Southern Hospitality Diner

7301 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville
(615) 776-1795

Recent Reviews

Andrew Hooper

Everything on the menu is delicious and the staff is very friendly. I have tried the catfish, roast, chicken and dumplings, and country fried steak. All have been amazing as well as all of the sides. Definitely worth a try.

Jeanakay Christine Treuhaft

The food is definitely country and amazing!!! All the great comfort foods and very sweet employees. Scout was our server and she was awesome even took the time to explain options to my 9yr old


My omelet was enormous, stuffed so full that the egg was crepe-thin at points, and the ingredients tasted fresh. Very, very good. Sides were decent. You get enough food that it's almost impossible to walk away hungry. Overall, it's fairly typical and straightforward diner fare, but it's very good for what it is.

Pat Britt

They lived up to their name--Southern Hospitality. Seated quickly, served quickly and delicious food. We took desserts to go.

Aaron Parris

Catfish was very good. Good price for the portion size as well.

Tamara Pool Robinson

Great service and food. Worth the trip

Janice Sensing

Good meat 'n three. My husband loved the coconut creme pie. Adequate parking. The bathrooms are tiny and not handicap accessible. Our server was very sweet and helpful.

Dan Biddick

Worst diner I've ever been too. Food was absolutely disgusting. Everything was reheated and over priced.

Patrick B.

Ownership has changed... So did the quality. Not bad, not good... Just forgettable. I'm looking forward to a real meat and three coming to our town in the future. For now, we'll keep going to Farmland in Brentwood.

First L.

HOLY shat. I know this place has the corona virus. The food looks like jail food and it has no seasoning but am I surprised. The first time I went there, an old friend took me there just to poison me. Im not surprised we hate each other. I got food poisoning and was sick for a whole week puking and with a fever. They're that dirty. Btch shut this place down all the whites people I see everyday in there have no taste in food like damn ur that desperate for that kind of food I'm having a party when they shut down that nasty place!

Shannon Lundy Orrand

Every time we visit the food is absolutely delicious. They give generous portions and great service. I highly recommend Southern Hospitality Diner.

Christina Alexander

Quality of food, decor, service and price was poor! I do not recommend.

Dale Arnold

Great service. Great food. The Chef salad and a piece of coconut pie afterwards. Pure heaven!

David Northrop

Really sweet people. Very busy. Meatloaf and chicken were so dry that we had to send the meatloaf back. I took the chicken home to add to soup. Sweet potato casserole was overdone. Seemed like it'd been sitting under an overhead heater too long. My wife did enjoy the banana pudding. Waitress said the meat and 3 was a LOT of food. It was a dry chicken breast portion with 3 tiny bowls of sides. Waitress forgot to bring bread and silverware as it was very busy. I'm sure it'd be better on a slower day.

Butch Mays

Good food and very nice staff!

Jim Beasley

Good environment with tasty food at a good value.

Timothy Wyant

Great food, great staff, Tuesday is chicken and dumpling night. the cornbread rolls rock. drop by lunch or dinner. breakfast rocks on weekends.

Carol Smith

First time visit. Audrey was our waitress. Smiling, friendly, explained the menu of the day. Very good lunch. Highly recommend

Marsha Howard

great vegetable beef soup, it was not huge pieces of celery and carrots with little bits of beef, no. this soup had lots of tender beef with corn green beans, Lima beans, carrots and just a little good!

Chris Kozak

Great food, great service, great people!

Happy Traveler

I don’t know how I could have gone wrong. Nana’s Diner was fantastic. I mean worth driving 40 miles out of your way for. Southern Hospitality on the other hand was absolutely horrible this morning. Most of our choices, ie omelet, grits, biscuits and gravy were just dried up and out. What ever you do don’t order the waffles. I can’t describe our complete disappointments with this meal. The topper, for 2 adults and 3 small children to attempt to eat breakfast cost almost 60 dollars. I strongly believe they need to call Nana back for cooking lessons or at least consulting. Maybe we just caught them on a bad day. For what it’s worth the waitress was very nice and everyone was friendly. I’m pretty sure I will not drive back there anytime soon or ever.

