Taco Bell

7659 Hwy 70 S, Bellevue
(615) 662-5197

Recent Reviews

William Lee

When coming from Nashville my family and I look forward for exit 196 so we can get to Taco Bell! Good food great service at drive thru.

Kathy Wooten

Very good and fresh food Staff is always nice!

Lezlie MacNevin

Review is more about the app that I'm new to. I received an email offering a free nacho Doritos tsco thru the app, but i was charged for it. It was good, and a bean burrito is always a winner.

Marqus Davis

Its taco bell, decent food and good customer service.

Jeff B

It was good tried the grill cheese burritos

MistyBlue williams

Friendly staff ,order correct ,food temp good ,fast service.

Jess Rector

Came through the drive thru tonight at 1:55. Sat there for a minute and realized they weren’t going to take my order because they close at 2. I’ve come through here after 2 before and they would take my order. My friends and I were sitting in the car and joking around and i said on the intercom “if you don’t take my order imma leave a complaint” and the gal responded and said “do it bitch”. Super disrespectful. She should lose her job. No wonder she works at taco bell.

Dorris D. Helms

The new chili cheese burrito it's good off the chain

Shannon Ligon

Really good crew and food is always good!

Rhonda Davis

Taking excellent precautions in serving drive up window. A+

Stacey Waldrum

It was fast, the food was fresh and hot. But the was the employee at the drive thru that made it worth the visit. He was upbeat, friendly and funny. Was making jokes back and forth with us. He was a very nice person.

Lori Evans Bush Furlow

They're quick and have great family packs.

Aron R.

So I guess everyone except for the lady taking orders is a bunch of fucking mutes. The lady just pointed and threw my bag and drinks at me. My fatass liked the food though, stale Fire sauce on my face and all.


Friendly and very accommodating to me while drive thur ( i am deaf & delivery with postmates ) they accept my order right away and i get my orders in within less 6 min.

Andrew fry

Super friendly staff, our food was delicious and well prepared, and the music selection was great as well. Best taco bell we've been to!

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