521 W Main St, Monteagle
(931) 924-4050

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This McDonalds was unbelievable dirty. How does it pass health inspections? The manager was rude telling us to use the kiosk since all McDonalds will soon be only ordering via kiosk. We will never return to this gas station or McDonalds.

Jason Stephens

I actually enjoyed my 2 sandwiches I got from this location. One of the best I have experienced since I been in Tennessee the last 3 years...... because Chattanooga Mc Donald's has no customer service skills or food standards. For those reasons it has really turned into a (last resort restaurant) for me.

Daron Gilliam

Enough said, it’s ridiculous McDonald’s any where is not good.

Hassan Musa

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Brian Hudson

5:52am - Ordered a bacon, egg, & cheese McGriddle meal in the drive through. Both attendants were pleasant, and I was in and out in about sixty seconds. Wonderful service, definitely will stop here again for this excellent treatment. Thank you!

Paige Brown

I called to see about getting a bulk order of Happy Meals for our kids. The lady was very RUDE would not help me told me to call back Monday said I could talk with the GM then. I advised her we was not in session next week she the stated oh well

Michael Bailey

Would've been 5 stars but it gets kinda old when you do curbside pick up and there's no other customers but yet you still wait 10+ minutes for 2 milkshakes.. only being brought out to you after you call the store and ask them where it's at?‍?

Tremaine Curry

I will not return to this establishment. The bathroom was filthy. The bathrooms smelled like a open sewer. The toilet god the toilet. Someone could have called a plumber. If the bathroom isn't clean the staff do not wash their hands.


I have 25 years in restaurants and am really disgusted by the uncleanliness of this McDonald's. I expect them to get the order wrong and the food to be bad... and it was wrong and cold. The cleanliness is very alarming!

Non U Business

OMG clearly the outside reflects the filth your also see on the inside. Started by utilizing the dirtiest restroom I have ever stopped at. Then stepping into restaurant was shocking the smell is the first thing slaps you in the face. Since only one ordering computer was working and nobody taking orders at counter, gives you the opportunity to see the kitchen. Now the employees are kicking trash out of their way. The kitchen looks of something you might find in a frat house. (Sorry frat boys it's possible your kitchen is cleaner, I know....) Everything from counters too glass on the doors hasn't been cleaned,,,MAYBE EVER. I have never walked out of McDonald's for fear the dirt might make you sick.. I mean it's froze food,,, but yes indeed we hightailed it right on out of there. Might I suggest Tennessee Department of Health stop in.... Now I got pictures of trash cans in bathroom. Washed my hand stuck my phone in my pocket and yes I was in so much shock I didn't get more pictures of inside restaurant. Sorry my brain went to flight mode....

sms s

Having a 10 year old autistic son that Loves chicken nuggets, this McDonald's has been visited by us frequently for the last 2yrs... Now, if you're familiar with autistic children, you know how extremely picky they are about their food, you know ketchup is it's own food group, and NO parent EVER forgets to order it, that simple!!! Now, having said that, here's how my last visit was... Drive thru girl was extremely rude, over ketchup of all things. that she didn't didn't put in bag, saying I didn't ask for it. Tried treating me like I was stupid, saying I didn't ask for it, had me pull to next window saying she would have it brought out. Never happened, waited 5 minutes, pulled around, parked, went in to talk to someone about this, was told I needed to get an education and I hadn't ask for ketchup!!I just smiled, said thanks for the advice girls, seeing that I can at least READ, maybe I should apply here for Manager position, clearly this McDonald's doesn't require any degree of employee intelligence!!! SLAMMED my drive thru receipt on counter showing chicken nuggets, fries and low and behold, the 4 packs of ketchup order I didn't order!!! I understand things happen, it's not about the forgotten ketchup, it's about the principal!!! Okay,who am I kidding,in my home, IT'S ABOUT THE KETCHUP!!!!!

Juanita Nunley

terrible night shift management... had to call the law on myself.. was accused of assaulting a minor just by returning my food.. will be calling the owners of this store because corporate doesn't have anything to do with private chains.. this Thomas person needs fired immediately.. not alot of people on this mtn take kindly to having threats made against them in the drive thru.. once the law got there it was proven that I did not assault anyone.. even the worker said I did not assault him by returning my food.. I won't be back to this store until he is fired

Jamie Lopez

In any food establishment, needs to be kept up! The kitchen was a mess with food/napkins all over the floor. The drink station was a mess as well, drink lids, napkins, straws, trash was all over the counter top. Tables weren't cleaned, trash in the lobby. A good manager makes a good place to work, work as a team! If there's a staff shortage? The store manager needs to help with the store, period. I'm not blaming the employees as much, as I'll blame the store manager more!! We will not be back..

Tracy King

One of the worst McDonald's I have been to as soon as we walk in we get panhandled for money we tell the cashier and she says she can't do nothing she stated she's been here since 5 AM and she's tired, Retail another person and she just said she can't do anything either. Let alone the soda was flat fries were cold and the employees are rude.we are not from Tennessee but we will spend our money elsewhere

Kassie Wood

Friendly n quick. The person in front of us actually pre paid for our order. So sweet that never happened to me before!!

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