Ann's Thai Kitchen

3309 S 1st St, Abilene
(325) 673-9972

Recent Reviews

Peyton Case

Love this place! Absolutely love it!! My mom knew Ann and she was nice! The food is great! Here and Krua Thai are some of the best places in Abilene. Maybe not always authentic but the best tasting and service wise

Rebecca Halford

Amazing food and great people!

James Tebow

Love this food.Always freshly made. Very hot when served. I make this a weekly stop for my lunch breaks. I enjoy getting my fix.

Tasty Like Whoa

Decent Thai food in Abilene. Not the most authentic but for a small town you cannot ask for too much.

ava stein

The owners are always sweet and attentive. The food is always fresh and great.

Mark Charles

Just ate was a quiet environment. But the male owner was very kind. I had the pepper was fresh hot and DELICIOUS!!! I wasnt planning to spend 10 bucks. But I dont regret my decision....

Reina Johnson

Best panang curry! No matter how much I want to try their other food in the menu, I just dont wanna miss out on the panang curry! So creamy good! So satisfying!

Joe Hall

Love this place. One of my favorites. Spring rolls are where it's at.

AsianCowboy !

The staff are very friendly, the food is amazing and the prices are reasonable. 10/10, would definitely be eating here again.

Celia W

This is a great small Thai restaurant that I believe has been around for a while! The food is great. The service is a little slow, but I think that is just because it is a small place with few employees.

Carol Beck

I have known Ann for many years, she used to work at Bangkok restaurant. I have always enjoyed her food, but the last two times I have gone has been disappointing. The last time my sister and I ordered the same thing, it took a long time to get the food, when we got it, it was cold. The food wasn't fresh, it was like someone had ordered it, then maybe cancelled it. The time before that I had ordered the coconut chicken lime soup. The bowl was smaller then I remembered, and cost about 9$. I won't be back for awhile. What a shame.


Food was ok. The thai ice tea is very good.

Jessica Brightman

I love Thai food and it’s sad to say this place wasn’t good. I don’t recommend this place. The service was great I have to say.

Danae H.

Really nice customer service except for the fact that I asked for no egg in my pad Thai and he said NO she mixes it in there I wish i had taken a photo but there was a giant piece of egg covering the entire plate I've never seen this once in my 100 plus plates of pad Thai even considering regional differences . Hmmm. So after removing the giant egg pancake off my dish there is soggy overcooked broken apart pad Thai noodles . Flavor is bland and just tasted old . It's a no for me . The coffee was okay

Chelsie Harruff

The best food and awesome service! This is a family favorite of ours.

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