Cracker Barrel Distribution Center

900 Hutchinson Pl, Lebanon
(615) 443-9738

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Thomas Devine

Great place to work with Averitt Express

Robert Douglas

Ordered something online. Came in wrong and all the numbers to call are not up and running, the on line chat service is disabled and my local store can't help me. I am out $144 and think this is horrible!!!

Ashley kirkendoll

Very good food...


Very fast unloading

Srdjan C

Very fast unloading

Ryan Nestell

Great place to work for they are very understanding I got sick an they kept my job for me then car broke down an they kept my job for me overall very good place to work for

Kenneth Hayes

All the so called bad reviews are from people with kids. Well they are the ones that decided to have them. They decided to take on the extra responsibility not the employer. This current generation is too soft.

Christie Winston

Will terminate you quick . Don't matter the reason. Had a car accident in pouring rain. Couldn't make it in got fired.

Harvey Wright

Horrible place to work, unless you like manual labor, I was told I was going to drive a forklift. I am forklift certified by the person there. Supervisor I think his first name was Scott. Kept making excuses why I was not on a forklift continued to throw me on hard work lines manual labor picking up heavy boxes and putting them on. what is even worse is

T Eren

Had a delivery. 45 minutes total time spent. Easy check in with security. Back into dock, give your paperwork to receiving. Green light get your paperwork back. Drive out.

Janis Haack Lingenfelter

I made an online purchase of ONE home decor item and was charged THREE times for it! I have tried calling 4 times and never recieve an answer. When trying to fill out an online complaint, you can't get past the basic info stage because when trying to check the box saying you read the privacy crap and terms and conditions, an error message pops up. I understand mistakes happen so not angry about the initial mistake but very, very angry that I can't reach anyone to discuss this! I will NEVER buy anything online from Cracker Barrel and suggest no one else does either.

Dan Mckay

Nice place with a lot of nice people

Carolyn Robinson

Met someone to buy a file cabinet

Carolyn Payne

I went with my husband to leave his trailer, everyone was very nice

Pamela Stickler

I work there.

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Cracker Barrel Distribution Center

900 Hutchinson Pl, Lebanon, TN 37090
(615) 443-9738