Guzzi Up

202 W Holland Ave, Alpine
(432) 837-5151

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Gale C.

Veggie sandwich on pizza crust like bread served warm. Delicious! Husband had a 6" pizza, also excellent. We just needed a mid afternoon snack and this was perfect. Has WiFi too!

Jack L.

My wife and I went to GUZZI UP Pizza Saturday, September 5, 2020. We got there at 8:35PM and there was a sign that said they closed at 9:00PM.As we opened the door to go inside, we were met by a young man that said: Sorry, we're closing early because it's a slow Saturday. We were surprised because inside were several tables with customers.At that point my wife said: OK, but we won't be back.The young man immediately replied: Well, F*** you!We were both totally shocked! I started to go in to confront this idiot, but my wife managed to stop me.A few days later I phoned the restaurant manager who said he was aware of the "incident", and the employee had been "reprimanded". I asked why he wasn't fired, and was told, "what happened wasn't all that bad!"If you decide to go to GUZZI UP, be very careful what you say to their employees!

Catherine A.

A midwest girl, transplanted in the gulf coast (Houston, Texas), heading with her family to Big Bend National Park, who is on a mission to find the best pizza in the great state of Texas, and so far this is it! My family and I were not disappointed. My 10.5yo son even said: "This place is worth coming back to tomorrow for lunch!" Thanks so much for a wonderful place to dine with my family, and for some of the best pizza in Texas! Y'all are the real dealLove, C.M.A.


Ordered pizza to go and then sat outside at our Airbnb in the garden which is across the street and enjoyed the pizza with a bottle of wine. They had beer and wine as well as dine in too!

Harold R.

Great pizza, excellent service, a bit pricey... $42 for a 16" thin crust pie seems a bit high.

John Wedgworth II

While visiting Alpine, we decided to give Guzzi Up a go for some Italian themed foods. We ordered several varieties off the very limited Covid menu. The pizza I got was the small with pepperoni, breakfast bacon, mushrooms and onions. The crust was not flavorful at all, and too thick and being undercooked. The only thing I could taste from the toppings were the pepperoni and onions. The soups were small and overpriced!! The entire bill was WAY TOO much for the quality and quantity.

Michelle Perez

Very delicious and fresh pizza? server was speedy and friendly. The artichoke dip is so good please try it when you come by!!

Joyce Oliver

Great food only reason not a 10 is they were out of salad.

bella gray

The service was impeccable and the appetizer was a really good thing to have as a side with the Buffalo wings . The experience for my whole family was great

Kyleigh W.

We decided to make the 20 minute drive from Marfa while we were staying in town. Nothing sounded better than some pizza and drinks! This place had some truly great Pizza! The crust was amazing and the pizza roll was delicious as well. Heads up they aren't selling mix drinks even though they show up on the menu. I am assuming it's due to COVID but our waitress, who had better things to do that waste her time talking to us, didn't mention it. We still ate cause I was ravenous by then and all in all a little disappointed but I understand everyone is going their beat during this time! I would recommend just don't expect a mix drink!

Debbie Conner

My husband and I went to eat some pizza, it was top notch. We sat outside with our dog in the stroller. It was a beautiful day. Their pizza is better than Little Caesar's:)

Emily Pickering

The current pandemic altered my family's travel plans. We ended up staying in a campground near Ft. Davis, where the manager recommended to us Guzzi Up Pizza in nearby Alpine. The pizza was delicious, the service was attentive, and the crust was sincerely best I've ever tasted -- so light and still let the toppings shine! I'll be returning any time I pass through.

Larisa C.

We ended up stopping here after l our restaurant plans in Marfa fell through. We had 2 kids and our dog and they were willing to clean up the patio a bit even though the patio wasn't currently open, so that we could eat there. It isn't a fancy place and could use some updating, but the pizza was good and they had craft beers on the menu. Prices were reasonble too. There were 5 sizes of pizza on the menu that you could customize, including a mini size which was perfect for a light dinner. Waitstaff was friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Alyna Ausley

Yummy soup and sandwich and my hubby liked his personal pizza. Good craft beer selection ? Across from the Holland hotel

Vickie J.

We had an amazing pizza and great service. We ordered a Landslide minus black olives and pineapple. The crust was amazing.

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