T.J. Courtney's Restaurant and Catering

4066 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet
(615) 754-7548

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Steve S.

Ok, this is a restaurant that also caters great food. We ordered beef sliders with Nashville sauce just to try the food. Plenty of heat, plenty of great flavor! So yummy! This place is great! Give it a try!

Ray E.

Interesting experience today. Kitchen staff entered the restroom yakking on the phone bragging about working in the kitchen without a mask. Completed using the urinal, failed to flush left without washing hands. Hoping his shift was complete and didn't return to the kitchen. Always thought employees must wash hands signs were unnecessary today's events confirmed the need for sign and training. Wont be back -- you've been warned

Sissy Freedom

Food amazing. Scratch made meals at a great price.Never disappointed.Prime Rib is perfection ❤? Spectacular local food.

tm j

Food was fresh and hot! Staff was great and place was clean. Absolute best egg casserole I have ever had in a restaurant! Would definitely go back

Myles Daniel

Holy smokes! What an awesome place with down home charm... Eli served me up with manners his parent would be proud of. Ashley took care of most of my table needs including getting me a couple of more pieces of cornbread to finish off my beans and turnips... this was as down home as it gets... I cannot leave out Jessica she made sure that the table of 20+ had everything they needed and they were a happy bunch.Overall, this place is a must eat...dine in or delivery!

Ron Paisley

Great Food Great Service

Lyndsey Andreasen

I've been working in the area for 5 years and just found this little gem. Great southern home cooking. Coworkers and I now eat atleast once a week. Everything has been delicious. Picture of the chicken and dressin.

Cheryl Holley Randolph

The Food is awesome. Love the meat and veggies. Tried Pizza and was blown away. Best pizza Ever.....

De Hoskins

We used to go quite a bit to this place because the food is good. However I have went several times this past year and is not been all that great let’s start with the younger guy not the owner behind the counter he drops bacon all over the counter and in an empty pan picked it up with his fingers with no gloves on and puts it on a persons plate. They had already sat down so they did not realize this. They say for safety you wear mask because of the pandemic but however since the pandemic THEY have NEVER worn a mask, They do not even ask the customers to wear masks , they do have a sign but that’s is all. not social distancing at all inside the restaurant. If you ask questions about their food they get very defensive, one of the employees yelled at me totally and he told me to go somewhere else if I didn’t like it he embarrassed me in front of a couple of customers that’s all they had at that time. And I asked him to leave me alone he wouldn’t he kept on laughing at me and smirking smiling and yelling at me . They lied to you about the way the food were supposed to be set up . When it comes to service you have to beg for something to drink or anything else they act like they don’t care that you are a customer there. I’ve always enjoyed going there for lunchtime and we’ve been there many times throughout the years that however we won’t be ever going back again. How do you like a person picking up your food with their bare hands not knowing if they washed their hands or not and probably by looking at this person he probably doesn’t wash his hands between doing anything else I never saw him do that he’s always in A hurry. The lady there said she was part owner she even saw what happened and really didn’t care and she knew we came in there all the time that didn’t phase her either that is just not a family restaurant like it states it is. The only thing good about this restaurant, the food is good at times, when prepared correctly.

Gail McCullen

Great food with reasonable prices..Very friendly staff. Totally happy and love

Scott Gluck

Was not pleased! Had the catfish and it was a good temperature, but that was the only thing good at this restaurant. It was cafeteria style, where you go through a line, and then sit down. I had to find somebody to get drinks for my wife and I. We like to try local places, but Courtney's will not be getting our business anymore.

Michelle Davis

Great food. Amazing staff. Can't believe I've not eaten here sooner! Lived in MJ 14 years this will be a new regular for us.

Teknesha Majors

Chicken and dressing is too sweet just doesn't taste right. However the lemon cake is pretty good.

Chris Coberly

Had the all you can eat breakfast. Probably will just order off the menu next time but the food was very good. Really liked the cinnamon rolls!!

Tony Edging

This place is amazing! The food is great, the people are wonderful, and the price is very affordable for the amount of food that you get! My wife and I have been coming here for over a year, and we love it. I recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a great place to eat!

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T.J. Courtney's Restaurant and Catering

4066 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
(615) 754-7548