Taco Bell

8211 TN-100, Nashville
(629) 702-7978

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Getting it right 99% of the time. The other 1% is traffic ?

Jack Hughes

Friendly staff but food was bad. Cinnamon twists had no cinnamon on them and my quesadilla was mostly sauce/sour cream. I wish this was a one off for this location but I’ve had a similar experience the other times I’ve been here. Again, friendly staff but the food isn’t worth it.

Josh Hamm

Food is good and hot but they need a better manager and staff

julia B

So the day u go there. It has to suck. There were people there that didn't speak English like at all like even a little bit.

Melanie Longoria

Service was fast, the associate was friendly and the food was fresh. I went thru the drive thru, ordered the burrito/taco 10 pack.

Bill Duncan

They have a big sign that says BREAKFAST. They don't serve breakfast!

Jay Short

Friendly & fast service

Tammy Simpkins

Really fresh and nice service

Sav S

Waited in the drive thru for over 20 minutes. There were only 2 cars ahead of me when I got there and the inside did not appear busy. After over 20 minutes without making it to the window to pay, I left. I would understand if they were busy, but they weren't.

Chris Delpire

Food didn't come out very hot and the tables were dirty. I like taco Bell, and this was fine, but not the best taco Bell I've been to.

Michael Buckley

Always have correct order and food hot and fresh with smiling faces

Scott Finley

They crafted the breakfast burritos instead of slapping them together. Every ingredient in every bite.

Jamie Roberts

it was very bad everything was wrong and the time I was in there more customers had orders wrong

stan spence

Food is ok, they often mess up your order so make sure you get your receipt, which they don't give unless you ask

Drew Pernell

The place was nasty and looked like pigs ran it

Brian Potter

I stood at counter for ten minutes, two people came to the register, neither took my order, said I'll be with you on a minute or anything. Finally left without food and will not return

Eric Laquerre

Fast service but meal prep and portion size compared to other taco bells is garbage

Doris Woodrum-LaFrance

I really like this Taco Bell in Fairview, TN. I have always had fantastic service

Amber Robison

Friendly service, price is right, can't go wrong with Taco Bell.

Ronnie Cain

Good food and very quick service. The restaurant was clean and also the restrooms!

Donna Arsenault

Love the chicken mini quesadillas, with sour cream added!

William Thompson

Great food and staff!!

Lacey Wootten

You're doing too much Taco Bell. Stick to the whitewashed Mexican food- America doesn't need another fast food restaurant selling fries.

K McCoy

It's like any other Taco Bell out there, although there was a very nice very tall employee that worked there.

Greg Neff

Fast and Delicious

Ventrella Nicholas

I think Taco bell could learn alot from Del Taco.. they are so stingy with there meat, cheese, lettuce on the tacos.

Edanielwell Miller

Those fiery Hot Tacos are Delicious every time

Rod Frank

Nice, helpful staff. (Better than many Taco Bells) Fast food delivery. (Better than most Taco Bells)

Eva Stiles

The worker were so friendly and

S&R Home & Lawn

Great staff, never gets my order wrong.

Ilsa Billings

A nice place to catch a quick bite!

Russell Sharpe

Good food at a decent price

Clifton Marketing

Don't tell everyone about this review but this is the BEST Taco Bell in Bellevue by far. Well run and VERY CLEAN. Unlike the other Bellevue location. what you order here is what you will get and it is always clean and fresh food. This location is somewhat hidden from the heavy traffic in Bellevue around Hwy 70 S so it is never really packed. Obviously this store has great ownership and management. Enjoy!

Jimmy F

Loyal customer but they do not uphold the hours they claim to. Will be using the 70 taco bell from now on

elizabeth duensing

GREAT, fast service! I hadn't been to a Taco Bell in years when this one opened right across from my neighborhood. I had many questions and the associate was very kind & patient. She even made suggestions based on my likes and dislikes. Received the food quickly and it was delicious.

Adam Pairmore

The staff is super friendly. Orders are correct. Food is prepared properly and neatly. It is super clean. My only complaint is it takes for-----ever to get the food. But like I said-- clean, accurate, friendly. Best Taco Bell in the area, imho

vanessa brown

Great food and great staff.

Griffin Heile

Really well made food. The service and people there are very nice. Definitely recommended.