Seasoning Crab

740 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro
(615) 900-3558

Recent Reviews

Yedidiah McClain

Love this place! Food is fresh and I love the seasoning!

Buzz Sommer

The food is totally Amazing and Great

Henry Brown

Absolutely best seafood restaurant. All around perfect. QUALITY FOOD. We will be coming here all the time now that we found it!!

chris vashel

Delicious food with great service. We will be back.

Joe LaFerriere

Went out with some friends to give Seasoning Crab-Murfreesboro a try. Have been to several places offering the “seafood boil in a bag” meal but this place also has a huge menu adding sushi, various fried foods, and Hibachi dinners. As an FYI…they do not have an alcohol license yet so no beer/wine/liquor is available. We all ordered something a little different with various levels of heat. I went with no head shrimp, green mussels, and sausage in a Cajun seasoning at mild spice. The meal also comes with red potatoes, corn on the cob, and broccoli in the bag as your sides. Food was served up very fast, the seasoning was spot on…good Cajun flavors and mild spice. The shrimp were good, the green mussels were excellent…best I’ve had in a long time, and the sausage with the sides were all very good. Our waitress Kongsi took excellent care of us, and Amy brought us a free sample of their fried sushi dish and it was very good. Overall…food and service was great and I look forward to coming back.Sorry…no food pictures as I was too busy tearing into the bag and making a mess…LOL

Lila Sue

Great service and delicious food with vast menu !

Joseph Wade

Ordered 2 sushi rolls tasted like soap, tempura breading looked funky, and had no taste. Maybe add some salt? Overall felt like I was robed of my money. Should have said something but was too hungry to complain any further after I said my egg rolls was ice cold in the middle. Expect much better quality for the price I just paid. ????

God Diva

Loveddd it!!! I was worried at first that since they were adding new menu items (hibachi and sushi) that the quality of the actual seafood would go down but I WAS SOOOO WRONG!! I got my usual and was highly satisfied!! Fresh and very cleaned!! Seasoned greatly and cooked thoroughly!!! I’m glad you guys are back open!! Welcome back!! I can’t wait to try the sushi and hibachi!!! I know it’ll be 10000/10!!

Xinqian Xu

Nice food , decent people, it’s worth a try.Will be back soon.

Linda Baker

I ordered a crab cake and clam chowder. The crab cake was like those frozen ones at the grocery store; all bread and a few pieces of imitation crab. The clam chowder was worse than can.

Tierra McFadden

I LOOOOVE the manager and staff they're so nice and helpful. Me and my best friend have eaten here multiple times w no complaints. The addition of sushi and hibachi was a great idea ! Thanks for reopening ,very convenient and delicious food.

Lynn Seals

Fried oysters are the best I’ve eaten !

Samantha Ledbetter

Love this place! Had the best seafood!

Taylor Meens

Way overpriced. Service is slow. Our server rather be on his phone

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