730 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro
(615) 867-2337

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Night and day, this visit from the last. Spike was a fantastic bartender. Efficient and friendly. Servers were hardworking and attentive. It’s multiples tougher now being a server than it was pre-Cword. I’m appreciative of the effort. Food was pretty damn good, and fast enough. I’d recommend giving it a shot again if you swore off. Bathrooms needed some real work, but that’s the only negative thing I gave to say….great job Hooters.

Joyce Jones

M'boro Hooters needs to kick it up a notch. We ordered boneless Honey Chipotle wings and they were great but the service was slow. There were about 8 people & 3 servers but we waited about 10 min for someone to spot us waiting to be seated. Also no Bud Light draft which is unheard of. It was a Tue so I'm sure they were trying to save during mid-week. Our server was really nice & it wasn't her fault. Hooters in Murfreesboro has one of the best locations, great parking, clean restrooms, & several TVs on different channels so you can watch your pleasure. We really do go for the wings ?, they never disappoint. And you never know who you'll see. This time we met 2 guys who were with the 2022 Motortrend Power Tour. We got the scoop on where the drivers were staying and took a spontaneous tour of about 200 HOT RODs. Let's show Hooters some love and maybe this will help them boost their service.

Jeremy Hix

The food and drinks are always pretty good. My 6 out of 5 star review is all for Taylor. She was an absolute ray of sunshine that brought nothing but the most positive dining experience one can have. So much in fact that I left looking forward to the next time. Take care of Taylor Hooters. She is going places. Until next time...

pat jordan

Food was good. Service not as good. Nobody working the front to seat you. Very little staff. Ordered wings for an app. App came out 1 minute before meal. Servers needs to be aware of what people need and adjust. Had a manager sitting in bar area and never helped staff or paid much attention.

Amanda Flowers

Took my dad out for his birthday! Great food. And wonderful staff!

Dawson Lowry

There service was terrible, they couldn't get our meals right. They charged us extra for sauces, when not listed on the menu, we were never told we would be charged, nor did they give us the right sauces on top of that. Food was terrible, they did not have bud light or any other beer. Nobody was in there and it still was a long wait for the food. The food looked like they put it together as fast as they could and served it, while as I said nobody was in there, only 4-6 other people in there. We asked for the manager and he came out mouthing at us. I would NOT go back or recommend this place for anyone to go to.

Emily Poet

Started with pretzel appetizer. Well worth it! By far my fave. I ordered the chicken melt sandwich under the impression it was a chicken breast, it was three chicken tenders which are impossible to hold in a sandwich. I ended up removing the bread and eating just the tenders. Onion rings for a side were thin, limp and cold. Husband got the tender wing combo. It was child size portion. Friend got a burger and curly fries. She said it was really good, looked worth the money. We asked for ranch, which apparently doesn’t come with wings…. She brought us out two cups. On the bill we find they’re $1 per tiny cup…Too much for her to finish. Granted the waitress did tell us they only have two cooks. Their sauces are amazing. IF I ever come back I will get just the pretzels… at least those came out hot. Friendly staff who know how to hustle. They dothe best they can. It was the bill that caused me to lower to a two star. Two meals, two drinks $40…. And charging per cup of ranch…. Which the waitress who was nice, didn’t tell us about the charge for it…

Bill Judkins

The fun atmosphere at the bar, good service, good food and cold beer.

Sandria N (Gracefully Serene, Shang)

Usually Hooters is my go to for chicken, this time I was a bit disappointed as their chicken wings didn't seem cooked all the way and some were even rubber texture...not sure if there was a new cook or what. All I know is my appetite went left field after I tasted the chicken. On top of that I ordered a key lime pie and chocolate cake, they didn't have key lime pie so they made a decision for me to put 2 slices of chocolate cake instead of asking me what would I like in replace of the key lime pie (face palm). Maybe next time Hooters.

Ayman Abuhadaf

I am a customer who always comes here, but what happened yesterday I ordered a beer and ten wings naked, the order was more than 30 minutes late, I spoke to the manager (H) she said I came only 14 minutes ago and she was screaming and she doesn't make me talk, she just wants to talk, after that The manager check the time of the bill and found the time 5:31, instead of coming and apology and what embarrassed me, she loud and disrespectful voice, she said I canceled the order,WHAT ????Did I cancel the order or I come 14 minutes ago? The truth is the waitress ( T ) was busy talking to the customer's friend and didn't care about the work, and after all this the order was different, I said this is not my order, the manager came in a loud voice do you want this or pay the beer and leave, this was embarrassing front of customers, I don't know why The owner of the restaurant does not care about hiring qualified people for this job. her job is to take care of the customer’s comfort and not a place to take revenge on customers. I hope to talk to the owner of the restaurant or the main management

Nikki Rogers

Great service, friendly Staff, wings were on point!

Extremely slow service, server dumped my bleu cheese, left to get more and never returned, cleaned it up myself. Waitress came to see if we wanted another beer said she would bring bleu cheese never returned until she brought the check. They were not that busy.

Bailey Norrod Bae_barber

Super bad experience I wouldn’t go here if it was the last place to eat .Waited a hour and half for food that was cold, ate my food without a drink & the waitress never checked on our food. The wings was the size of a mini nugget . What a joke .They don’t have any management at all.What a waste of time and hunger

Jim Staffiles

Food was great. We were our server's first table, eight of us. She did well all considered.

Jimmy Schutt

Really love the wings that's the only reason we went. The waitress was awesome and did a good job.But.The place was not full and took us 1hr to get our food, really sad. The shrimp now is popcorn shrimp don't order it $12something Buffalo Shrimp that should have been $5 at best and it was cold.Out of Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob and Michelob Ultra, cans bottles, and draft.SMH Hooters use to be the wing place.Will not order anything but wings from now on.

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