Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

7706 Winchester Rd, Memphis
(901) 756-0014

Recent Reviews

Keisha C.

The location on Winchester in Memphis Tennessee sign says they close at 9. The girl told me they lock their doors and close the lobby so they can be gone by 9. Excuse me!!!! The sign says you are open until 9 pm. Not 8:20. Ridiculous!!!

La Dy

@mymenchies my first time trying menchie and I love it. Omg I felt like I was in a candy store. I also loved how we could sanitize our hands, then put on gloves, then make our dessert exactly how we want it. The yogurt bar was a fun experience today??????

courtnie sings

The guy who is usually there when I come in is reallynice. It’s very organized. Nice place to sit and hang out. I just enjoy it there. The frozen yogurt never fails to taste delicious.

Sherbert Ratliff

Sooooo good. My mom and I enjoyed our time there today! The nice gentleman that waited on us was very professional, yet personable. Awesome service and very clean!

Robin R. Stewart

friendly service we loved it.

Adam Mariano

Awesome place to get yogurt and the people inside are very nice and friendly then on certain days they have sales

Rich The Producer

Great atmosphere...Super kind staff,,you guys rock!

Bailey H

We arrived at 7:40 to grab ice cream. The employee was locking the door as we pulled up but another woman walked past him so we followed. He was annoyed at every customer who walked in so we opted to eat our ice cream in the car ?‍♀️ Thats fine with COVID anyways. I watched 3 families get turned away all before 8:00PM

Kimberly Biggs

Everytime I Come To This Location The Employees Are Very Friendly And Helpful

Angela Harris

I came to this location at 20 minutes to 8 and the young lady said they were closed. The sign says they close at 8.

Kimberly Carwell

Everytime I Come To This Location The Employees Are Very Friendly And Helpful

Veronica Gaspar

This place deserves more than 5 stars! I like how everything is kept so clean...the young lady working there was on top of things and making sure she cleaned up after every customer. My overall experience was great. Compared to similar places, I'll definitely choose Menchies!!

Benny Johnson

I’ve been going to this location for about a month now and my experience gets better every trip. It’s always clean and the staff is always nice. The young light skin man is very well mannered and respectful. Definitely on my bucket list to return lol.

Lokelani T.

Yes the other reviews are correct, they don't close at their correct time. I pulled into the parking lot at 8:15 and a girl was turning off the lights and leaving. That's right, 8:15. I know covid might change their hours and we might be wrong but there is no posting, no indication or anything that shows they close at 8:30 or 8:00. I had to drive 10 minutes to a place that actually closed at the posted time. Disappointed in this place.

roeshell robinson

Not good anymore. most of the flavors are out of order. poor service. I called at 6:15 and asked what time they close and the employee said 7 pm. I drive to the store and walk in and the lady says we are closed. I said ma'am I just called and you told me you close at 7 pm. She said we are closing early tonight. Save your money and try another location with better service. If you do go, I strongly advise you to call to verify that they are open. Good luck!

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