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Les Petits Repas

Served On Your Choice Of Freshly Baked Croissant Baquette Rye Or Cracked Wheat Bread
Soupe Du Jour
special soups prepared daily ask about today features
Spicy Tomato Soup Soupe De Tomato Epicee
a zesty soup of tomatoes, and spices served with cheese and french bread
French Onion Soup Soupe A Loigon GratineeCup$2.25
served with cheese and a crouton
Light Lunch$5.65
un dejeuner leger a light combination of your choice of bowl of soup and a small house salad
Quiche Du Jour$4.65
a popular french delight that is prepared daily
Quiche And Salad$6.75
our quiche served with a small house salad
Quiche And Soup$6.75
our quiche served with a cup of soup of your choice
House SaladSmall$2.25
salade maison fresh leafy lettuce with crispy vegetables diced tomato and cheese

Les Sandwiches

Chicken Salad(salade De Poulet)$4.65
our special recipe of chunky of chicken celery and scallions topped with sliced almonds
Tuna Salad (salade De Thon)$4.65
tuna relish celery scallions just like in mom's
Egg And Olive (oeufs Et Olives)$4.65
a delicious old fashioned favorite
Pimento Cheese (poivron Et Fromage)$4.65
spicy and chunky our is homemade with natural cheddar cheese bell pepper pimento and spices
Turkey And Cheese Dinde Et Fromage$4.65
turkey piled with swiss american cheese on your choice of bread
Ham And Cheese Jambon Et Fromage$4.65
layers of thinly sliced ham and swiss american cheese on your choice of bread

Les Specialties

Le Versailles$4.75
our own unique blend of spinach ham cream cheese scallions, and mushrooms on your choice of bread
Chef Salad (salade Du Chef)$5.65
julienned ham turkey cheese egg and tomato on crisp salad greens
Vegetable Garden Pain Bagna$4.75
leaf lettuce fresh vegetables mushrooms and olives with swiss american cheese or your choice of bread
Corned Beef$4.75
layers of corned beef swiss american cheese served with 1000 island dressing
Pasta Salad (salade De Pates)$4.95
our pasta salad variety changes often please ask about todays salad variety
Cobb Salad$5.65
chicken bacon. egg cheese tomato and avocado on salad greens
Chicken Salad Plate$4.95
our own special chicken salad served on a bed of leafy greens

La Baguette French Bread and Pastry Shop

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