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Brenda Stutler

I have never seen so many unmotivated, untrained, glazed over people standing around doing nothing to help a customer! Ordered a hot latte and it was not even lukewarm, it took them 20 minutes to make another one while they all stood around and thought about who should make a new pot of coffee. I will never go back for such terrible service! If this is where we are heading as a service oriented business, God help us all!


They took forever to take my order, and acted very immature over the intercom.Once I got to my work, I found they took a bite out of my Muffin before giving it to me. Extremely unprofessional staff.

Annu Paul

The rating would be closer to a 2.5. This location is among the most inconsistent of the DDs I’ve frequented in the past - and I come here almost every day. They get my order wrong at least 70% of the time. Either they mess up my drink (a very simple drink) or they forget or don’t read the order to the fullest and always forget the food. I don’t even bother with doordash with them anymore because 100% of the time, the order is wrong. The employee turnover is ridiculously high. Whoever is working is either super disengaged, careless, or outright rude. I’ve questioned a couple of workers in the past several times when they get my drink wrong and they keep insisting they got my order correct. I had to tell them I’ve been coming here a lot longer than they’ve even been employed there so I’ve basically memorized their menu. There are a couple who are rock stars - they read the order completely, make the drinks perfectly, and are so friendly and sweet. Unfortunately (and fortunately for them maybe), they seems to move on quickly as well.I wish I had a good local coffee shop close by I could frequent instead of this hot mess of a place. I prefer Dunkin over Starbucks so I go every day in hopes I get the right and perfect order.

Jasmine Marie

I’m very aware that Covid has effected alot of businesses however it wasn’t until recently that this location has went completely downhill. This use to be the best way to start my day. However, when I go lately it’s always a new staff that is killing your drive-thru time because they can only focus literally on one car at a time even when no one is inside and when there is only one car in the drive-thru ahead. It is also very strange that they don’t know how to make simple Coolata drinks. I’m not sure if additional training is needed or what but unfortunately I will have to drive 15 minutes away to the next Dunkin which sucks because this location use to be my favorite one.

Brandi Moss

They are always slow but I try to understand due to short staffing. Today they had plenty of people and the lady was rude who took my order. I said thank you she said "Um Hmn" and stared at me with attitude when I pulled up to the window. I said thank you after getting my drink and have a nice day trying to be nice and she ignored and turned her back on me. All the while my 9 year old daughter is beside me seeing all of this. REALLY?? Least to say I won't be going back to the Cumberland store any time soon!

Brian Johnson

Why is this place not shut down? Never any hot food. No flavoring. No donuts. 5 employees who are cutting up and giggling inside who take 15 minutes to make 2 iced coffees and there's people leaving the drivethru line as we're sitting there.

Heather L.

If I could put ZERO stars I would!!! I put in a mobile order at 9:20 it took 1 hour to get my order made my coffee is COLD, I ordered 50 count of munchkins I asked for an assortment of glazed, chocolate, jelly filled and powdered! I got NO chocolate, 7 powdered, no glazed and the rest jelly filled!!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous they aren't even short staffed and they are very rude I have tried calling and get no answer I have called (6) times. I also got a avocado bacon toast it had NO bacon on it and hard as a BRICK!


Ordered a caramel latte, got hot milk and that’s all. No espresso, no caramel, just hot milk. Ordered hash browns, they weren’t hot and in one mashed clump. Along with waiting for the employees to stop their personal conversations to hand me my credit card back so I could leave, safe to say this was not a pleasant experience. Nor was this the first experience like this at this location.

Lauren Thatcher

I used to be a regular customer here. I'd come through for breakfast five days a week. I ordered my food and got out within five minutes. Now that they've remodeled, I can't even get my breakfast. They usually just give me a story about their night shift not doing enough to help them. Most of them have a horrible attitude and the wait isn't even worth it anymore. The one on South Cumberland is ten times better service.

John Strahlman

Thirty minutes in line so far this morning. Three cars have gone through the line. Ten minutes per car is ridiculous.Edit: 45 minutes total. Wrong coffee and stale donut holes. Would not recommend. I dont know how you can be out of large straws when you only serve 10 people per hour in the morning.

Chelsea H

Today I waited the usual 30+ minutes in this line, but unfortunately they had a “no staff” sign that wasn’t visible to me until I got to the speaker . Going to this Dunkin in the morning is next to impossible. It seems like they were not serving at all as there was only two cars in front of me the entire time. I left after ~40 minutes with nothing. At least some of you guys in the reviews got something though. ?Side note: I used to work at this Dunkin location. I understand how it can be to be understaffed and underpaid, but it seems like this location did not need the upgrade as much as the South Cumberland location deserves.

Daniel F.

Horrible customer service today!!! The place looks disgusting. Needs new management or just close the doors.

James Helton

The first time i came on a Saturday morning it was 27 minutes in line for a cappuccino; the next Saturday it was 43 minutes. I thought the place was understaffed, actually I counted 7 employees behind the counter; all of them looked under 20 years old. What they need is a manager!!! This place is VERY poorly run! I travel the U.S. I'm on the road constantly all over this country and have my cappuccino at Dunkin each morning faithfully; this place is by FAR-AND-AWAY...the slowest, most disorganized Dunkin' I've ever had the displeasure of visiting.

Olivia Lee

The past 2 times i’ve been here, have been awful… yesterday, i waited 40 mins in line. Today, waited in line for 25 minutes, I let them know at the speaker that I had a mobile order. They said okay. I pulled up to the window, waited another 10 MINUTES, just for them to tell me that they aren’t making food. I’m an hour late for school now. Im beyond angry.

Scott P.

Slowest Dunkin' Donuts in the country . I have called corporate several times each car takes between 5 and 10 minutes in the drive through . This is an abuse of their customers time . They have several employees inside running aimlessly back and forth and no orders are getting complete . This location needs a management purge. At no fault of the hardworking employees. This is a organization and time management issue .

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