Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

7778 Winchester Rd, Memphis
(901) 624-2003

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Dale Kay

Very strange experience. Waitress fighting over us, salads not chopped up, half bowl soups, drinks mixed up and just very off. First time to this one. Regular to two others. From our experience, it might be best to seek out the one Bartlett or the one on Poplar.

Pamela Campbell

Great waiter Shayne. But Olive need a lunch special on Saturday and Sunday. But food was good

scott sever

Great food. Great service. As always. I love Olive Garden.

Larry Thorpe

Good food, good service, clean and about as good as it get's these day's with Covid-19

Chad Robertson

Food was good but my complaint is the staff. We had 7 in our group and was told we have to split because policy is for this not 6 in a group due to covid. We were having a Birthday dinner and 2 of the 7 were kids. I had called 2 times before we went but they don't answer there phone so how would we know. They said this is a CDC rule but the rule is actually groups less than 10. We stayed and sat about 15 feet apart.... Our waiter was good and nice but they have the rules wrong or maybe it's a Olive Garden rule but they blame CDC.

Jeremy Johnson

This place has the most incredible service. My wife and I enjoy coming to this location. The employees try their best to make our experience outstanding each visit. Highly recommend this location

Mary Doe

Great as always, went in for lunch pressed for time. Told my server I only had 30 minutes for lunch and she was super friendly and fast! Got me out of there and back to work on time! The food was great like it always is, this location is by far my favorite. The food and service is always superb!

SkinnyMinny Ent

Visited 08/22. Got sat down immediately. Ordered our drinks & an appetizer. We had an infant car seat & asked if they had the sling the car seat sits in. They had no idea what I was talking about & got a high chair & flipped it over for me to sit my baby in because the car seat didn’t fit in the booth. The tables smell like a porta potty. I wanted to keep my mask on while I ate. The breadsticks were rock hard, the salad didn’t have almost any dressing at all, I order the chicken parmigiana & the serving was so small. I mean 3 forkfuls of spaghetti & it was gone. It was tiny. I always order the same thing. When I asked why was the portion so small my waiter Stephanie had an attitude. “Idk I don’t cook it I just bring it out, they are always that small” I said no it’s not I order the same thing. Nothing was good or filling so we decided to leave. Paid & left. I realized when we were leaving that we never even got our appetizer. & got charged for it. So I had to turn around & get our money back. This might’ve ruined Olive Garden for me. Terrible experience. The manager tequila was very nice though!!

Pamela Gladness

I normally don’t have a issue with this location but today the incompetence level is through the roof! First off, I was being cut off by the person taking the order. I called when I arrived and had to call three times! I specifically said I have two curbside orders. First she couldn’t find either one, then magically one arrives. I asked about the second, I assumed she went in to look for it but never relayed a message back to me. I call in again to ask for my second order and the young lady says, I don’t have an order for Chyna. The young lady who brought out the first order is walking up and says yes ma’am, it’s not ready yet. Wow would have been nice to have this message relayed to me especially since the order should have been ready at 4:55p. I get it at 5:14 with a wonderful smile and to have a nice day.

Tanisha Craig

Ordered my food at 4pm which was calamari. Didn't get it until 4:46 pm. Called the curbside number twice to no avail. Went in to get my food and they said did you call the curbside number? After telling them I did twice. They said no one informed them ??

Asia Gathings

Me and a friend just went there yesterday for the first time. We didn’t sit in and eat and ended up just getting food to go and the service was still amazing. Everyone there that we had met were some really cool people. I hate I can’t remember our server’s name but we tipped him the best we could because he definitely deserved it. He was of a lighter skin complexion and he had blonde colored hair. Very cool guy and I’ll be there again soon JUST to tell his manager how nice everyone was to us and how great the experience was even though we didn’t sit in.


The food was good and the waitress that came to my car was excellent. The curbside service was great, the food came quickly and fresh but the only thing that wasn't fresh was the bread, it was kind of stale and wasn't hot and buttery. ?

Paris FeLts

I do not like this location. I have visited and requested pickup orders numerous times since moving to this part of town. Last night was my final straw. Customer service is absolutely a joke. The food is dry and over cooked. I gave them benefit of the doubt for the past year. They just suck. Never will we spend money here again. I rather drive 15mins out to the Poplar location.

Vicki Tipton

The food is always good. Today I just ordered my first curbside to go meal and Tiffany was on it. She was precise, quick and informative. Thank you Tiffany.

Alex Rasmussen

Put us on a wait when the entire place was empty. Then told us to go wait outside in the rain when the place was literally empty. It wasn’t a Covid guidelines wait or a social distancing wait. It was a we don’t want to serve you wait. You cost your sever a 100% tip and your operator cash they need to stay open. This is how restaurants end up closed. Disappointed, used to be a great place to go. Top down.

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

7778 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 624-2003