Tropical Smoothie Cafe

4280 S Soncy Rd Ste 100, Amarillo
(806) 353-1010

Recent Reviews

Andrew J.

Workers were friendly. Smoothies way too icy, so it makes the flavor suck. Real reason for the poor review though; is you can't tip in cash, only with a card. I suspect the reason for this is the management/owner is trying to take a cut of their workers earned tips. And it's harder to stick their hands in the cookie jar if it's in cash. So they'd rather no one gets anything if they can't take their piece. If that's the reason for this bizarre policy, it's really messed up. Never been to a store that doesn't accept tips in cash.

Narmin Shenghi

Place an online order around 7:15pm came up to the store to pick up my order was informed that they could not make my order because they had nothing to make the food because the truck arrived late. She also stated she could not give me a refund or even a gift card. Im not sure why I would pay for something I'm not getting. I understand that you are out of product but you cant charge someone for something they are not getting. I left the store without a refund. The manager stated she will speak to her GM about my refund so hopefully I receive a refund for the food i did not receive.

Pascual Rosales

I was the only one they were attending in the drive thru. There was no one inside or behind me and they took about 15 minutes until they attended me at the window. The food is okay but the customer service is really horrible. On top of that the employees that attended me barely acknowledged me.

Irma Bain

Very friendly and professional personnel, i really enjoyed the food and the smoothies are very delicious, i highly recommend it.

Ariel Blassingame

I visited the one on Georgia Street and it was AMAZING!! The one on Soncy was not as good. I got a banana for my side and it was brown and mushy. The chicken pesto wrap was a mess.. I'll definitely stick to the Georgia location!

Glen Brooks

Nice place with great atmosphere and food. The customers were great as well. I've been back many times.Food: 5/5

Jennifer Quintana

I went to get my order and it was not ready which is okay normally. However the staff were talking to their friends instead of making the orders. The friends were rude. They would not move out of the way, they kept interrupting their friends trying to make orders, & they kept asking for stuff for free. It was not a good experience. I will say that my wrap and smoothie were delicious. I will only go through drive thru from now on.

Sydnee Stewart

Food is good but the service sucks. Took about 30 mins to get two sandwiches out and there was only two people in the store. When we got our sandwiches it didn’t have the stuff on it that should’ve been on there. Girl that was cooking it had a friend come in and she was more interested in her than working. The workers are very rude!!!

Tracy Hurtado

Tonight we walked in and idk if the girl was a manger or what but she was rude and started nagging. We just walked out and went to the one in Georgia. Service is everything to me and I won’t be going back. I’m sure it was okay to we left but u don’t speak to customers that way.

Lisa Kell

Worst smoothies ever. Completely bland and extremely watered down. Took them back in to be remade. Waited 45 MINUTES in an empty store, with 4 employees standing around doing nothing. Didn't get 2 new smoothies, but the original ones dumped back into the blender, even more ice added to water it down,& blended.Result was the same nasty drinks, an hour of my time, and $$$ wasted. NEVER AGAIN !

Leah S.

I'm only giving 2 stars for two reasons - drive thru wait and smoothies are too icy with little flavor. The salads and jalapeño corn were good but nothing spectacular. The smoothies taste more like an icy than a smoothie. The Blueberry Bliss has no flavor at all, with the Sunrise Sunset having a little more flavor. Again, both taste more like an icy than a smoothie. We waited 10-15 minutes before we could order in the drive thru, then waited little over 35 minutes before we got out order. Unfortunately, this will be our first and last time to try this establishment mostly that by the mixed reviews -this is the norm. To each their own, but make sure you aren't on a short timeline if you patron this establishment. We didn't complain because the staff never apologized during our wait, then had a scowl when handing us our food. They were terse and insincere when apologizing for the wait but at least they acknowledged the wait. I do wish the business well and hope there are ways for them to improve on process, time management, and customer service (attitude) training. Warm regards....

Cameron Partlow

Food is good. Service I horrible and extremely slow. Waiting for 30 minutes in a drive through is unacceptable. Especially the drive through at this location that funnels vehicles into a choke-point with no way out. It's inconvenient and unsafe. This store should be walk in only. It doesn't have enough staff to handle drive through traffic.

D. Scott Caldwell

The smoothies here are amazing but they can’t handle more than 1 customer at a time. The store was actually locked today even though it was within business hours. Drive thru was backed up through the parking lot. If you’re coming here, you need to plan on waiting!

Nelly Trevizo

Horrible service. We ordered online expecting to come pick up order and instead doors were locked and we still had to wait in drive thru line for about 20 min absolutely ridiculous ?. Definately won't be back here again!

Landry H.

Costumer service is TERRIBLE here. After waiting for an online order for 20 minutes (after the time we were supposed to get it), we were treated horribly by the window worker. She gave us the wrong food, then proceeded to argue with us about it. I am completely unsatisfied with this visit. It was a waste of time, and I plan to never come here again.

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