Gigi's Cupcakes

2430 Teaster Ln #103, Pigeon Forge
(865) 366-1258

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J davis

We are on vacation and I stopped here and bought a salted pecan carmel cupcake, it was the best cupcake I've ever had and that is quite the compliment coming from me, im a cupcake snob and this cupcake was far above even a good cupcake bakery! Excellent work Gigi's!!! 10 star cupcake!!! Moist and strong warm flavors, excellent buttercream and that crumble on top was amazing!

Raechel Stephenson

If I could leave no stars, I definitely would. I have placed two custom orders now on two different occasions only to drive up here to be told that they don’t have my order. The staff is beyond rude and unhelpful, and you can never get a hold of management, despite having left my number on multiple occasions and attempted to contact numerous times

Pamela D.

The cupcakes are delicious but do have a lot of icing on them. I give 4 stars because they're overpriced and are very expensive. Not something you would eat all the time. Once in a blue moon or special occasion.

Shane M.

We walked in right at closing unsure of what was offered- cupcakes of course, but flavor-wise. Many choices to pick from and not really sure you could wrong with any of them! I am not a huge sweet eater but the lady is but I have to say that the cake was amazing? Be prepared for what I considered an enormous amount of icing, but it is a specialized shop so there you go. The young lady behind the counter was very helpful even though we are certain she was ready to close up, so we asked what her suggestion would be- she did fantastic even though explaining the best sellers, etc. The store is very clean and obviously smells amazing! Will definitely return from time to time for a sweet fix.


I'm not a cupcake or cake person but these are seriously good! It's was chocolate on top of chocolate with chocolate on top. Very rich taste and can't wait to be back in town to get some more!

Kathleen Forte

Best wedding cake cupcake ever! Super moist and fresh and the icing was amazing. Definately, glad I stopped in while on vacation. Very kind staff.

Kylie Ross

Cupcakes were amazing they even give a bowl and fork to eat them and the staff was super friendly.


I was excited to see they advertised gluten free cupcakes in their ad and on their website. We made a special trip and when I asked if they had any gluten free cupcakes they just shook their head no. No apology or explanation. Don’t advertise something you don’t have.

Lori Mitchell

I ordered mini cheesecakes from here about a year ago and they were wonderful. I just ordered 3 more on line. I went to pick them up and they stated that they no longer made cheesecakes. Uh, fix your website so people can’t order and pay for them! We went out of our way to find this place (they moved from the previous location) just to find out they didn’t even have what they offered. Pick up the phone and call!

Aaron Ferraro

Best cupcakes hands down, I ordered a half dozen, 3 days later I still had two cupcakes left and they still tasted fresh like they were just made.

Christine HairLady Wallace

Frosting is overly sweet but cake was moist even though we didnt eat it until 2 days later. We tried the stuffed cookie too...cookie was good. Stuffing not great

Morgan Rutledge

Always my fave! Was super excited to move to PF and have a Gigi’s here after the few in my hometown closed down in the previous years. I am obsessed with the wedding cake cupcake and strawberry shortcake cupcake! Only downside is the cost is pretty ridic. Assuming that is why so many of their locations close. But they are dang amazing cupcakes!

Rhonda S

We called the store at 8:40 to ask what time they closed, 10:00pm they said. So we loaded up and drove the 25minutes through Pigeon Forge traffic and arrived about 9:10pm. The lady was cleaning the door window and the door was locked. She ignored us and turned around so I knocked and she came and opened it a crack. I said are you closed?? She said yes, the manager told me to close early since it was slow. I said “I called a little bit ago and ask and I was told you would be open until 10pm.” She said “oh no sorry, we’re closed” I said “so I can’t buy anything? She said “no, sorry” we had an order for 24 cupcakes. It was very disappointing to the whole group. And we wasted an hour almost driving there and back. If they tell someone who just called they will be open, they should stay open. I’ll never go back again.

Winston Ty

The wife and I stopped by this little shop to satisfy our sweet tooth. Glad we did. Best cupcakes EVER!! They obviously know what they are doing in the cupcake business. Our cupcakes were moist and airy yet very substantial. We purchased four to go and the box felt heavy. One bite and we were in ecstasy. Unparalleled quality. A mountain of rich, creamy frosting to eat through before you even get to the (chocolate) cake part. I'm pretty sure we are going to make this place part of our annual Tennessee tradition.

Kasia M.

I would give this place zero stars if I could! I placed a large online order for pickup as a way to celebrate my sister's engagement. We are out-of-towners and had read many great reviews about this place- specifically about the gluten-free cupcakes. My sister and her fiancé can't eat gluten. This is important. So when my husband got there to pick up the order (which we were told was ready), the staff said they didn't have any gluten free cupcakes left. He was given the option to get all regular cupcakes or cancel the order. I asked him to cancel the $134 order since it wouldn't be right to get cupcakes that the newly engaged couple couldn't even enjoy. So my husband came back to the cabin with the promise that the money would be returned to my account as soon as possible (noting that banks don't always function on the same schedule other businesses do). Well, after MANY phone calls and emails and almost a year later, I still don't have my money back. This place is a joke. I don't care how your cupcakes taste- your business practices are rotten to the core!

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