The Second Line

2144 Monroe Ave, Memphis
(901) 590-2829

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Diana R.

Great drinks, great food, great service every time. Oh and the patio!! Unique menu and cocktails.

Ann P.

Nola Expatriate visiting one of my children in Memphis. Food was phenomenal and very authentic

Cassandra Burnett

Great food the shrimp and grits were awesome my first time eating it i loved it!!!!! Pricey but oh so worth it!!!! I will Return!!

Velma Owens

The Brunch Menu is really good, can't go wrong!

Ken Frank

My wife and I ate there this past weekend after looking for a place in the area and just happen to drive by. We wanted to sit outside and since we didn't have a reservation they sat us a high top which was fine. The food was very good, and actually my vegetarian meal (squash with a carrot puree) was quite delicious but there really wasn't much of it. For a $24 entree, I got a couple of pieces of both squash and zucchini and the puree and that was it. While it was very good I would have expected a more sizable portion. My wife had the crawfish etouffee which was also very good and a much larger portion size. Overall food taste was a 5, $ value was a 2-3, and service was a 5.

Dawn Deets

LOVE it! Kasey best Waitress! we will be back definitely!!

Sonya Dodson

I attended the patio pop up 6/6 and was disappointed the gumbo wasn’t on the menu. I jokingly asked if any was in the fridge, but my server said no. When Chef stopped by the table, I teasingly told him my mouth was set for gumbo and my heart was broken. Few minutes later, he quietly placed a to-go bowl of it on the table. During a time of decreased business due to the pandemic, he does THIS??!! I’ll be back today to show support and gratitude.

Patricia Smith

We needed somewhere for dinner that was open after 10PM in the Overton Park area. Found second Line by searching restaurants near by. What a great surprise. Renovated Old house, lots of charm with very high end bar service at reasonable prices. New Orleans cuisine well prepared with great service. We will be back.

Gwen R.

Excellent food. Love the roast beef po'boy, the chicken livers, and the Bloody Marys are the best I've ever had.

Randi Footer

Had the catfish - very good - and it was breaded perfectly. Two nice filets and the tatar sauce was terrific for my taste. Side of spinach madeleine was good, although a tad on the runny side for me. But the horseradish potato salad was excellent. But, beware! When they say horseradish, it really means HORSERADISH. Like I said, it was very good for my taste. The hush-puppies were excellent!

Brittany Peyton Bryan

We went there after church one day. The food and service were okay. I wasn't blown away, but it wasn't bad. I think they were short staffed. It took a while, but I loved my mimosa. It was fabulous and we were able to watch the Saints game right there from our table.

Charles Matlock

Poor service, too expensive for the food they are executing. Great ideas with lackluster final product. Will not return. The BBQ shrimp are terrible, they are nothing resembling BBQ shrimp. Po boy needs more than just lettuce and tomato. Spinach crawfish dip terrible. It was waterery, with no flavor.

Ms Hanson


Irene Simpson-Ford

The food is delicious and the customer service is excellent. The catfish plate needs cole slaw and they need to add mac and chesse to the menu as well. They need to have a margarita mixer for frozen drinks. I like the valet parking as well.

Monica J.

I've been to second line more times than I can count and was super excited to introduce a friend to the restaurant after I had spoken so highly of it. Unfortunately, the experience was so poor that not only will I not be back but my friend wanted to try Iris(the restaurant next door owned by the same chef) that she's not going there either. To make it easier I'll number the issues we encountered: 1. 10 mins before we were acknlowdged either at the bar or at the hostess stand 2. When we got our table we waited almost 15mins before our waitress was able to get to us 3. We placed our orders: 2 shrimp poboys, 1 catfish poboy with onion ring sides, 1 order of the pimento sausage fries, and barbecue shrimp. It took over an hour to get our food, we were 5 mins from walking out when the waitress said our food was coming. We arrived at the restaurand at 12:45pm and didnt get our food until after 2pm. 4. The food came out with the wrong sides. If you've every had a shrimp poboy any where I'm sure it didnt come out with 6 pieces of shrimp with a cost of $16. 5. The kicker to all of this is despite the poor service and delay in food I tipped 18% because I tip regardless. When I checked my account, the restaurant charged me a different amount and increased the tip amount! The issue isn't the amount because its negligible and would cost me more time to go through and get it fixed but its the principle of knowing you cant trust the merchant you give your card. Never again Second Line, fraud, poor service, and lackluster food.

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