7705 Winchester Rd, Memphis
(901) 753-0704

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Horrible Food and Offensive People This place is very nasty especially if you are looking for a healthier food as the many people who like Mediterranean food. I went there last week to order something to go; the employees including the cook were sitting outside right by door smoking cigarettes heavily with no masks, no gloves, and the chef’s cloth and shoes were embarrassingly dirty and as he walks by me, he looks and smells like he hasn’t taken a shower in days. As I was waiting to order, I heard the cook and the cashier talking offensively in their language which I perfectly understand about a customer who was coming in. I also saw the cook taken food already cooked that was sitting by grill and throw it back in oil and I just left. I think it is just a matter of time before the department of health shutdown this place.

NaNa Renee Smith

A truly great place and the food was very authentic!!’

Tasha Bobbitt Flowers

my gyro was great & I would recommend

Heidi T

Zam Zamz Mediterranean Grill’s offers a rich variety of authentic Mediterranean foods that are prepared with ingredients and spices that make ordinary food scream with flavor. Whether you order spicy chicken, a lamb and beef gyro, falafel – you won’t be disappointed. On the evening we ate at Zam Zamz we devoured the tasty grilled lamb kebab with tzatziki sauce. The lamb was expertly seasoned with spices that popped. Alongside of the lamb, was a very tasteful rice. On the side was hummus flavored with delicious chickpeas and tahini. The hummus was paired with a savory tabouli salad (probably the best I have ever had!). Another highpoint of our evening was meeting the owner, Moe Itayim. He exuded joy and pride as he described his wonderful restaurant. Moe has exceptional skills as a restaurant owner. He is a strong leader, knows his clientele, is extremely friendly, and leads his team at Zam Zamz with respect. Meeting Moe made our evening – definitely a person worth getting to know. If you are in the mood for wonderful, exotic food – go to Zam Zamz in Memphis. You won’t be disappointed.

Jaynie Cohen

Love Zam Zams. They have the best falafel in town as well as their steak kabobs and spicy chicken pitas. Also they are the kindest and hardest working guys in town. We love going there and they make it feel like home to us.


Nothing spectacular. You can have standard Arabic food. I tried the spicy chicken with rice. Rice was flavored just right. Chicken could have been a bit more spicy for its name.


Ordered a quick lunch to go consisting of a Gyro with Fries, and some seasoned fried pita strips (I don't know what they were called, but they were good). The gyro meat is better than we've gotten anywhere in Memphis. The pita was really good in the fried strips and tasted good round the gyro, but it didn't have much flavor of its own.

Mike S

Zam Zamzam never disappoints me Always good and always fresh , usually stop by for lunch for quick and health option ,


Best Mediterranean food in Memphis! You can' really go wrong here. My favorites are the gyros, really fresh & delicous falafel and huumus but everything I've tried so far was excellent. I know that it's a mixed feeling when you looking at a place in a strip mall and you're not getting tablecloths or the place is brightly lit. But for some of the best Mediterranean food around it doesn't matter if I'm fighting busy traffic and double parking at a food truck, seriously :-) So let's talk food, their grilled meats are tender and flavorful and even the rice is above average and is really more than an afterthought. I have become a regular customer here and when it comes to authentic Mediterranean I am pretty picky. If you're trying to get your vegetarian on then have some really good choices. Their chicken schwarma is really special, and when it comes to the foundation of your meal here, like I said, their hummus, falafel and also the baba ghanoush is spot on. Actually the faliin, pick up your call in or have it delivered from several of the delivery services so you don't have to go without your next Med fix. Let's see, easy access, plentiful parking, pleasant atmosphere, clean, authentic (hommade), fresh & tasty, affordable, professional, warm & friendly, very timely, made to order, lunch, dinner, generous portions, good variety, vegan friendly, eat-in or at home .... yep that checks absolutely all the boxes, easy 5 stars!!!

Sarah S

And a darling kid sitting at the table next to me gave me a lollypop when I complimented her cool sneakers. I loved that they're the real deal -- the cooks -- and that they serve pickles with platters, just like I remember in Jerusalem and elsewhere.

Matt O.

Murphys offers the cheapest gas in Memphis & abundant number of pumps. I always stop there weekly on my way to my poker games around Memphis or coming home to Collierville. The value is the reason why I refuse to fill up for gas anywhere else. The store is kept cleaner then most gas stations. They have a decient amount of Microwavables to heat up there or take home. I've taken home a few Burritos from there & I also love their slushies & soda fountain with a expanded line of beverages compared with their competitors. As a smoker I love their cigarette prices & always buy my smokes from there too. I do a lot of spending their on their fuel & in store products. I always joke that they need to just mail me bills to their house & give me a tab on it & let me know how much I can spend in store. Murphy's also offers a reward program through their app. for store purchases which you can use towards fuel discounts on fuel. Thinking on savings they offer product deals towards fuel discounts even if you don't have the app. I haven't filled up at any other gas station in years.


Prices were reasonable and the food was okay. Good for a quick lunch or just getting a bite. Not upscale but not bad service or atmosphere


Saw this driving by and decided to try it. Menu is limited but all the choices look good. Small family type atmosphere and is steadily busy. Service was good and food was very good.

marcelle n

The restaurant doesn't face Winchester so it is a little hard to see from the road. The decor is basic but clean. The food came in a reasonable time and was good. I had the gyro sandwich. The lamb was plentiful and tender. My husband got the sampler. The humus was smooth and creamy. The tabouli was good but different. It had more of a tart taste... extra lemon? The falafel was warm and crispy on the outside. The baba ganoush was also good. The pita bread was fresh and slightly warmed. The portions were generous.

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