8126 TN-100, Bellevue
(615) 662-2222

Recent Comments

Fancy Pants

1st time for my son & I to go to this location. The staff was polite & friendly. They weren't rushing & they remembered to offer to warm up my sub. The turkey was delicious & my son enjoyed his ham sandwich. Definitely coming back!

Trent Jones

I eat here almost every day! Service is always incredible. Good enough for me to pull my phone out and make a Google review lol

Angel Dawn

The cookies were burnt

Bradley Madrid

Workers always nice and the store is very clean

Erin N.

This location is a real staple to the Bellevue Hey 100 community. And despite some slight consistency issues, is one of the best locations for this franchise. The inconsistency is just simply that on occasion you might get a kid that doesn't make the best of sandwiches but that being said you're still getting the same quality as you would out of any other random establishment. This location is typically very generous with its meat and veg and spot on with its customized toppings. Clean, yes. Friendly, definitely. Convenient and a healthier option to parents having lunch with their kids at the elementary school, Very! The owner is a good man and cares about serving his community.

Roy Kline

Good food. Great service


Love the sandwiches here. The toppings & bread are always fresh. The chocolate chip cookies are a bonus.

Marc Tilley

Good food, friendly staff

Jen Clar

Great place to grab a quick bite. Always friendly service!

Christopher Hall

This is my favorite sandwich joint

Russell Sharpe

Great folks and good food


Always have good food & service at this location. Lots of choices for toppings and different types of bread. Can get something healthy or not so healthy.

Terri Myrick

My favorite Subway!!! Great food, great service. Thanks!

Zion Posey

I have been there 4 times in one week, never regretted it. Friendly staff, (sometimes comedic if you get to know them). Reasonable prices. Quality fresh food. Healthy for the most part. Clean store as well.

Griffin Heile

Very clean environment and very well made subs. I like to get the meatball sub although it is kind of messy.

Johnny W

What makes this Subway above and beyond the others.. The owners and the staff.. they always give you great service plenty of extras without counting pickles and olives and the place is clean and fast with friendly staff.. We drive past other Subways to go to this one.

Carli Epperson

Great crew, clean facility, and quick service

penny s

has fresh bread fresh veggies, text book snadwich shop\nno different then any other subway, but still its good

Billy W.

Nice staff. Clean store. Made a clean sandwich and didnt just throw it together like some locations.

Timothy Westerlund

Friendly staff.



8126 TN-100, Bellevue, TN 37221