Taco Bell

6540 Charlotte Pike, Nashville
(615) 353-5665

Recent Reviews

Smitty S.

I ordered a Crunchwrap meal and when I got to the window I asked to change my order and the cashier shouted back to the kitchen what I had changed it to and in that moment a woman screamed from the kitchen "ITS TOO LATE!" and she told him to refuse to change my order. So he said I could either take what I initially ordered or leave. I was shocked but I paid and asked for her name, he said her name is MONICA and she was the manager on duty. I couldn't believe my ears. What makes this worse is when I got home I pulled out my Crunchwrap that MONICA made for me and there was nothing in it, just a flattened tortilla. So what was too late MONICA? It's not as if you actually took the time to make my order so I could have had what I asked for since you didnt even make a Crunchwrap! I was livid and told everyone I know to stay away from this place. I went back the next day for the very last time for a refund which I was given, along with a free breakfast but I told them they even though they were nice, I will never be back because of Monica. They weren't surprised. When I showed them what she had given me the precious night they weren't even shocked, it was "typical Monica" so Taco Bell, how could you put someone with this level of mental instability in a role of responsibility let alone out in the public? This is horrible on your part.

b b.

Nice people but the employees need to be wearing gloves and masks. I was there tonight and some employees had one or the other but not both. Please keep our community safe from covid 19.

Bastion Dimas

Great food as always and the people there looked happy to be there.

Josh Forsythe

As with all taco bells, the food is cheap and enjoyable. This taco bell often has some random issue going on, but its worth it.

Justin S.

The food was delivered quickly and hot. The staff were solicitous. The music was not too loud. The shop was clean. We will be back.

Southern Tech

Avoid! I came here tonight and Monica, some trashy lady in the kitchen screamed to the front of the store “NO!, tell him he can’t have it!!” The cashier stood confused then I realized, she was refusing to make a chalupa box I requested to order. I left without purchasing anything. I have never gone to any establishment and was told “NO” let alone in such a nasty way all because a fast good employee didn’t feel like making it. If you read this, Monica.. if you can’t work in fast food maybe you shouldn’t be working with the public period. I would question her sanity and order a drug test because this was just ridiculous and childish. Definitely creeped me out enough to never come back.

Rebecca Saterfield

I like taco bell. It's very reasonably priced. I really like the vegetarian options. I really hope that you consider expanding the vegetarian menu.

Vandit Patel

If you've been to a Taco Bell, there's not much more to add here. The place is in a convenient location and is clean. Employees are quick and food usually comes out as expected. Sometimes they do forget to put all of your order in, but they are quick to remedy the problem once you let them know.

Michael Thompson

I would give a 5 star rating, but the girl who took my order didn't pay attention to my order at all...she completely forgot to ring up my Chalupa and told me they don't have the reaper ranch double stack Taco...so I got home with part of my order and enjoyed what I did get. I have been in the restaurant business almost 20yrs and the most important part about having a drive thru is engaging with the customer, pay attention to what they order, and repeat the order back to make sure it's right.

S Taylor

This place is a hit or total miss. But my most recent experience was just a total insult to intelligence. I ordered a taco I had a couple hours earlier. I didn't see it on the menu. So I asked if they removed the limited time run of it. They told me "were out of the ingredients to make it".. Well.. They don't come pre-made. So you're out of "hard shell taco shells, soft shell taco shells, beef and melted cheese".. ok. So you can't make the majority your menu (rolls eyes). I went to another Taco Bell and they had them. (Rolls eyes at other location again)

Cristian Garcia

Quality and speed has improved over the last couple of months. This place used to take forever to get through the drive through but it seems like the management has finally shaped things up. Only negative is that the food is not always fresh tasting, but it's still leaps above what it used to be

Justin Spence

Good service. Breakfast burritos aren't that good. It was just stuffed with egg and s little cheese it didn't have hardly any meat.

Stephen phillabaum

Fast, friendly and accurate drive through service.

Loretta Burgess

Brentwood location. To go bag did not have napkins or taco sauce in bag!! Wanted to eat on the road. Going home from chemo tx. Thank goodness we had paper towels with us.

