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8128 TN-100, Nashville
(615) 646-8274

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madison alexander

They have great food but I’ve been here like 20 times and they have NEVER gotten my order correct on the first try and sometimes not even on the second try. They have terrible service, they never answer the phone, most of the time I’ve ordered from there I’ve had to drive there-place my order in person and wait for them to make it because they don’t answer the phone, usually have to wait twice as long because my orders so wrong. most of the time you can’t order through Postmates or Uber eats either. Right now if you call their number it says wrong number, new number unknown so there’s no way to contact them at all unless you order in person.

Robert Masto

New ownership and chef, but still great Italian food. Outdoor dining and take-out.


Cook went to the bathroom and didn't wash hands or were gloves upon returning to cook. Yuck! Told owner and she did nothing.


We got take out last week (still don't eat in) and were pleasantly surprised. We had lasagna and fettuccine alfredo. Both were very good. Bria was a favorite some years ago, but the quality of the food and service declined noticeably and we stopped going. Since it is close by, we thought we would give it another try. We found the food to be very good. We will definitely be back. If you haven't tried Bria recently you should give it another try. I think you will be pleased.

Alan W.

I'm a big proponent of supporting local restaurants but after my experience tonight at Bria I won't be returning ever again. My wife and I have ordered take out and dined here over the past year. Most times it have been a pleasant experience with the service and the food being excellent. Tonight we were both hungry for Italian and after failing to get into a different Italian restaurant decided to go to Bria since it was close to home. When we entered the restaurant there was no one at the hostess stand so when we walked in someone from the kitchen area asked, I think since I couldn't hear them very well, if we were there for a takeout order. After standing there for a few minutes I guess someone realized we were there to dine in. A young lady in shorts came up to us and we asked for a table for 2, which she kindly showed us to. A few seconds later she brought us some bread and water, in what looked like a stained glass, as well as prepping the oil for dipping. She asked if we wanted anything for the oil, red pepper flakes, fresh grated parmigiana, etc. We asked for the fresh parmigiana and she returned with the grater and attempted to grate the cheese into the oil and wasn't able. She apologized and went to the bar and a minute or two later brought us some grated parmigiana and told us our server would be by quickly to take our drink order. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more. We watched the one server who evidently was the only one for the whole restaurant go from kitchen to table and then from table to table, except ours, expressing food, answering questions and pretty much being pulled in multiple directions. And while I felt sorry for him, no one else in the restaurant came to our table to check on us, take a drink order or even tell us that they might be running behind. So after sitting there for 10 or so minutes with the bread eaten and the water drunk, with no refills, my wife and I realized that we weren't going to get served. So as we got up and walked out the restaurant I waved to the young lady in the shorts who seated us as she was bussing a table on the other side of the restaurant knowing that was the last time I will set foot in this local establishment.

William Brackett

new to the area was happy to find this place. was not worth the trip. got fried mozz was ok. the chicken parm was bad. the pasta was in a soup not a sauce. the chicken was a frozen patty had no flavor. service was fine. you got a plate of bread and oil the oil had no seasoning in it at all. not worth the trip.

Gary Jones

We were never asked what we wanted to drink after being seated, I had to tell the young lady that I wanted a drink. The sauce on both meals tasted like something out of a can and the chicken was over cooked. I've been to franchise restaurants that are better.

Harlan Judd

My party and I should have left as soon as we were advised Bria didn’t have a full liquor license. I ordered a pasta dish and the garnish was stale. The chicken on the dish was over cooked. Overall, the dish was flavorless. To boot, the service is lackluster. When I mentioned to the staff the dish was awful, the response was that of dismissal. I won’t be back.

Robin W.

Our favorite Italian in Bellevue! I always order the Chicken Piccata, its Excellent! Of course the Caesar Salad is delicious. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!!

Todd Ernest

Enjoyed an evening with the family here. We were there shortly after the doors opened and got seated immediately. The server was friendly and pretty attentive. They had music playing somewhat loudly over in the bar and cook area. It wasn’t to loud at least not for us because we were at the other end of the room but it brought out a nice vibe and for me made it more enjoyable. At one point I think the chef started singing along, he must have been having a good time over there. LolSo we had an assortment of food. We started with the calamari. It was good but it is not the kind of calamari I prefer. This is a heavier breaded and more like French fry shaped. I personally prefer the lightly breaded with lots of tentacles style but hey, they didn’t build this restaurant for me! Lol. Either way, it was good to eat and we ate it all. 2 of my kids got the White Clam pasta and the third got the Alfredo with chicken. My wife got the Chicken Parmesan and I ordered the pork chop with polenta fries. Oh and my wife got the wedding soup and it was super tasty!The pastas were all good. Nothing that wasn’t tasty. I like a little more flavor and thickness to my pastas and these were mild flavor and the sauces were somewhat thin. My wife’s Chicken Parmesan was really good. The chicken was fantastic and the sauce was good. Just a bit more mild flavored and thinner than I like.Now for the pork chop. Holy cow this was the crown jewel!! This was one of the best pork chops I’ve ever had and I’ve never had one quite like this. It was a bone in pork chop smothered in a thick white sauce that was just bursting with flavor! I’ve never had polenta fries but I almost had to lick the plate! It was amazing and I will be going back to have this again.Lastly I would say we enjoyed our time there and the food was good but this was a very expensive meal, especially for pasta dishes and a pork chop. It was $215 for 5 people plus tip and that’s an expensive night. My pork chop was worth every penny but The other dishes are in my opinion over priced. Not what I expected going in there. Now given our current situation with COVID, I get it if restaurants are raising prices to make ends meet. They have to in order to survive I would imagine.Overall the place is a 4.4 star to me. I will go back for that pork chop and maybe try some other things as well.

Natalie Williams

Food tasted great. But one star because service was so slow & awful. Although she was a very nice waitress but she was slow to take the orders. Then once she dropped off the food, she disappeared and never came back until we were ready to leave. We waited forever for refills and had to ask for them, we needed to go boxes and the check and had to wait forever to get them. I was really surprised at how bad the service was.

Madeleine Daher

We had a wonderful experience. The waiter was super fun and the food was great. We will be back!

Sarah R.

We just ordered takeout from this place and the food was pretty good. We ordered a piece of cheesecake for $8 and it was ridiculous because of how small it if. I expected a piece of cheesecake for $8 it would be bigger than a inch wide. Y'all should fix the pricing or the serving size.

Rob Tulloh

We were 5 and the first table seated after they opened. Service was good and no service glitches. I enjoyed my spaghetti with meatballs. Table also enjoyed the bottle of Justin cabernet. Ample parking.

Dianna Summers

Food is always good. Nice bar environment.

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