Delvin's Restaurant and Catering

701 S Taylor St, Amarillo
(806) 350-7441

Recent Reviews

Amanda Bull

Great food! You won't go wrong with anything you order here. I also love the variety of sides. Never get bored with only potato salad beans and coleslaw like other places serve. Killer mac n cheese.

Vicky Marshall

Brisket chef salad is great & truly enough to share!

Angelita C.

Ran out of Ribs before 1PM on a Friday and I came out of my way. What kind of place runs out of food?

Brian Veach

The brisket was very good. Great smoke flavor and seasoning. I didn't care for the ribs. They seemed like they had been finished off by being boiled. The potato salad and baked beans were both amazing. Good atmosphere and kept very clean.

GameBreaker Zero

Fantastic food, fantastic service, and it’s always close by. Get here early for the specials, they go fast.

Roya Mortazavi

Good eat.

Alexandra Younger

Best brisket I've had in a really long time. Place is located in a bank on the basement level. Lovely staff, bomb food.


Honestly I don't know where to begin.... This location was a train wreak this morning in my opinion. Obvious employee issues. Putting that aside, the food just wasn't that great. Biscuits and gravy were more like biscuits with a thin layer of gravy. I found myself eating only the parts with gravy on it and leaving the rest for the dumpster. Extremely bland. The food service sausage was the highlight of my meal. It also came with previously frozen chunks of potatoes with lightly sautéed hunks of onion and bell peppers. One bite and the rest went with the left over biscuits. Not saying I won't be back, I just won't be in a hurry to go back. If I ever do find myself there again, I'll be trying something else. The omelet looked good, but I was sad to see that it was made with pre-cracked eggs from a carton and not fresh.

Zella Ratliffe

I learn so much more about God

Greg Harms

Great food, great service, owners/family and employees are awesome!

Betty Tinker

Excellent food, friendly service.

Laura J Dotson

The food was fantastic, the portions were more than ample, the price was good, and the staff was excellent!!

Brian Hand

You guys... You guys! This place is legitness! We've got a wide selection of barbecue joints around Amarillo but this one is a MUST if you're in the area. First time I went, I had to order two meals just to try more stuff! I mean, how could I pass up smoked meatloaf? Smoked meatloaf!? Their smoked turkey is incredible too! Hands down best thing on the menu though is their Coca-Cola cake. Best damn cake I've ever tried! I've only been twice now but it's safe to assume that I'll be a regular at either of their 2 locations.

Paisley Ayers

bbq and the scene at this location is great. There was fast and courteous service. Feeling here is similar to a cafe in San Jose I liked.

tina s.

Parking is not an issue for this AMAZING Restaurant!!! PARK in Happy State Bank FREE parking garage, walk across the street, or go through the tunnel to this amazing restaurant! My girlfriends and I decided to try this little gem out for breakfast last Friday. Boy, are we glad we did! I could not find the full menu posted, but I saw people eating burritos and decided to try one. I ordered the bacon, egg, potato burrito and a biscuit. It was amazing! I do hope the menu is more clear than what I was able to see, but do NOT be afraid to ask! Now, I want to go try their fried catfish and bbq for lunch.

Charla Willie Frieze

Love the Ribs and the Fried Catfish is amazing!!! Sides are very good. The people coming in to eat all have smiles and can’t wait to get their good food. Service is good. But food is outstanding!

Taylor Raye Halsted

So let me tell y’all about Delvin’s!!! BEST.FOOD.EVER!!!

Jana Halsted

Best catfish I’ve had and awesome service! Everyone is so nice!!!!

Timothy I.

Great Soul Food / BBQ lunch here in Downtown Amarillo. Good selection of sides and the most important for busy people at lunch - fast casual.

Rian Clinton

Same delvins food downtown! Love the atmosphere and love the food. They have daily specials that are always great.

David Vessels

Delvin's 2nd location grand opening SEPT. 10, 2018. Check Delvin's Facebook page for updated info! Located in basement of Happy State Bank.

Britt Rojas-Jones

Good home cooked meal. Went a week ago and i ordered the catfish with some mac and cheese. The waitress came to check on us and noticed my mac and cheese was dry. She came back and brought me a fresh side even though I was almost done eating. I didn't even notice cause it was just so good. So kudos to the customer service here we will be back ��

Delvin's Restaurant and Catering

701 S Taylor St, Amarillo, TX 79101
(806) 350-7441