Joe Troutt

Food was good, hot and quick. Only thing is that the cashier was thoroughly depressing. His demeanor was saying "I hate my job and I hate my life". I have been to this location twice and it's been the same cashier.

Levi Mac W.

This is the worst Taco Bell I went in for breakfast most of the one I go to they will let you order off the lunch. They said we don't do that ok. Then I said I would have a grande scrambler combo they said we don't do comb with breakfast. WHAT I guess getting a drink is out. I eat Taco Bell about 4 times a week I know the menu someone needs to them that there is a combo.. I walked across the street had to eat Chick-fil-A!!!!!

John Babcock

Taco bell over mc D any day. But. Again i select very few items from either menu. Ya know. Its a mexican type mcd. Choose the safest item. Hard to imitate chicken .

Jericca Laws

The service was fast, friendly and efficient. If ur wanting some taco bell...i would highly recommend trying this store...

Gale Wheaton

Tried this while out with my 89 year old mom. The wraps were perfect for lowers only and so good we went through twice

Jackson Rogers

Service was nice, food was made fresh.cannot complain about this place!

S. Earle

Ask for no sour cream... find a glob at the end of every taco... cant call to complain because their phone goes to fax. If I could give zero or negative stars I would.

Alexandra Dumas

Asked for no sour cream... this is what I got. Can’t

Crystal Thomas

Just got finished eating hear and I will definitely not eat at another taco bell! Found a long black hair in my food I was so disgusted! Maybe you guys should make your employees wear hair nets! On top of that rhe store was dirty and the bathroom toilet looked as if it had not been cleaned in a while and there was used toilet paper on the floor! So gross 😨😷

Jorge Saenz-Urbina

It's the only Mexican restaurant that I truly love. It's also it's cheap and fills me up, also Mountain Dew... delicious!

Abby Hayden

I rarely would come on here to write a review for a Taco Bell, but this location truly has the best staff. Every worker is always so incredibly friendly every time I’ve been here and they really deserve recognition for it!!

David Fields

The food was prepared as ordered and decent. The store was understaffed and a pretty typical T.B. experience. The cook that brought all of the food out had a serious attitude and acted as if we were a huge inconvenience to him.

Jean Talton

Service was fast, food good & cheerful staff.

J.R. Wooten

I had a lengthy order for Postmates at the drive thru and they were very kind and accurate

Chase Hess

Even though they took the Meximelt OFF THE MENU!!! The great staff here still put it together for me

Phillip Froeter

Everything is always amazing! Everyone is always very nice and the food is hot and fresh! Thank you!

Randall Craft

This taco bell rarely gets the order right but they are quick.

Orlizin culp

It's a nice place! Just really love they Mexican pizza..yummmmmy!

Dejuan Alexander

Great late night munchies. Everything I asked for was in the bag

Chris krinner

Hands down the best tacos in town. Forget Chipotles, Moe's or Taqueria Azteca . Eat the real thing made fresh to order for you.


Absolutely disgusting place. I don’t even understand how they pass a health inspection. Have been here three times just to give the place a chance. I love Taco Bell but this one...the staff is rude, the food comes out cold and half empty. My husband asked for light ice in his drink through the drive through and the girl gave him a half full drink after he asked her to do less ice. Walked in this morning for breakfast and no one was at the front looked to see if anyone was working and there was a girl chewing gum over the food, on her phone with her gloves on...I guess eat at your own risk

Nathan Hayes

When you tell them no beans or sour cream in on of your foods and no sour cream or tomatoes is your chalupa. What do you get everything that you didn't want. It's a hit or miss with this place sometimes they take your order correctly sometimes they dont....

Jonathan M.

There fast. Big parking-lot.Fast Drive through. Needs to be updated inside I was born in 83 and Around the early to mid 90s is when this furniture first started being used. AC is on point. Drink machine in lobby sucks.

Lauren Mincey

I have never had a bad experience here food wise. Everything has been hot, tasty, etc. But sometimes the wait is long. I live right down the road so I frequent this place A LOT! Staff is also very nice!


Ok average food. Excellent wait staff. Well managed.

Melonie Halpenny

Li c email there food fresh and hot