Taco Bell

823 S Cumberland St, Lebanon
(615) 449-4858

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Mel Murphy

Messed all of our food up, ask for a Chalupa w/sour cream, cheese, beef, & lettuce & got a slop looking sandwich that u give pigs. Had tons of sour cream & cheese it was horrible. Took talking to 4 diff ppl before they even gathered our order b/c everyone acted dumb as in they didn't know what a Chalupa was. Don't recommend this place & the night shift manager is a straight up b••••.

abbey parchman

always a good experience!! very convenient being right off of the interstate also. my go to is the crunchwrap supreme and it never disappoints. always hot! employees are also always very nice no matter what time i come through :)

Darlin Dixie

I've never really had issues out of this location until today. I called because I'd completely recieved the wrong order. I told them what I'd ordered and what I'd recieved but yet he was the only one on the line there was no way I recieved the wrong order. My bag had the correct label but wrong food.

Amanda Hodges

Today's experience was sad. Placed order online after church. I was not given my receipt and was afraid to ask for one.The staff must be in a mood. My order was correct and the food was good, but everyone was so unfriendly and did not acknowledge you. I asked for napkins, as the lobby was unstocked. She rolled her eyes at me, grabbed them from the drive thru and then outstretched her hand. Sorry, I inconvinced her just needed them for my children.


Every time I've been. Ive had a good experience and good vibes. Not too fast foodish. Unless its my regular and favorite. The Cinnabon bites r whatever the name may be. There delicious and the coffee!! Great place tho. Just as a whole needs some improvement.Food: 3/5

Stephen Massey

It’s Taco Bell so you know the food is decent. But it was about 50 degrees in the lobby. Uncomfortable to eat in.(about 3 months later) Added a star. Ate their again and the meal I got was filling and fairly priced. Plus the lobby was open which is rare in todays world.

james cook

This store has some good people. Middle of the night stop on a long road trip. Service was fast and efficient. Food was super fresh and good. Despite being understaffed . Only 2 people there.

Lauren Riley

I ordered a Doritos taco supreme. I received a caterpillar in with the lettuce. ? They then remade the taco, without lettuce, since they didn't seem to think a bug in their lettuce was an issue. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the caterpillar before I gave it to them, but I did get a picture of my pathetic taco replacement.

Takela Room

Fresh food, Mexican pizza was sooo good and neatly prepared. Drive thru James for polite and nice.

Damon Wolfshire

So far this location has been spot on with orders. To add they have great costumer survice based on my personal experience.


Nothing special there. Husband enjoys it. No line, cashier was nice. We just got a taco box.....There is nothing special about Taco Bell. Across the street from the hotel. Nothing really to say.

Spencer Carlton

Not a bad experience, but they need more staff working drive through. The orders get messed up too easily. I'll go back though

Sharon Mcclelland

When we got our food inside the middle of the bag with soggy and wet with some type of substance what am I tacos wasn't even wrapped up it was just in the bag and the person at the drive-thru window was a little bit rude and off but other than that the food was somewhat good the only problem that I have with every talk about lately is regardless if we order hot sauce they leave absolutely none inside the bag and most the time the Lobby is closed so you can't even go inside and get the hot sauce

William E Barr

Was a great experience in and out and order was correct,but as always it's faster and less stressful to go inside because the drive-thru always seems to be lined around the building.Parking: Plenty of parking.

Demetrio Waddell

This has by far been the worst ever since I’ve moved to Lebanon. Service is always horrible or understaffed. Food is always cold and to top it off my wife just ordered one single quesadilla 20 minutes before arriving and was there for almost 15 minutes of her lunch break and still never received her food. Very unacceptable!

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