Denny's in Amarillo

Denny's - 1710 E I-40

Rating: 3.4

1710 E I-40, Amarillo TX 79103
(806) 376-4087

Denny’s is always a good choice if you are on the road and don’t have much time to eat. A cup of soup of the day plus a half portion of grilled fish - is what I usually order at this place. The pancakes are also good!

Denny's - 2116 Georgia St S

Rating: 3.4

2116 Georgia St S, Amarillo TX 79109
(806) 463-5402

They were super busy. The wait was hella long. But the food. The food was worth the wait. Our waitress was very good and sweet.

Denny's - 9601 I-40 East Exit 76

Rating: 3

9601 I-40 East Exit 76, Amarillo TX 79111
(806) 335-9790

I work here and whenever i get free food oh boy is it good 9/10 place good for the family and what not..


Denny's Amarillo

1710 E I-40, Amarillo, TX 79103

2116 Georgia St S, Amarillo, TX 79109

9601 I-40 East Exit 76, Amarillo, TX 79111