4849 N Broadway, Knoxville
(865) 689-6978

Recent Reviews

Tonya Copeland

Arby's is awesome! Reubens are delicious! Chicken salad is really good too.The orange creamsicle milkshake is to die for!!!! Gotta try these if you haven't yet! All their good is great, you can't go wrong!

Debbie Williams

I enjoy eating at Arbys for a fast food I like to eat there its clean and a very nice place you can take the kids no problem.

Krystle Logwood

Love my Arby's. Good food, fast and friendly staff. My order is always correct

Bonita Smith

Food was hot and the service was fast and convenient. Best ff we've had in a bit.

melissa myers

Horrible wait times always has food through the drive thru and look how poorly it is. I paid 10 bucks for a half empty cup of fries and a sandwich that wasnt even wrapped tightly and meat slid everywhere

Kurama Pandora

Arby’s always has my order correct and I always get served on time they can be extremely sweet !

Kassandra Brown-Weaver

Always rocks. It you have time, you always try tho go in. Because if you go in, you'll get to ring the bell for their good service. And don't get me started on their fish sandwich!! Awesome!!! The only thing wrong with it, is that they don't have it on their menu all year 'round.

Jeremy Stipes

This location always has friendly staff and fresh food.

George McGhee

Great classic roast beef sandwich and great shakes

Rex Zens

Bro I didnt realize how good arbys is

Dave Pedro

After a loooong wait in the drive thru i was charged for a completely different order and still never got my complete order. I was refunded and what food i did get was free but i will never be back.

Stephan Hoyle

The Arby's in Fountain City is kind of a hit and miss affair. The food is almost always good and as it should be, if you get what you ordered. I don't go through the drive thru because of mistakes in past orders. When I go in, I double check to verify that I've gotten what I ordered. When there are errors (and there typically are), the staff is quick to get it corrected and take care of me. After a while, though, you get tired of having to do the double checking, no matter how nice or cooperative the staff is. It's a shame, really, because the food is good. Eating in is a different affair, but we don't do that often, so........


Seats are to small I'm a big man you would think with the money they're making off those small roast beef sandwiches they can afford a bigger seeting area upgrade what they have I'm very disappointed..... I had to at least give them one star to post...


Food was tasty but only warm almost cold. Tea was the weakest I have ever seen. I sure hope this doesn't happen again. We love this place,but deserve better quality than we got today. Sorry

Cathy Martin

One of my favorites always clean fast service with a smile

Michael Koehler

I realize that this is arby's but the service was spot on and I really felt like a roast beef a

Mike K.

I realize that this is arby's but the service was spot on and I really felt like a roast beef a Sandwich with their arby's sauce and their horsie sauce. I ordered the 1/2 pound version which is way more meat than I was expecting. It hit the spot and the large chocolate shake was a bonus because they make an amazing shake. It was an awesome trip. I love the old school sign.

William Thomas Brown

Man has this Arby's staff gone downhill. It used to be the best Arby's in Knoxville. Now it seems like the staff is either VERY new or something is wrong. Slow and incompetent front register worker. The back seemed like a bunch of people doing nothing but tripping on each other. Lots of running around and pacing empty handed.

Joan Griggs

Totally awesome! They have remodeled and everything was so neat and clean. Service was awesome! Food was hot and delicious!!

Leslie Musto

I have always loved Arby’s but I am always thought the prices were too high everything there is absolutely wonderful including their fries which I hope they never changed and their Arby sauce is out of this world and their cheese sauce. They have the best food and combinations and sauces that there are out there in my opinion, but their prices are just way too steep to be able to go there and eat much of anything at anytime.

Kym Rollins

Quick service. The young lady at the window warmed up when she saw us smiling and became very interactive with us.

Greg Cate

They charge extra to just change the cheese on a No other store has asked for more for this small request.. they have bad manners as well

Stephanie Newman

It was very good. The service was fast and the people were friendly. The fries were hot and so were the sandwiches. I was very pleased. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because even though the beef and cheddar's were hot and tasted good, there was very little cheese sauce and red ranch.

Brandy Ranly

I got there 8 minutes before 5. The cashier was efficient and nice. The only problem was they were out of napkins and I needed to wipe chocolate off of my cup.

Stephanie Hounschell

All around great place to eat and one of my favorites for on the go dining. They are fast friendly and thankfully always fresh and delicious. Unlike most other fast food sites I've visited I don't have to open my meal to find a mess thrown in foil and tossed in a bag which is rare these days so I'm grateful they consider the presentation of the food when wrapping it.

Chris Lawless

Every table was filthy. Some dude had a dog walking around. And they managed to mix frozen fries with cooked. Quality service lol

Valerie Tokeshi

Great food and great service. Meal is a little pricey but was good and was alot of food.

Karen Williams

They were a little slow getting our food to us, but otherwise the food was good.

Jim Phillips

Great food!. French dip sandwich and potato cakes is such a nice treat after eating so many burgers & fries all the time

Ronald Rogers

The Arby's on Broadway in Fountain City gabe treated we well. Last week, a large bag of 4 large order of fries broke before I got them into the house. I returned to buy more. Upon telling them what happened, they replaced my large bag of fries at no cost. The food is always good

Nate Mowery

They gave me cold fries. I asked for a Dr pepper and they gave me root beer. Gross...The service was OKay... Cheese sticks were good and so was the sandwich.

Jon Timmerman

Eat at Arby's many times. This is by far the best one i have been to. Very friendly staff and quick service.

Charles Siegle

location fast and friendly

Helen Slack

Had a great time...peace and quiet!!! The best damm cookie EVER!!!!

William Shinault

Arby's is the best fast food restaurant of them all. Great shakes & those sliders are really good. Happy hour daily. $1 shakes (they're small, but good.) & $1 sliders. Excellent variety of sandwiches. Always GOOD!!

Shirley Dixon

I love Arby's. The new one they put in Halls is a good place to eat. Very friendly & fresh food.

David J Bohanan

Thanks happy good food fun and happy

tina flowers

Service is great. Wish they had more registers cause the place gets packed. And the wait can be long. Gave it a 4 star cause i like my beef and cheddar

Tray B

Way too expensive for what they serve. A sandwich should not cost this muck. The quality of the sandwiches here is good, but go here when you have coupons or when they're offering some kind of special pricing.


Very poor customer service. No smiles, very slow. They were clearly very concerned with getting the drive through taken care of while the sandwiches for the dine in were piling up to double layers getting cold. They finally got our order from yhe pile only it was the wrong sandwich. The gal had to ask 5 times for someone to get me the extra red ranch i asked for. What happened to good management and training?