Colleen Coursey

Excellent small town diner. Delicious food, Super friendly service.

William Shannon B.

This place is a hole--rude host/server and beyond HORRIBLE food. I called and talked to the manager about my experience, she apologized and we were all good. THEN the owner (Ms. Brown, I believe) called and made it worse by patronizing the bejesus out of me. So take your Tyson's out of the freezer chicken, your Dollar Tree ranch dressing, and your rude employees, and put it all where the sun don't shine. I wouldn't be back if my life depended on it. The fact that your place is called Southern HOSPITALITY gave me the best laugh I've had all dang day!

Debra Clifford

Parking options are limited. Food was quite good. Cornbread was excellent.

Lori Bethel

On Nov 2 me and my family went to grab some breakfast. We sat at our table 10 minutes. No one ever came over to the table. No drinks no hello nothing! They were not busy. 3 others sets of customers came in were waited on. We walked out. We will NEVER be back.

Sterke Belus

Went for catfish and Catfish was great. Need better parking. One star subtracted for that.

DaPaPaJJ Jason

Great quality food and nice little places.

Tinky R.

Day lawd....this is some good eatin' Nothing fancy but great food, service and priced right. This place is a Nolensville must do! Great food that reminds you of grandma...thanks!

Tom Harper

Enjoyed lunch with them. It's an excellent meat and 3! My friend did the catfish (it was Friday) and I did a veggie plate. All of it was delicious. Hot fresh rolls and homemade cornbread. Doesn't get any better than this. Thanks Tyler for your friendly, prompt and good service.

Debbie Williamson

I loved the number of selections on the menu. The service was outstanding. Did not have to wait long for food to be brought to the table. The only drawback for me was that I felt like the food needed a little more seasonings.

Tammy Tabacaru

Great country eating. Great southern hospitality. Love the service here they go out of their way to make you happy.

Barton Alderman

Really good breakfast, service very spotty. Had to ask for silverware 3 times, finally got it after 15 minutes. By then the excellent scrambled eggs were cold. Had to ask for napkins, we're given 3 napkins for 4 people. Asked for another and waitress seemed offended that we had bothered her, basically threw the napkin at me. One of us ordered "The Works" which includes sausage, ham and bacon. He didn't get any bacon so we told waitress. Mentioned it again near end of meal and she responded that she had told them in the kitchen. She finally brought 2 straps of bacon as we were finishing.

Casie G.

The food is delicious and the staff is always accommodating and friendly. We visit weekly! It is kid friendly and the prices are great.

Jeff N.

Sunday morning breakfast. Sloooow service. Offered free biscuits because of the wait. Sure. Food was ok. Server was sweet. They're having staffing issues.

Jessica M.

The WORST customer service I've ever experienced! The fact that Southern Hospitality is their name is laughable. Not to mention the prices are steep for what you get. I will never return and would not recommend waiting your time or money here. Many other places with much better food and service in the area!

Kayleen S.

This is my favorite little dive when I'm in the mood for home cooking. On Wednesdays, the fried chicken special and sweet potato casserole is to die! Also, try their warm cinnamon apples. Yum!

Jeff Gordon

It was ok. Had the open faced meatloaf. I probably should have tried the fried chicken but I ate chicken yesterday. My wife had the open faced roast beef. It was better but not outstanding. The coleslaw was good, mashed potatoes seemed a bit dry. I would have given it 3.5 stars.

Krista Justice

Worst decision to go out of my way to go to this place. Left something behind. Called them and told it was there. They found my item and promised to mail it. I had to follow-up with up with them half a dozen times (they never called me, even though I left my number each time). Finally, I was told that they LOST my item! Go somewhere else to eat where people actually care about you.

Loraine McMahon

Was better when it was Nana's Diner. My burger tasted fried which was disgusting. Fries were okay. Mac n Cheese was mediocre. Ribs were okay but nothing to write home about. Fried corn was just okay.

bebop reid

Great food. Home cooking. Waffle and ice cream is a must when you go there.