Sakura Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi-Oyster Bar

4000 S Soncy Rd, Amarillo
(806) 358-8148

Recent Reviews

Hilaria Guman

Went there for dinner on a Friday evening. Everything was just wonderful. Food, Servers, Drinks, and Prices not to bad.

Marilyn M.

Arrived a party of eight at 7:20 and did not finish until 9:30. No salad. Rice was overcooked and way too salty. Rare steak was overcooked. Very disappointing.

angelica castillo (Hope)

This was an amazing experience and I highly recommend this location. The food tasted incredible and the service was outstanding. I got the edamame which was great. I then saw the chef make my food which was an amazing thing to see! It was my first time here and I loved it. Everything tasted so good. Once again, I highly recommend this place. ?Also, I started eating my plate before I took the picture of my food. The plate was so full and so tasteful.


This place used to be great. If I'm expected to pay for an expensive meal. I expect the quality of service to be great. The young female chef who cooked our meal in front of us, did an awful job. Not sure if Sakura was short on staff or needs better training. I honestly believe we did not have a real chef cooking in front of us. When cooking our meal, the chef was sloppy, flinging rice & veggies everywhere, over cooking our steak, and skipping steps on the cooking process. The waiter also kept on missing up on our ticket. I love the food at Sakura but this was a disappointment. Hope the quality of service gets better, until then I will not be returning to this restaurant.

Thomas Gwynn

Decent food. Hibachi experience was lacking. Not very entertaining. The chef had almost no personality and didn't do anything you would expect from a Hibachi chef. He did mention he was new though.

Gerry Davison

This is definitely a fun place to eat, a bit on the more pricey end for Amarillo, but very much worth it for that special occasion. Jaylyn was awesome. Held us in conversation and provided yummy food. We were out for my daughters 18th birthday and Jaylyn made a fun evening.

Angelica Gonzalez

i love this place so much. it’s a lil pricy but it’s worth it cause the rice and sushi and the soup is so good. it’s definitely underrated! i wish it was more spoken of because i love going here. the staff is also really friendly as well.

Melissa Cantu

First time going and last time going.. server was good but the whole food portion wasn't. ,,, the steak was hard, tough to bite into, chicken was okay not the best and the vegetables not my favorite so basically food wasn't that good like everyone recommended.. so last time for us going there especially paying that much on food

Lauren Speelman

We ended up with food poisoning. My sister and I had dinner here last night. As we walked up to the restaurant, the smell of sewage was very strong. We ordered a “Make my day” roll, a rainbow roll and shared an order of crab puffs. It took much longer than usual to receive our drinks and we had also ordered some chicken and rice to share but ended up canceling it because it never came out. Both my sister and I experienced getting ill afterwards which leads me to believe proper food handling is not being observed in the kitchen. We will not be back. I would hope that management sees this review and checks their kitchen because we are very sick and I hope that this will not affect anyone else because it is awful.

Taylor Bernal

All the staff is friendly and attentive! I’m from Dallas and this place has beat any place I’ve ever eaten at. I will definitely be coming back to this staple in amarillo, TX! I only took a picture of the drinks we ordered (watermelon cucumber martini and tequila sunrise) because the food was so good I ate It so quickly! I had the spicy edamame, if you like a good kick TRY THIS HEALTHY APPETIZER! The fried rice is definitely a sharable for two.As for sushi: I had the bazooka, rajun Cajun, and the bebo roll 10/10.I love Sakura ????

Michael L.

The food (sushi and rolls ) were marginal at best , service was subpar and pricing was overboard. Don't see how this place stays in business as a sushi bar!

Cheryl H.

Well, as usual, the food was really good, But there was an issue that my boyfriend and I brought to the attention of the manager at the end of our meal. Several servers, almost the entire time we were there, sat together at a back booth on their phones or talking. They would get up occasionally to go check on customers or walk around. We both felt like this was very inappropriate for a person who is getting paid to work, to just sit at a booth on their phone. So we talked to the manager about it and she never once said I'm sorry or it will be corrected. She just continually made excuses for them and said they were folding napkins etc., which they were not. We rebutted every excuse she made. At the very end of the conversation she said she wasn't worried about it. My boyfriend replied that he was glad she wasn't worried about it because we would never be back.

Marisa Bird

Another great meal at our favorite sushi restaurant in Amarillo!We love Sakura! The sashimi platter was so fresh and my favorite part of our meal. My only complaint is the crunchy roll wasn’t “crunchy” lol! But it still tasted great!Love that they are smoke free now!!

B Gray

It was a nice place. Seated right away. The sushi roll came before my appetizer and I never got the soup that was complimentary.Suggesting to order the appetizers before any sushi.I tend to order my sushi as my meal and it kind of is annoying when that happens.So note to self on that as well.

Enoh Bassey

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Sakura Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi-Oyster Bar

4000 S Soncy Rd, Amarillo, TX 79119
(806) 358-8148