Ordered: Brisket Baked potato w/sauce and meat on side, 8 naked wings with mild sauce on the side, and pulled pork dinner with extra hush puppies and fries ... Also sauce on the side. Waited approximately 20 minutes at the drive thru window ... There was literally a car fire on Hixson Pike that we watched the fire department put out, load car on flatbed, and traffic resumed before we got our order. The order was correct, with the one exception that there were only two small cups of sauce for the whole order. Service wasn't only slow but was less than stellar ... The woman working the drive thru window handed us our food without a single word, leaving us to wonder if there was more to come or if everything was in the bag. As far as the quality of food, the pork was flavorless and the hush puppies were dense, dry, and flavorless. The sauce that we were given tasted like thin ketchup ... The consistency of a vinegar based sauce without that flavor. My wife reports that the brisket had decent flavor but was dry and sliced super thin. Overall, the experience left us not willing to come back. Fortunately there are plenty of other BBQ places to choose from.

Tenn Tolbert

The food was delicious. I love to eat ice cream at Buddy's. The customer service was amazing.

Larry Bradford

Enjoyed a delicious loaded pulled pork baked potato. It was fresh and tasty. Been here several times and have not been disappointed. Top it off with a hot fudge sundae. Kayle, thank you for the excellent service. The restaurant is always clean. Great experience

Gina Tripi

What a gem! Stopped for lunch. Amazing quick service meal while traveling the area. Very clean, really great service and delicious food. Brisket sandwich and fries were enough, but we tried their hush puppies and sundae, both hearty servings, great price and made fresh. We will stop again for sure!

Lee Rogers

Manager came out to speak to us. Very friendly and wanted to make sure our experience there was positive. Highly recommend!

Kimberly Kamandertraw

I came to buddy’s today with my sister in law, who will be leaving her own review shortly. I normally come to this restaurant and I’m constantly astonished by the friendly staff and good quality food, but today was different. I ordered a pork plate,which was delicious by the way! But I’m giving this restaurant 2 stars because I while my sister in law and I were trying to enjoy our meals, this short heavier women with bangs was extremely distruptive and rude.I’m assuming she is managment due to the fact that her shirt was a different color than most of the employees . She was yelling at the staff so loud it made the dinner awkward. My in law even asked to sit outside, despite the serious heat. It was like every 5 to 10 minutes she was raising her voice about something. I’ve been here many times and I’ve never felt this uncomfortable. I am so embarrassed that my experience here with my sister in law was this rough. Especially after I spoke to highly about this place and it’s my in laws first time here. I am disappointed buddy’s.

Sherry T.

When this place first opened the food was great and the service was great. My husband and I ate there at least twice a month. We went today for the fist time this month and the service was very slow. The food was still good. They did seem to be catering to the people in the drive thru more than the people dining in. It was not that busy. There were five couples while we were eating. I guess the new is worn off but I hope this isn't going to be the new normal as far as service goes.


Absolutely the best barbecue restaurant in Hixson... probably in the Chattanooga area! The staff is great and the manager Justin works right along with them to make sure everybody gets excellent service. And the food! Everything tastes wonderful. (little tip: the potato salad tastes like homemade! It's the only one our family will even buy)You are really missing a treat if you haven't tried Buddy's! Don't wait any longer!!

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