Polk Street Eats

614 S Polk St, Amarillo
(806) 376-4700

Recent Reviews

Michael Skaggs

A Very Pleasant and Enjoyable Atmosphere ! I Highly Recommend Everyone takes a walk thru This Area !

Ashley Stewart

Waste of time and money- order was wrong. When we told them they didn’t give us avocado on our burger and showed them they said no there’s some- the fries are super greasy and soggy. They’re “cheese fries” they describe as having queso is just shredded cheese. Their $2 avocado add on is a small tbsp of avocado spread. I can make this food at home for 1/4 the cost. Burger patty is bland and very small. It’s all bun.

I_am_Rob 89

Had the Early Riser for breakfast and it didn't disappoint. Eggs were cooked perfectly, crispy hashbrowns and bacon was on point! My wife had the Texas Toaster and said that it was 1,000x better than Sonics breakfast toaster. We will be coming in for breakfast more often.

John Wilson

Man oh man this place was amazing. Great food and live music, and a cold beer. Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks guys and gals.


Are you serious? My server took my ID up to the bartender and they sat there and looked at it for 10 minutes trying to decide if it was real. It's a state issued drivers license and I'm 23 years old. I just don't understand. As a bartender myself that was frustrating. They should know the difference. Maybe I'll come back when the servers are educated on what tx driver's license look like. I was really excited to try the place.

Meghan Mulryan

Came here primarily I just to review Taelor B. She’s a gem. Someone give her a raise. That’s all.Also, the floor shakes when people walk but the loaded toast are nice.

Megan Elise McCormick

Always good, they were busy but we got a seat right away and service was ON POINT! Burgers and beers were amazing as usual, never had a bad meal here.

Sophia Camp

I love this place. It has the most amazing breakfast menu! I work downtown Amarillo and this is the best place to eat or pick up breakfast before work as they are super fast and conveniently located. The burgers are great for lunch too. Great bar! Great patio! They are an all day long great choice for a place to grab something to eat (or drink).

Jael Ceballos

The green chile burger was very good. They have freshly made french fries

Leticia Valdez

The chicken fried steak is good.

Ernesto H.

Excellent atmosphere. Brylee was great ,very professional. Just stopped into town for an overnighter on my way back to Cali and the Jalapeno popper burger was out of this world . Will definitely be stopping by here again on my next trip . Best burger I've had in years OMG .

Kool Runnins

We entered the building 15 minutes before closing. The Hoists/Waitress informed us the kitchen was closed due to this location in time, however we are welcome to come back another day. The seats looked clean!!! I thought we provided Quality Service UNTIL Closed, not 15 minutes til! IDK I'M A Trucker, We See/Do Things Differently!!! Good Day!

M'air Hernandez

Awesome music and fun every time I go. Great staff.

Michael Galindo

I had the PB& J burger, was pretty good. The homemade fries are FANTASTIC.This place looks like a good after work hangout as well, will be returning.

Mike Scheel

Brylee might be the best bartender I've had. I traveled for work and came across Polk Street Eats since it was close and she was the most energetic, friendly and inviting. I have traveled back to Amarillo since then and make it a point to come see her.

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