Pizza Hut

522 N Alamo Rd, Alamo
(956) 783-1515

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If you don't have anything nice don't say anything at all that should explain their services and manager

Lee Mireles

My pizzas came out great wow impressed ?

Juan Garcia

Super good pizza it's usually empty tho

Fernando Gonzalez

The inside of the restaurant seems unfinished, with spaces without tables.The tables are dirty. The service is not very friendly.

Deysi De La Rosa

Pizza Hut has become a real disappointment. I was unhappy a few years ago when they started charging for red pepper flakes & Parmesan cheese, when all other pizza places till this day provide it for free. Now, they’re charging for marinera sauce to go with the cheese sticks I ordered. Really? Every time I get the cheeses sticks it comes w/ the sauce, but not today. That’s like charging for ketchup when ordering a side of fries, it’s ridiculous!! It seems like Pizza Hut is starting to hit rock bottom and have to charge and collect anything they possibly can. I’m a regular customer, but this will be the last time you have my business. You’re a real disappointment.

Rose Y Estrada

cause worker didn't get all the order right,didn't even bother repeating the order back to see if everything was correct oh no ,had to get yup and order half of the stuff I wanted in the beginning and to top it off brought a different order that I didn't order in the first place ,,?‍♀️?‍♀️

camilo garcia

Horrible experience they gave us our pizza undercooked and when trying to contact them the phones where just being hung up on after 20 mins of tiring, I finally was able to get someone to answer the phone Joel the manager told me they did that due to them being short staffed and really busy also their single serving pasta bowls if now the same for family size which I find ridiculous. If I knew I was going to have to cook my own pizza in the oven I would have just made myself a Digiorno pizza.

Dj Destiny

Take forever to get a menu and when you order takes even longer to get your food all the staff is doing is talking in the kitchen and leaves the food in the kitchen not even bringing the food out to the costumers


Loved the way it was prepared, super cheesse and crispy pizza. Loved it, service was very professional and my order was done quickly, highly recommend it

Saul D

Be advised, Store will not honor online codes placed trough the pizza hut website.

Ana Cristina Izaguirre

Stuff crust, never again. Better a costco pizza or little Caesars. ?No cheese, no tomato sauce ? ? ? ? so disappointed for my pregnancy

Lori Garza

There are no menu's at Alamo location. No menu is posted anywhere. Asked for meaty marinara pasta. She said they didn't have any pasta. What?! I then asked her sarcastically if they had pizza. They had no tea and other options were out of order. I asked to speak to manager to give feedback and manager never came to counter in the hour I was there. Poor, poor management.

B Kind

Clean&updated decor friendly service good pizza ... but way TOO warm inside here & no ice for our pop, also some pop flavors out of order(wasn't busy entire time of visit 4-5 PM ish-as in 1 other table of guests)

David Moreno

Pizza Hut be slacking with no items available or deals either. Way are the deals online not available, and if there is items online with the address registered why don't they put that they're out or something. Someone isn't managing the inventory correctly or something. SMH

Janet Hernandez

the pizza are Soo good oh n i work here ?

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