Taco Bell

6540 Charlotte Pike, Nashville
(615) 353-5665

Recent Comments

Jean Talton

Service was fast, food good & cheerful staff.

J.R. Wooten

I had a lengthy order for Postmates at the drive thru and they were very kind and accurate

Chase Hess

Even though they took the Meximelt OFF THE MENU!!! The great staff here still put it together for me

Phillip Froeter

Everything is always amazing! Everyone is always very nice and the food is hot and fresh! Thank you!

Randall Craft

This taco bell rarely gets the order right but they are quick.

Orlizin culp

It's a nice place! Just really love they Mexican pizza..yummmmmy!

Dejuan Alexander

Great late night munchies. Everything I asked for was in the bag

Chris krinner

Hands down the best tacos in town. Forget Chipotles, Moe's or Taqueria Azteca . Eat the real thing made fresh to order for you.


Absolutely disgusting place. I don’t even understand how they pass a health inspection. Have been here three times just to give the place a chance. I love Taco Bell but this one...the staff is rude, the food comes out cold and half empty. My husband asked for light ice in his drink through the drive through and the girl gave him a half full drink after he asked her to do less ice. Walked in this morning for breakfast and no one was at the front looked to see if anyone was working and there was a girl chewing gum over the food, on her phone with her gloves on...I guess eat at your own risk

Jonathan M.

There fast. Big parking-lot.Fast Drive through. Needs to be updated inside I was born in 83 and Around the early to mid 90s is when this furniture first started being used. AC is on point. Drink machine in lobby sucks.

Lauren Mincey

I have never had a bad experience here food wise. Everything has been hot, tasty, etc. But sometimes the wait is long. I live right down the road so I frequent this place A LOT! Staff is also very nice!


Ok average food. Excellent wait staff. Well managed.

Melonie Halpenny

Li c email there food fresh and hot

David Richmond

Delicious food, quick service. Thanks!

Mattie Reeves

Good price good food

Kayla Shanes

I love pretty much all the food here! Prices aren't bad either.

Bailey M.

I come to this Taco Bell regularly for lunch. I've never been disappointed in the food, and I am pretty specific with my orders (double grill items, extra sauce, no lettuce, that kind of thing) but they always get it right. The staff has always been friendly to me. I usually use the drive thru and the service is quick.

Aundria D.W. Green

They were kind, quick & efficient

Gia R.

Most reliable taco bell I've been to -- my order has never been wrong and they're always so kind!

Byron G.

I've been sitting here for 45 minutes........ I can't reverse... I am trapped. This is how I go?.. not like this!.. please no!! Not satire. I about fell sleep waiting to order

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

6540 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209