Taco Bell

7659 Hwy 70 S, Bellevue
(615) 662-5197

Recent Reviews

Jimmy Finnegan

This taco bell is amazing! You may have to wait in line for 10 minutes because of their demand but it's worth it! They always have a friendly face at the window and the food is always spot on!

Michael Buckley

Great customer service but the food don't taste like it used to

Gary Halstead

Slow service inside. You order at the kiosk and then wait a good while. But, the food quality is consistently good.

Charity C

This Taco Bell is my go go! They're have phenomenal service, even at the latest hours they're super nice to you. Kyiesha is literally my fave!

Melissa Spicer

They were very fast .. Had very friendly an helpful customer servive

Maddie W.

forgot my chalupa and barley gave me any mild sauce. i'm not mad, just disappointed

Joseph Weeden

Never had a good experience here. Food is normally cold and it takes nearly twice as long as normal Taco Bell's. And if you try to get one of the many places to deliver from here, forget it. You're better off driving to the opposite side of town during rush hour because you'd get it faster.

Howard Coats

Friendly people and I like going there after work the service is good and the food is good thanks

Alex Maynard

The person in drive thru was rude and my taco had no meat just meat and cheese. Not going here again for a while after that nonsense.

Richard Schiel

Excellent service,very quick and new crusted chalupa box was great


Good and cheap best place for stoners all around

Nathan Caldwell

Da toasted cheddar chalupa... Of the hook!

Queen Courtney

I try really hard to give people the benefit of the doubt, I understand what it's like to work with fast food and customer service. The Pineapple freezie was amazing. I guess just all the workers I encountered were having a bad day with a negative attitude

Sam Bush

I received everything that I ordered and it all tasted exactly the way that I expected. A great taco bell experience.

Alana May

The staff was very friendly and went above and beyond the normal fast food standard. The store was clean and the food was good.

Andie Van Arsdale

It's good and cheap.

Wayne Bandy

Everything was great. Thanks

Brianca hunter

Deserves more than 5 stars! Great fresh food and bubbly customer service!!!

Steven Malott

I love Taco Bell!! There are just a few places to eat that when you crave it you have to have it and no substitute. Taco Bell is one of these places for me. This location was just as good as usual. My one critique is when you pull up and they say "how are you?" You respond with "good" and then there is silence. It is really awkward sometimes.

sell stuff

One of the worst. Food was not any where close to the menu photos. Portion was very small with some of the basic ingredients barely present. I take negative reviews very seriously so I place multiple orders before passing judgement when ever possible. Next order same skimpy results but with different ingredients being deficient. No consistency. Part of why I made a second order was missing accessories(all). The only thing in the bag was my food items. I didn't think to ask for sauce as other places usually ask. And at least one napkin with finger food no? To make skimpy everything even worse this location charges for extra basic ingredients that 95% of Taco Bells do not charge for. Staff member was somewhat professional but not friendly explaining "it's the owners". I got the impression this person had worked at other taco bells previously. Tightening or enforcement of corporate consistency rules could be very helpful here. So far I have only had this type of experience at 4 other locations nation wide. This location is a bad spot on an otherwise great American establishment

Stephanie McClure

Fine, when they put plenty of beef on the taco salad. This visit on this day was great. Sucks when they short-change me with very little beef. Upsetting when this occurs because I do drive-through and don't discover this until I am already home.

Sarah Fridley

This Taco Bell in particular is interesting 2/3 times that I have been there, it took 20+ minutes for our food to come, and when it did there were things missing. Then once I went and it was great! It's just inconsistent.

Lyn LaCava

Nice place. Food was as expected. Sweet drive-thru employee.

Tasha Aaron

Probably the best Taco bell I've been too. And I'm kind of picky about food presentation/quality. I'm from Colorado originally and had Taco bell in each state from there to Kentucky. So ye. Great job!

Seth Reynolds

**DO NOT GO TO THIS NASTY LOCATION** Walked in to order and go to the bathroom. Taco Bell employee walked out, said "oh no" walked back in, flushed the toilet for a 3 maybe 4 time while I had been waiting outside. He came back out without washing his hands. I walk in to use the bathroom, and the employee had taken the time to, ya know, get himself off and not bother to clean the toilet or wash his hands. I tried to deal with it privately with the manager, she said I was a liar, so I went inside to confront the employee. Couldn't deny it because he was shaking so hard from being confronted about it. Employee told me to shut up and leave. Never ever going to this location again. This is the grossest leave you can reach.

Dawn Griggs

Was disappointed to get there after seeing the commercial for the Nacho's box (and a major craving for them ) to find out that they were sold out ð???..

Sophia H.

My potatoes were hot and my burrito was fresh and delicious! I was greeted right way and had great service. I will definitely be back.

Satvinder Singh Rana

Mexican food joint. Good food and quick service. Neat and clean and ver courteous

James Parsons

My step father and i stopped there to eat on our way to St Thomas West for my surgery. The food was good but the kid on the register had no clue, the tables were filthy and the bathroom not far from them either!

Darrius C.

Been a few times. No long waits on drive thru orders and it's always fresh to me. Good service & friendly staff. Clean.

Philip Hines

So the entire experience was good and that's different. I was greeted with a friendly smile. I was out the door in less than 2 minutes. My entire order was hot and fresh and they did not skimp on the product. I haven't been to a taco Bell in over two years and this might just help me make a decision to visit again.

Chef Griller

Always good late they never fail to feed me sometimes the quality is different but good taco bell

Richard M

Food was ok but the service was incredibly slow.

Nannette Atkins

I eat here for lunch because I work just around the corner and I come for lunch,they always make sure that the service is fast,quick and con vent.

Kevin Cox

I usually don't leave reviews, especially negative, but apparently this Taco Bell does not care about the quality of their food. I ordered the new burrito with no sour cream; they put sour cream on half of it. Also I asked for a Gordita crunch with the Doritos shell, which is an extra charge. They made it with the regular shell. I wonder what good it is to be fast if you're not going to do it right. Be warned, you'll probably get whatever they want you to have.

T S.

Personally i have never experienced a problem here but the last time I went inside for a to go order because the line was so long. While I was there four- yes FOUR drive thru people came inside because their orders were incorrect or something missing. Food is tasty and workers are friendly enough but it always seems so backed up and busy.

angela helbert

The best place to get a meal for less money. Even though the drive thru can be long, they usually get the cars through fast.

Scott Kimball

Nice and clean with friendly service. I'd place it near the top of of Bell chain. Nice quick stop on I40 right outside Nashville.

Daniel Cappsk

Horrible! Check your order. You also need to check and make sure they actually made your food right.

William L.

I would recommend not going to this location. Service in the drive thru is painfully slow. In addition, they screwed up my online order. So if you want to wait a really long time and get the wrong food, sure go ahead and eat here.