Village Nutrition

12569 Sollace M Freeman Hwy, Sewanee
(931) 463-5007

Recent Reviews

Taylor Sanders

I have tried many different shops and you can’t beat the consistency and the flavor of village. Love the environment and space. 10/10

Madeline Ramon

The owners seem very sweet but the product was not good. It tasted artificial.

Angie Riley

the staff is amazing and fun. they always reccomend something new or jazz up my usual!

Riley Black

This store is an outpost for Herbalife. Herbalife is a pyramid scheme that is, above all else, predatory and financially dangerous for anyone who gets involved. Herbalife products are all "supplements," which means that they are not subject to the same FDA regulations as actual food, and contain vast quantities of additives that are at best unhealthy and at worst actively harmful to your health. Moreover, this store operates as a "membership club" instead of a restaurant, which means they are not subject to inspections by the health department (check your credit card statements after purchasing something to see for yourself). Almost every single one of these stores operates at a loss and ends up closing a year after they open, leaving the owners with massive financial losses and debt.I have nothing against the owners of this store. I admire their entrepreneurial spirit and wish the best for them; I only wish they were more aware of the dangers of the organization they've gotten involved with.

Kristy Thomas

Delightful staff and tasty shakes. Ask for extra sweetener if they seem to need a little something!

Eric Cook

Happy camper tea was excellent. Great staff and selection.

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